Neville’s Wild Summer

First…my 4-H projects are done!! All 13(!) of them!! So now Neville and I can blog!

Neville has had a busy summer so far.

First, we got baby chicks! 32 of them! We have only named one: she/he/it/whatever is Padma Samaranayaki.

Second, my softball team got 2nd in the tourney!! I’ll post photos later.

Next…in a few hours we will go see the last (sadly) Harry Potter movie. Neville is coming with (he came to the previous one as well) and I’ll post some more pics. And Neville plans to cheer every time Neville (Longbottom) comes on screen. In the meantime, check out this or this or even this. If you dare.

(If you don’t look at them, Neville wants to let you know that he will never, ever give you his autograph.)

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