Trip to Indianapolis Part II

            The next day, we got to the page office and I sat by a friend, Joseph, and his friend Ryan. After a while, some lady started talking about the senators and the Democrat walkout. Suddenly, an alarm sounded and it turned out to be a fire drill. We had to walk over to the Statehouse. Then, it turned out that the Senate was in session at 9, instead of 1. So we headed over there. We listened to a man read some bills really-fast-like-this, then we listened to a choir that was really bad. It sounded like they were each singing the Star-Spangled Banner in a different key.

            After that, we met Senator Tallian, and I was taller than her by about 3 inches! She talked to us about how we had been at the Town Hall meeting on Saturday for a while. We got our photos taken with her after that. Then, Adam and I went over to where Joseph and Ryan were standing and Ryan showed us the coloring books his Senator had given him.

Yes!!!! I'm taller! :)

Yes!!!! I'm taller! 🙂

            We walked over to the Supreme Court room and someone talked about the history of the Indiana Supreme Court. We could hear protesters even though the doors were closed. When we walked back out to the hall, we could see union workers protesting on the House side of the Statehouse.

            We split into groups of two and were given three messages to deliver to Senators. Joseph and I delivered our messages quickly and asked two other girls who had paged before to help us get back to the page office. My favorite part of the day was delivering the messages because it was fun to find where the Senators’ offices were. The offices were like a maze because there were so many in a small space.

            We managed to find our way back and then we had two more messages to deliver. After that, it was time for lunch. I had pepperoni pizza and a grape soda. The pages walked outside next. The canal was green for St. Patrick’s Day and we walked all the way to the Indiana Museum of Science and Culture.

            When we got back, someone explained how a bill becomes a law and then we went on a tour of the Statehouse. After that, we had another message to deliver and then we had a scavenger hunt to do. Joseph and I completed the scavenger hunt and then went back to the page office. Because we had completed the scavenger hunt, we each got a piece of chocolate. My second favorite part was the scavenger because I liked finding all the information that was on statues and plaques. The scavenger hunt covered three floors of the Statehouse, so it was hard.

   Then Mom and Dad showed up to pick us up.

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1 Response to Trip to Indianapolis Part II

  1. Mom says:

    What?!? Did Neville not get to page? How sad……

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