Music Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 – Limited Edition Collector’s Set

Yes!! The nerdy thing finally got here, so now I can review it! I ordered it on Thanksgiving and it was taking forever to get here. Actually, it got here 2 days ago, but I haven’t been able to blog about it just yet.  I checked it out at the library, sort of hoping to tempt fate – and it worked!

It’s pretty amazing. Yes, I’m such a nerd that not only did I buy the CD, I bought the collector’s edition!

Yes, I did get quite a lot of stuff. 2 CDs (one has the soundtrack and one has 6 bonus tracks that weren’t in the movie), a 45 record, a DVD with an interview, a poster, a Certificate of Authenticity, a copy of the orchestral score autographed by Alexandre Desplat (the composer), and some single film clips. I did pay quite a bit for all that, though, close to $100. However, I paid for it almost entirely in Barnes & Noble gift certificates, so they definitely were useful!


We actually do still have a record player! But I’ll probably listen to the CDs more.

It said I would get an unreleased poster. I thought they meant a really big poster. Well, it wasn’t. But that’s OK.

Ooops. That turned out fuzzy-looking. Anyway, I can’t really do anything with the film pieces, besides just looking at them. Oh well.

That’s my Certificate of Authenticity!

Also, I put what I thought was a 3rd CD in my player and it wouldn’t work! I thought maybe it was broken, so I took it to my mom, and she told me it was the DVD. Oh. Ooops! 🙂

OK, now that I’ve talked about the cool stuff I got, I’m going to talk about the music! I didn’t buy this just for all the other stuff!

So. The music.

Well, Neville really likes it! He won’t let me take it out of the boombox, so I can’t listen to anything else. But I’m OK with that, because the music is awesome. John Williams composed the music for the first few Harry Potter films, and it was awesome. I didn’t really remember the music from the last two Harry Potter films and when I checked the CDs out from the library, I wasn’t sure if it would be as good because John Williams hadn’t composed it.

But both CDs, Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Deathly Hallows Part 2 have really great music! I liked the music in DH1 better, so that’s what I bought. Now I really like the music of this new composer, Alexandre Desplat!! I am even willing to overlook the fact that he also composed the music for the Twilight movies (eeew!)!  So, these are my favorite pieces from the CD (turn up your speakers loud!):

This is the first track on the CD. It’s probably my favorite, and gives John William’s Hedwig’s Theme a run for it’s money. It’s just so pretty, and yet sad-sounding too. (It’s from a sad part of the movie.) Particularly starting at 1:20, it just sounds amazing, yet haunting!! The piano sheet music for this piece is on my Christmas list for a reason! I’ve listened to this one over and over and over!

This is the 2nd track. It sounds so dark and scary! It fits that part of the movie very well (it fits Snape’s personality), I think, and it’s another one I want to learn how to play.

I love this song! It fits Dobby so well! At 0:25 and on, I think it sounds like he’s dancing around! 🙂 I also like that the whole song doesn’t sound that way. That could get annoying. There are parts that get quite loud and dramatic later on.

If you know who the character this piece is about, you’ll know that it totally fits! It is just weird and unique and is one of the few pieces you can listen to without making your eardrums bleed (because some parts of the other pieces are too quiet, so you have to listen to them with the volume turned up quite high, and then when it gets loud – ouch!). This is another piece I want to learn how to play! 🙂

Was it worth it to get the bonus tracks?


This one is my favorite of the 6 bonus tracks. It’s just so pretty!


Stuff that came with CDs: 3.5/5

Music (Original CD): 5/5

Music: (Bonus Tracks): 4/5

Overall: 4.5/5

So, listen to these songs, enjoy, and comment about which one you enjoy the most!


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  1. Avi says:

    Aww, your nerdy thing finally came!!! Whoohoo, nerdyness! *high five* I’m waiting for something nerdy. Hmm. *still waiting*

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