Some Photos Of Me, Including Those In Which I Wear An Assortment Of Purple Hats

Because I’m too tired to write a real post today, here are some random pictures of me. I haven’t put any good ones on here in a while.


Finally, a new school photo! I don’t just mean that I finally have one in January – I haven’t had one in a few years. And finally, a photo where I look semi-normal.


And here I am in a big and fuzzy purple hat.


Now, for the next photo you need to see Neville first if you haven’t seen him already. That’s Neville, above. I’m not sure what kind of strange animal he’s supposed to be.


Mrs. Livovich made this for me! It’s a Neville hat. I love it. Thank you! It’s so warm and I’m wearing it right now – over my headphones because I’m listening to music.

God, I haven’t written posts this bad since I started blogging a few years ago.

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8 Responses to Some Photos Of Me, Including Those In Which I Wear An Assortment Of Purple Hats

  1. Aww, your Neville-hat is adorable! Also, this isn’t a bad post; if you want bad, go through my archives *cringes*.

  2. Mary says:

    You have really pretty hair! And I badly want your hats.

    • nevillegirl says:

      Thanks! ^_^ I hardly ever wear it down like that because it gets in my face and that’s annoying, but I wanted it down for the picture because otherwise it doesn’t look like I have hair at all. xD

      *sends hats virtually*

  3. krislivo says:

    Glad you like your hat!! If you want earflaps added, just let me know – those are pretty easy to do.

    And just for fun, the pattern I found to make the eyes is called “Oh, Balls!”. A funny.

  4. magicfishy says:

    OH MY GOSH IT’S A NEVILLE HAT. Personally, I don’t find this post especially bad, but I only read your very first ones a few days ago so I have them fresh for comparison.

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