An Alphabet Of My Life

I have an awesome blog post.

Unfortunately, it isn’t quite finished so I can’t post it yet! Instead, I’m going to steal this mission-quest-thing from The Magic Violinist.

Ambition: My biggest goal is to be either an author, comedian, or both. 

Bad Habits: Procrastination, definitely. The other day in college Comp 101 I procrastinated on writing an essay on bad habits – though in my defense, I had been trying to think of better arguments and I got distracted watching the second hand tick around the clock!

Celebrity Crushes: Not telling. I’ll narrow it down for you, though: it’s not Gollum.

Drink: I wish I could write something cool here but, um… milk.

Education: Too much of it in the math department, I think.

Food: I never want to be food. That would be weird.

Guilty Pleasures: I read non-school books when I should be reading things for school.

Hometown: I was born in Indiana a few miles away from where I live now. We did move once, but it was just a few miles away and it was over ten years ago so I barely remember it.

Ice Cream: I like mint chocolate chip because plain chocolate ice cream is too chocolatey for my tastes.

Jonesing for: According to The Magic Violinist and Urban Dictionary, “jonesing” is the same thing as craving. Who knew? I suppose I’m jonesing for The Desolation of Smaug and Catching Fire. Oh, and the rest of A Song of Ice and Fire. I haven’t even finished the series, but I don’t want to have to wait for the last two.

Kryptonite: This is going to sound weird, but – redheads. I don’t care if you’re a guy or a girl; if you have red hair I’m going to be like, “HI, CAN I PET YOUR HAIR PLEASE?” It’s so bright and looks really nice. I wish I had red hair. The best I get is that sometimes the sunlight brings out red tints in my hair.

Look-a-like: I don’t know. You tell me!

Movie: I usually hate book-to-film adaptations because they mess up, so it’s surprising that my favorites are The Hunger Games and The Fellowship of the Ring. I love nearly everything about them – the actors, the music, the design, the storytelling, the pacing, all of it. I don’t mind that both films take forever to wrap up. They’re worth it.

Nickname: Here it’s Engie or sometimes Nev. (Engie comes from NG – short for nevillegirl.) I don’t want my real name on here but it is long, so I go by a nickname pretty much all the time. Lately, I’ve been thinking about using my real name instead because I like it more than I used to.

Obsessions: Reading. Writing. Photography. Lord of the Rings. Gondor (I love it so much that it deserves to be listed separately from Lord of the Rings). Suzanne Collins’ books. All Men of Genius. Humor. Cats. Film scores, particularly that of The Hunger Games. Villains. Cheese. Spelling, grammar, and words in general.

Perfume: Apparently there’s a kind that smells like bacon. I’d wear that! But seriously, I don’t wear perfume. I suppose I would occasionally if I had any. In the meantime, I hopefully smell like the books with which I surround myself.

Quirk: When I write on lined paper, I have to write perfectly horizontally between the lines. I can’t stand it when people (like my mom, who grades the math problems I do in a lined notebook) write half-on, half-off the lines. It looks messy!

Regret: Honestly? That I wasn’t born into a fantasy world.

Starbucks: I’ve never tried their stuff. Why would I? I hate coffee.

The Last Book You Read: Oh, dear. Right now I’m in the middle of about eight books so I haven’t finished any lately. I want to say it was Eleanor & Park or A Game of Thrones. Either way, I read both books about a month ago. I really need to finish another one already.

Unique Feature: Terrible eyesight. Like, really terrible. When I take off my glasses, the whole world looks as blurry as Starry Night.

Vacation: I will be going on one soon, to Washington, D.C. Technically it’s an educational 4-H trip, but it means I get a vacation from working on my 4-H projects!

Wine: My parents have let me try a little. It smells better than it tastes.

X: I’m not sure what’s supposed to go here, so I will give my readers a link to three awesome and randomly titled things: I wish I could play this, nerd girl discussions, and last night this made my mom crack up.

Years: Sixteen and three-quarters!

Zen: I feel most at peace with a book I’ve reread far too many times, such as Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanThe Return of the KingAll Men of Genius, or Gregor the Overlander. I don’t mind that I already know what will happen; in fact that’s what makes me feel good. The events, characters, and language are so familiar.

And now for something completely different! I don’t think I’ve ever asked this question before, but is there anything you’d like me to post about here? Anything at all? I don’t even know why I’m asking this. I guess I want to see what replies I receive.


About nevillegirl

Elizabeth. University of Iowa class of 2019. Triple majoring in English & Creative Writing, Journalism, and Gender, Women's, & Sexuality Studies. Twenty-one-year-old daydreamer, introvert, voracious reader, aspiring writer, and lesbian. Passionate about feminism, mental health, comic books, and cats.
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9 Responses to An Alphabet Of My Life

  1. Stacy N. says:

    Just a curious thought, is Eleanor & Park a good book to read?
    I’m considering getting it from the library, but I’m not sure.

  2. Charley R says:

    Ahaha, awesome post! I liked this wee listie thing. Also, very much looking forward to this awesome post you haven’t finished yet. You’ve got me all in suspense 😉

  3. Thomas says:

    Woo for reading and writing! And I really need to get to Eleanor & Park, even if it wasn’t the most pulchritudinous novel in the planet. One of my friends is obsessed with milk so your response to the Drinks portion reminded me of her… anyway, intriguing and detailed blog post!

    • nevillegirl says:

      I need to post my review of it… it wasn’t the greatest, but there were some parts I loved. I wasn’t too interested in their relationship together – I liked learning about their families.

      Milk is so… refreshing, I guess. Also you can drink a lot and not get tired of it. With soda, after a while it gets too sweet.

  4. themagicviolinist says:

    (Sorry I’ve been terrible at keeping up lately. ;P Feel free to shame me).

    I loved your answers for “Food” and “Drink!” XD ;P I love milk, too! 😀

    So which fantasy world would you rather live in: Middle Earth or Hogwarts? :/ (I bet you can guess mine). 😉

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