Neville’s Christmas Tree!

Today we got our Christmas tree and Neville came with to ‘help’!

Neville always dresses quite festively for the holidays!

Neville promotes automobile safety!

We drove to the Christmas tree farm. It was raining, which made it feel weird, because there wasn’t even any snow on the ground. There weren’t really any decent trees. They were all sort of deformed or funny-looking. I found a really excellent tree, but it was only about 4 feet tall. So we got a pre-cut tree.

Once we were back home, we decorated the tree! I named it Jim, because it is a gymnosperm (has pinecones). If it had been a flowering tree, I would have called it Angie, because it would be an angiosperm. Yes, I like Biology!

Neville was a wonderful ‘help’ the whole time! He did go a little crazy and tried to juggle some glass ornaments, but luckily I stopped him before he broke any.

Finally, we made Neville stop ‘helping’ us because he was getting a little too wild. So he dug through boxes of Christmas ornaments and decorations and found a pal, Penelope the Penguin. Penelope is very clean, as you can see, since she always has soap with her!

Even Thomas Jefferson went all out this year and wore his Santa hat!

Dad insisted that we had to have a tasteful tree this year, and not one covered in all the ornaments that we could possibly fit on it. So our tree looks pretty cool this year!

P.S. The Aviculture Obsessed Homeschooler now has a WordPress blog! I’ve added it to my blogroll!

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2 Responses to Neville’s Christmas Tree!

  1. Avi says:

    Nice tree! And I’m digging the hat, Thomas Jefferson.

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