The Academic Superbowl!

Last night, our homeschool team competed in the High School Academic Superbowl! It was held at a local college and we competed against 8 teams from other schools.

The Math and Science team!

The theme this year was ‘Colonial and Revolutionary America’. There are 6 categories to compete in: Math, Social Studies, English, Science, Fine Arts, and Interdisciplinary. Interdisciplinary combines all the other categories.

The English team!

I was in English, Social Studies, and Interdisciplinary. Actually, everybody was on Interdisciplinary because that team can have 7 students on it and we had 7 kids total in our group.

The Fine Arts team!

I think we did pretty well, since we had only 7 kids. Also, the other teams had older kids. We had one 11th-grader, three 9th-graders, and three 8th-graders. In addition, one of our teams, the Fine Arts team, had only 1 student, but Joseph got 4th place.

To prepare for the competition, I read the books and poetry that we would be tested on. We also did the practice questions at our meetings.

McKenzie and I doing a squirrel high-five

At the actual competition, we had 20 seconds to answer the question after the speaker read it. The Math and Science teams sometimes had 30 or 40 seconds to work the harder problems, and the Fine Arts teams also sometimes had a longer time, so they could look at a painting or listen to a song.

At our last meeting before the competition, McKenzie and I created the ‘squirrel high-five’. Don’t ask. Anyway, after we got a question right, we did a squirrel high-five.

Social Studies was a bit harder, but we did really well in English. The proctor for our team (who was from a different school) even said we were doing extremely well. I also thought a lot of the questions for English were easy. Some of the Social Studies questions were worded oddly and it was hard to tell what they were even asking.

We did so well in English, we got 2nd place!

Our entire team got ribbons for getting 2nd place in Interdisciplinary, too! I was really surprised and happy.

And now, because a post on my blog would be incomplete without a mention of me doing something weird or goofy, the photo below shows what I did with my ribbons afterward!


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