A B See Photo Challenge: G Is For Green


I chose green because it’s the color of growing things and winter spring is coming!


Subject of photo: Sedum buds

Location of subject: Our flowerbeds

Techniques practiced: Close-up

I thought it was really cool how the image is so clear and close that even the tiny red freckle-like things show up. Good work, camera.


Subject of photo: Poppy leaves

Location of subject: Our flowerbeds

Techniques practiced: Close-up

What is going on, O Camera Of Mine? You never behave so well when I want to play with you and now all of a sudden you’re being a good little camera by taking amazing pictures? Wow. Anyway. I was surprised by how clearly the “hairs” on the leaves turned out.


Subject of photo: Daffodil buds and an Easter egg

Location of subject: A local park

Techniques practiced: Close-up

Our 4-H club volunteered at a community Easter egg hunt this morning and I brought my camera with to see if I got any neat shots. I like how crisp this image is.


Subject of photo:Ā  Pine tree branches and the sky

Location of subject: A local park

Techniques practiced: Unusual

The branches looked more green in smaller format on the camera, but whatever. I still like it because the sky was beautiful this morning. Big fluffy clouds and everything.


Subject of photo: Kid playing basketball

Location of subject: A local park

Techniques practiced: Action, portrait

I rarely get action shots so when I spotted a kid playing basketball, I spent probably ten minutes with my camera on sports mode. I like how you can still see the net moving. And yes, this totally counts as a green picture. I had some other pictures with more of the green of the basketball court, but this pose was the best so I didn’t use those.

So does this make up for all the times when I’ve given you only black and white pictures?

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10 Responses to A B See Photo Challenge: G Is For Green

  1. Amanda says:

    I’ve taken a photo almost exactly the same as the pine tree branches one. xD And, actually, my camera behaves a LOT better with macro than everything else…

    Lovely pictures!

  2. YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!! *Presses face against the computer screen.* Ahhh . . . greeeeeeen . . .

    My favorite pictures would have to be the fourth one and either the third one or the fifth one. (That’s a mouthful and a little confusing). I like how the dark green stands out against the white and blue in the fourth one. I suck at action shots, so the fifth one was really cool (although, what did the kid think of you, taking pictures of him? XD). And the third one was neat because the green stems were poking out right near an Easter egg which to me looks a lot like spring.


    (Okay, this time I HAVE to be the first commenter).

  3. Charley R says:

    Nice ones! I like the easter egg in the grass best, I think. I like the contrast with the purple.

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