The 30-Day Blogging Challenge, Day 1: A Favorite Song

  • Day 1: A favorite song.

Well, I’m sorry. I had intended to write about one song, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that there are just too many songs that I love. So, this post will have ten of my favorite songs. This won’t include any classical music, because I’m saving that for another post in this challenge.

I have a very eclectic taste in music. I do like a lot of ‘old music’, but I listen to newer music, too. I’m not a fan of of rap or hip-hop music, and I like only a few country songs, but other than that, I listen to all sorts of music!

Disclaimer: If you are my little brother and you are reading this, please be advised that you don’t like many of these songs and think they are ‘icky’. So maybe don’t listen to them. Also, I’ve read the list of all the posts I need to do for this challenge, and there will be other songs that you won’t like in later posts. Sorry. We just like really different music.

Yesterday – The Beatles

I love the Beatles and this is one of my favorite songs by them. I love the lyrics. Now I can’t think of anything else intelligent to write about this song, so I’m moving on.

Instant Karma – John Lennon

I like this song. Oh my, this post isn’t going very well. I must think of some actual things to write about why I like these songs.

Something – George Harrison

George Harrison is my favorite Beatle and this is my favorite song by him. I love the lyrics and the music. I need to learn how to play this on the piano.

Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

I was thrilled last year when some of the girls on my softball team said they liked the Beatles and Queen! This song is awesome and there is also a very funny version of the Muppets singing this, if you want to look for it on YouTube.

Let’s Dance – David Bowie

I misheard one of the lyrics to this song. I thought it was “tremble like a frog” and it turned out to be “tremble like a flower.” I am still not sure how I messed up the lyrics so badly. Anyway, I love a lot of David Bowie songs, but this is my favorite.

Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson

I love the music! This song just makes me feel happy and I like that I can actually understand all the lyrics. (I often mishear the lyrics to songs.)

No Woman No Cry – Bob Marley

I love Bob Marley’s music, and and it was hard to pick just one song by him. But this is one of my favorites. I just looked up the lyrics and figured out what he was actually saying!! Yes, sometimes I listen to songs because I just like the beat and can understand every other word. We have a CD where the audience starts to sing with him and it just sounds amazing. Unfortunately, this isn’t that version. This is the best version I could find, and it ends partway through the song. Find One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley and the Wailers at the library, because it’s on there. Or, if you are an awesome person, you’ll already have that CD!

Please Forgive Me – David Gray

My dad and I really like his music! My dad likes another song, but I like this one because it sounds happy and sad at the same time. The music is neat. And I like his voice. And I’ve just realized that if I write for a newspaper when I’m older, I shouldn’t have a column where I review music, because I am terrible at explaining why I like songs.

Someone Like You – Adele

Yes, I actually listen to girl singers, and no, I don’t just listen to ‘old people music’. I listen to newer stuff too. I can even understand the lyrics to this song! It sounds sad, but not depressing because Adele’s voice is so amazing. It doesn’t sound like it would be that hard to play it on the piano. (Sorry, little brother, I know you hate this song, but I’m going to try to find the sheet music for it!)

Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole

One of the comments on YouTube said, “This is what will play if we ever get world peace.” I agree. It does sound like that. This played one day when we were listening to our Bob Marley channel on Pandora and I thought it was great. If you’ve watched The Wizard of Oz, then you’ve heard this song, but this version is so much better! It’s just so different, because it is reggae and played on different instruments.

Do you like any of these songs? Which one is your favorite? Please comment!

Why are so many of my favorite bands or singers British?!

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  2. Haha! I knew every one of those songs. 🙂

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