The Air Force Museum!

 Yesterday, we visited the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, in Dayton, Ohio. We drove there the day before. The museum was really huge, because it is made up of three hangars.

The first gallery we visited was World War II. We saw the Bockscar, one of the planes used to drop the atomic bombs on Japan. There were planes from the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany, and many other countries. After a while, there were almost too many planes to look at! Sorry about how dark the photos are; the museum was pretty dark inside.

Next, we went to the ‘Early Years’ gallery. There was a blimp and planes from World War II.

An early wind tunnel

An early wind tunnel

Next, we saw the missiles, the Cold War gallery, the Vietnam War gallery, and the Korean War gallery! It was cool to walk around the missiles, because they were so huge.

Click on this photo to make it bigger and to see just how many planes there were!

Click on this photo to make it bigger and to see just how many planes there were!

Neville and I in a plane!

Neville and I in a plane!

Neville on a bomb! Oh no!

Neville on a bomb! Oh no!

Afterwards, we walked outside, where a few more planes were displayed. I got some good photos!

Finally, we visited the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historic Park.  (The Wright Brothers were from Dayton.) I completed their Jr. Ranger program and got yet another Jr. Ranger badge, and a patch! That makes either 33 or 34 total, I think. (Not counting the patch!)

The trip was fun!

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4 Responses to The Air Force Museum!

  1. That sounds like fun!

    (Also, what type of thing is Neville?)

    • nevillegirl says:

      It was!!! 😀

      I’m not sure…. we call him a ‘thingie’ because we have no idea. He kind of looks like a bear, but then he has big eyes, stripey legs, and flippers…..

  2. I didn’t know Neville was that small! I guess seeing him compared to a person made me realize his size. I always thought him to be about the size of a one-pound-yarn ball.

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