The Fantastic Blog Award!

Thanks, Liam! Wow, I keep getting a lot of awards. Mostly from a strange boy who refers to himself as the Head Phil. Sadly, this award isn’t as colorful as some of the others I’ve recieved. But it’s still fantastic.


  1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
  2. Answer the five questions given to you and ask the next person five new questions.
  3. Award five people.
  4. Post the rules.

Five Questions From Liam

1. Say a letter was mailed to you one day – what would you wish to be in it?

I can’t decide whether should it be a letter of advice from one of my favorite authors or a love letter. I don’t think the two can really be combined because most of my favorite authors are in their 40s or 50s; it would be weird if we were/had been a couple.

2. Say that same letter was incinerated before you read it – what would be your reaction?

I would beat up whomever had burned it and then I would write to whomever had written letter, telling them that it had been destroyed by someone else and asking them to write it again.

3. If you could abolish one day of the week and everything that happens on it, which would you choose?

Sunday, because I wash dishes at a restaurant that day. I come home smelling of food, grease, and sweat. I touch way too much half-eaten food and burn my fingertips on dishes still piping hot from the dishwasher. Monday is a return to schoolwork, but hey, at least I don’t have to work that day.

4. What was the last piece of music you listened to?

Alexandre Desplat’s The Wonder of Life from the film Afterwards. Has anyone even heard of that movie?! I certainly never have. Anyway, I was listening to another Desplat piece on YouTube and this was in the side column of videos. I’d seen it appear when I listened to many of his other songs, so I decided to try it out. I love it!

5. What is your favorite regional accent?

I like to imitate German and hillbilly accents, but my favorite is definitely British. I recently discovered that Miriam Joy has not only a blog but also a vlog, or video blog. I have scientifically determined that at least 25% of what makes her vlog awesome is her accent. British accents sound so intelligent! I really, really wish I had one.

Five Questions From Me

1. What is your explanation for why the sky is blue?

2. What does your favorite pair of socks look like?

3. What is the funniest joke you’ve ever heard?

4. What type of insect would you be?

5. What would you name your computer and why?



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7 Responses to The Fantastic Blog Award!

  1. Gallifrey says:

    I just went like: O_O

  2. Gallifrey says:

    Oh! Well in that case.. I can still be happy. ^-^

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