Toronto Trip, Part III: Fort York, Campbell House, Mackenzie House, and more!

On the morning of the 14th, we walked to Fort York, the first settlement of Toronto. We walked through the old buildings and looked at the exhibits inside.

Fort York was OK. I thought it would be more interesting. There were quite a few buildings or parts of buildings that you couldn’t go into, because they were for the staff. Also, I thought some of the exhibits were a little boring. My favorite part was looking at the cannons because they were huge and I wondered how loud they would be when they fired!

Next, we walked to Campbell House. It was pretty inside. I liked the spiral staircase.

On the way to lunch, we saw these:

We met and had lunch with 2 of Neville’s boss’s (Dad) coworkers, Emily and Miwa. Neville enjoyed meeting them! 🙂

After lunch, we walked (we did a lot of walking!) to the Mackenzie House so I could get some photos for my friend McKenzie.

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