Play Ball!

I still can’t believe that my softball season is over. It went by so quickly! I was also surprised and saddened to realize that after this year, I have only one more year left.

My team, Ice, won 1st place in the pre-season tournament, but lost in the very first round of the post-season tournament. On June 29, we lost 15-19, and I was upset because I really wanted to play at least another game. But that game was one of the best that I have ever played. I guess it does matter to me whether we win or lose, but what matters to me more is having fun. I almost had a great catch; I got a hit all three times I was up to bat, although I got out all three times as well; and my team didn’t give up. It is the only game where I’ve witnessed an over-the-fence home run, which unfortunately was hit by a girl on the other team. I didn’t even realize until the end of the game just how high the scores were, but there were times when we were behind by quite a few points and we fought our way back.

So, we didn’t get any shiny trophies. But here are some entirely unofficial awards for my teammates!

 To Lizzy, I give the Most Graceful Running Style Award for “running like a gazelle.”, according to my mother. Lizzy’s long legs make her look very graceful, while my short legs and fast pace make me look “like a millipede.” Thanks, Mom.

To Allison, I give the Most Dramatic Catches Award for falling over, rolling, jumping and falling, and many other entertaining moves made whilst trying to catch a ball.

To Paige, I give the Best Foul Hit Award for hitting the lights during the tourney night game and sending shattered glass onto the field.

To Marin, I give the Best Cheerleader Award for being loud.

To Kylie, I give the Weirdest Wind-Up Award for the style of her pitching. The only way that I can describe it is that she’s all arms and legs and it almost looks like she’s side-arming it.

To Hayley, I give the Quietest Award for, well, being quiet. I think I heard her say maybe 5 sentences this entire season.

To Savannah, I give the All-Around Awesome Award for being the fastest pitcher that I have ever seen, an excellent shortstop who actually gets the ball unlike some other people on the team, and a good hitter.

To Danielle, I give the Player Who Will Be Most Missed Award for being cool. We have at least 4 and up to 7 girls leaving our team, but Danielle’s one of the more interesting players. And I think I’ll throw in another award, since leaving the team has nothing to do with anything done during the season. How about the Most Surprising Award, because she’s usually kind of moody and I swear I saw her skipping at one of the last games?

To Katie, I give the Most Absentminded Award for forgetting that she is up to bat. I bat after her and every time I put my helmet on, Katie says, “Darn it!! I forgot again!”

To Megan, I give the Most Terrifying Award for being tall and strong and looking really, really scary when she bats, catches, or plays third base. She has a great arm, clobbers the ball, and just looks intimidating. Don’t let that fool you, though. She’s actually really sweet and funny and sometimes wears a sparkly headband. Although perhaps this award should go to Danielle, because Megan, Queen of Scariness, says Danielle’s “catcher’s death stare” is the reason why she’s glad she’s on our team and not another one. See what I mean about Megan not being as fierce as she appears?

To Belle, I give the Weirdest Nicknames Award for first being Taco Belle and then renaming herself Queen Latifah.

To Emily, I give the Most Improved Attitude Award for not bugging me with questions about homeschooling. Two years ago, where I went to school was a big deal. Now I don’t think anyone really cares if I’m different.

To myself, I give the Best At Stealing Award for being very good at running short distances and therefore getting the stealing signal from the coach quite often.

Four of the teammates mentioned above, who shall remain nameless, also recieve the Look Ma, No Hands Even Anywhere Near The Ball Award, for letting ground balls go through their legs, staring up at pop flies and then letting them drop to the ground right in front of them, and just plain not even trying to stop a ball. Oh well. I would say, “Next year.”, but two of the girls will be leaving. So I shall have to threaten the other two with something scary like Neville wielding a softball bat.

Out of all our umpires – Very Round Ump whose chest protector looks tiny in comparison to him, Awful Girl Ump whose calls aren’t constistent, Creepy Ump who asks the catchers how old they are and does other strange things, Fastidious Ump who obsessively cleans off the plate, and more – my favorite is Super-Enunciating Ump. He’s so loud; it sounds like Darth Vader is behind home plate. “STRIKE!”

To sum it up, this season was amazing. I think each one is better than the one before, except for one season when I had terrible coaches. I love my team. They’re awesome and only occasionally frustrating. (See section above about all those missed balls.) I’ll miss those who are leaving, including Coach Reed, who is kind of dorky but one of the better coaches I’ve had.

I can’t wait until next year!

Lying down: Marin. Front row, left to right: Coach Mekola, me, Allison, Belle, Lizzy, Paige, and Kylie. Back row, left to right: Coach Sabol, Hayley, Emily, Katie, Savannah, Megan, Danielle, and Coach Reed.

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  1. Mom says:

    Love this post!

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