Some People Have Too Much Time On Their Hands

I wrote a post about this around six months ago, but I’ve gotten so many weird search terms leading to my blog since then that I decided to do another one! Some people must have way too much time on their hands if they can manage to find my blog by using some of these terms…

The winner for the most-searched term is still hogwarts crest, with 3,246 hits total. I never thought that using an image of one in my Hogwarts Houses post would get me so many hits.

happy halfowoon nevel com (Huh?) (If you knew the entire web address, why didn’t you just put it in the address bar?)

go to school by bus french (So, do French people have school buses? Surely you found the answer…)

envious because i am taller than (Yes, you probably are taller than me. Although I think you were looking for the Wendy B. Lawrence post, where she said she was envious of me and I said I was taller than her.)

jk rowling new book sounds boring (It does.)

does anybody else think jk rowlings new book sounds stupid? (See above.)

how do you get evening primroses on the hunger games adventures (Is this a video/computer game? I’d never heard of it before.)

hermione granger navel (Um, you’re not going to find that on my blog…)

artistic navel (I want to see one of these.)

model rockets kids (Are you suggesting I strap kids onto model rockets and launch them?!)

good colouring skills for boys (Well, one is being able to make marks on a paper with a crayon. Another is the ability to color within the lines.)

 books on wizardry (Try the Harry Potter series.)

pottermore “toilet seat” (Well, I did write about that.)

harry potter marauders comics (Those exist? Cool!)

who was jk.rowling’s mentors name (Good question. I looked this up and I wasn’t able to find who it was. But I didn’t search for all that long.)

children read book (Stupid person search Internet.)

smock and safety glasses (I wear them for Biology experiments.)

pretty nerdy girl (Why, thank you!)

lv lord voldemort tank top (I did not realize people actually searched for this.)

nerd girl avi (She’s over at The Aviculture Obsessed Homeschooler.)

bellatrix lestrange hair (Is on her head.)

neville and his toad (Are very cute.)

dobby the house elf and his sock (Dobby’s sock is not his pet.)

will brycen die if he doesn’t read captain underpants? (Probably not.)

043908282×1 (It’s still 043908282.)

fall over (NO! I WON’T!)

did neville longbottom neville chamberlain (Can I Neville Chamberlain too? Here, I’ll define the verb ‘Neville Chamberlain’ for you: to appease evil leaders, such as Hitler, and fail.)

it matters not what someone is born but what they grow to be (It matters not that I don’t know you, but that you quoted Albus Dumbledore. For that, you are awesome.)

charlie and the chocolate factory boy gets tiny (I don’t remember that happening.)

rom в Торонто (It looks like ‘ROM something Toronto’, but if I have any readers who know Russian, can you tell me for sure? I have this fear that they actually searched for something really rude.)

very very cute teady bears (Very very bad spelling.)

where did adam savage and jami go (Sweetie, they were on a tour and had other stops to make.)

fine arts academic super bowl- (Joseph/the entire Fine Arts team, were you searching for yourself?)

nevil tayles dico light oamaru (I have no idea.)

tremble like a frog (David Bowie sings this lyric in “Let’s Dance” – OK, no, he sings “tremble like a flower.”)

hunger games a excellent movie (Yes, it was an excellent movie.)

the musings of kermit the frog book (I need to read this.)

made me cry songs (I can only cry tears.)

nerdy 4h dobby (I haven’t exhibited one of these, sadly.)

things i want to do in my lifetimes (Very cool! Are you Doctor Who?)

neville name (Please tell me someone wasn’t searching for Neville Longbottom’s name. His name is Neville.)

students don’t like banned books (And neither do I!)

And my favorite search term of all time:

i waste so much time harry potter


About nevillegirl

Elizabeth. University of Iowa class of 2019. Triple majoring in English & Creative Writing, Journalism, and Gender, Women's, & Sexuality Studies. Twenty-one-year-old daydreamer, introvert, voracious reader, aspiring writer, and lesbian. Passionate about feminism, mental health, comic books, and cats.
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5 Responses to Some People Have Too Much Time On Their Hands

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Those are some really funny search terms! I got some odd ones but never this random.

  2. These are funny, as search terms usually are. I’ve gotten way too many search terms looking for “mark of athena excerpt”, “mark of athena ch 1”, “mark of athena spoilers”, and the like over the past two months. Ever since I predicted the entire book…
    That one “dobby the house elf and his sock” is brilliant! Question, though: is Dobby someone from HP? If so, it would severely dampen my spirits at finding a good short story title.

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