First Reactions To “The Day Of The Doctor” TV Trailer

IT’S HERE! The trailer for Doctor Who‘s fiftieth! Oh, that’s brilliant!

I’ll let the fans calm down from the excitement while I explain what the heck I’m talking about. In one sentence, Doctor Who is: a completely ridiculous yet very cool British science fiction TV show about an alien (called a Time Lord) with two hearts, the ability to regenerate, and a blue box that lets him travel anywhere in time and space with his companions.

And the first episode aired on November 23, 1963 meaning there will be a special fiftieth-anniversary episode called “The Day of the Doctor” two weeks from now. (As well as a short one next Saturday, whee!)

An episode where my brother can’t spoil the plot for me before I even watch it! I love you, little brother, but it’s highly annoying when you tell me what happens to all the characters.


Warning: Spoilers ahead, both in the synopsis and in the trailer, for the special itself as well as the series seven finale!

I’ll post the official summary here, in hope that it makes the trailer slightly less confusing, and then move on to excited babbling about the trailer itself. I love writing reactions to these.

“The Doctors embark on their greatest adventure in this 50th anniversary special. In 2013, something terrible is awakening in London’s National Gallery; in 1562, a murderous plot is afoot in Elizabethan England; and somewhere in space an ancient battle reaches its devastating conclusion. All of reality is at stake as the Doctor’s own dangerous past comes back to haunt him.”

Oh yes, and evidently Daleks and something called Zygons* will feature, as will the Tenth Doctor, companion Rose Tyler, and a possible past regeneration of the Doctor (who was seen in the most recent episode).

*Wikipedia informs me these haven’t been seen since the Fourth Doctor, so no wonder I don’t know about them. (Their name sounds like a cleaning product: “Have a spiffy, shiny TARDIS when you use Zygon Ultra-Strength Time Lord Bleach – now available in Soothing Ood Scent!”)


0:04 – Aaah, I love the music here. It seems familiar, was it in the last episode?

0:07 – Eleven talks about trying to forget his past lives and then it cuts to Old Dude With A Beard, so it seems pretty clear that he is another regeneration. I hope he’s just an older version of someone, though, rather than a completely new one because that would mess up the naming of the regenerations. (There’s a theory that he’s between Eight and Nine which would make Nine actually Ten, and so on.)

0:13 – I hereby declare Dalek ships to be the best-looking spaceships ever.

0:14 –  Gallifrey! It’s gorgeous, as usual, but looks like it’s being bombed. Does this mean we’ll see  the Time War (and therefore the Doctor destroying his home planet)? Or will we see One stealing the TARDIS? I don’t know much about many of the Classic Doctors but I did love seeing them in the most recent episode, “The Name of the Doctor”. It’s the fiftieth anniversary; the episode should be about the old as well as the new.

0:15 – That dude looks like Boba Fett.

0:17 – No no no, that dude in the robe looks like those important Time Lords from series four. They were boring. I don’t want them in this episode.

0:19 – Ooh, Rose is pretty.

0:25 – Oh look, Old Dude With A Beard has a shiny red thingy and he looks sad. I have no idea what’s going on.

0:26 – It looks like Clara pressed a button and disappeared, but why would she need to do that when there are at least three Doctors around?

0:27 – Allons-y! And it looks like this story will take place in more than one version of the TARDIS, cool!

0:33 – Now why would the Doctor need the TARDIS moved with a helicopter? Isn’t the point that it can move anywhere in time and space? And why is he hanging out of it?

0:34 – O British readers of my blog, enlighten me! Is that building anything important?

0:35 – Awwwww.

0:38 – David Tennant looks old!

0:39 – And his hair isn’t as fluffy as usual!

0:40 – And my brother informs me that because he’s wearing the brown suit and TenToo took the blue one, this is the actual Tenth Doctor. Yippee!

0:41 – In the shorter trailer, Rose’s eyes glow at one point and if you look closely at the official poster, you can see a sign reading ‘bad wolf’ – I wonder if we’re going to see her as the Bad Wolf again? I don’t want that. Rose is cool, but she’s been brought back too often. Leave her alone. Leave the Bad Wolf story arc alone.

0:42 – OH YES ELEVEN IS WEARING THE FEZ AGAIN! With those glasses, he looks like a demented Harry Potter. It makes me very happy to see Ten and Eleven there; they’re adorable together.

0:43 – The very question I’ve been thinking – why are there multiple incarnations of the Doctor? Who is the Old Dude With A Beard and why did Ten come back?

0:44 – Another “awwwww” moment.

0:45 – I had no idea what was going on there, but I googled it and apparently that’s UNIT and they will have a girl wearing Four’s scarf. How she got it, I have no idea.

0:50 – Is all this comparison between the size of Ten’s sonic screwdriver and the size of Eleven’s really necessary?

0:55 – Ha, the Doctor is criticizing his own TARDIS.

0:58 – Queen Elizabeth?

0:59 – And I’m pretty sure that’s a Zygon, because I looked at their Wikipedia page. Apparently they can shape-shift too, which might lead to an interesting and complicated plot. (What if it isn’t really Rose? What if it’s a Zygon pretending to be her? And what about the scene at UNIT? It looked like there were two versions of the Brigadier’s daughter.)

1:00 – Its face was so ugly, it shattered the glass. I’m impressed.

1:11 – Who’s saying, “I’m looking for the Doctor?”

So, that was fantastic. And you know what? So was I!

Sorry about that. In all seriousness, it was… nice, but a bit confusing. That might very well be because Doctor Who is a TV show, though, and not based on any preexisting story – with something like Catching Fire it’s pretty easy to figure out what’s happening based on your knowledge of the book. Or it might just be Steven Moffat up to his usual head-writer shenanigans.

Either way, I’m excited!

What do you think about the trailer?

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6 Responses to First Reactions To “The Day Of The Doctor” TV Trailer

  1. Miriam Joy says:

    That’s the National Gallery off Trafalgar Square, so it’s pretty important, but not, like, governmental-important. It’s used in BBC shows a lot. It was in Sherlock, for example.

    I’m excited … and apprehensive. And REALLY confused that the dragon from Merlin is apparently a version of the Doctor, because I keep expecting him to just say, “That is an answer you must seek for yourself, young warlock.” I want this to be good, and if it’s not, I’ll be super disappointed.

    • nevillegirl says:

      OK, thanks. I thought it seemed familiar but I didn’t know its name.

      I just don’t want Moffat to mess it up. His finales… I don’t know. He makes them out to be this BIG HUGE IMPRESSIVE THINGS and I never feel like they are. I mean, series five? The Doctor was inside the Pandorica? WOW SO COOL! *sarcasm*

      John Hurt, you mean? I googled him the other day and apparently he was in HP too, Ollivander. (Not that Oliivander was ever that important in the movies, though…)

    • nevillegirl says:

      There’s a town not too far from me that’s showing in 3-D on the 25th but I’d rather see it when it comes (because “spoilers, sweetie”) and anyway one of my friends is having a Doctor Who party on the 23rd with a bunch of people. 😀 The geekery is strong with us.


  2. THE TRAILER IS AWESOME. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. ohgodjohnhurtanddavidtennantandbilliepiperandmattsmithandohholyhelliamgoingtodiewhenitshows

    *breaks down door* DOCTOR WHO
    *crashes through your roof* DOCTOR WHO
    *Tardis materializes in your room* DOCTOR WHO
    *screams from Mt. Everest* DOCTOR WHO
    *lies quietly down on floor* doctor who

    Really though, I’ve got a question for the Moff: If the Day of the Doctor is supposed to be the “Doctor’s darkest day” then why do they show all the silly clips in the trailer? Don’t get me wrong, I love the funny stuff, but still.
    Also, I really hope the Who people don’t get crude and stick a dick joke around 0:50, but it seems as if they’ve already planned to allude to one. *sigh*
    I am also sad that none of the living Classic Doctors get to participate. I do realize that Eccleston doesn’t want to be in anything else Who, but it’s just rude of Moffat to ignore the past 40 years or so of Who’s history. What, are the Classic Doctors just old baggage? They deserve a place too… 😦

    • nevillegirl says:

      Although BILLIE PIPER hey she looks prettyyyy.

      I’m super-excited. I didn’t care about DW a few months ago, and now I do, and this is a huge reason why I got caught up on the show (that and soon-to-come Twelve), and it’ll be fun to watch without spoilers.

      …yeah. Yeah, actually. That’s true, they don’t show a lot. I did like the silent parts with the Dalek ships, Gallifrey, etc, because it showed that something bad was happening, but even that was very very short.

      *sighs* *is with you on this* But it’s Who. It’s Moffat. They probably will – look at “The Crimson Horror”. Eleven and Jenny?

      I reaaaaaaally want Nine back. I want Old Dude to be older!Eight, who then regenerates into Nine. But that’s not happening unless they’ve dragged Eccleston back and possibly beaten him over the head with the sonic screwdriver. For days and days.
      I did see something the other day – not even a theory, really, just someone pointing this out – Moffat does like surprises. Maybe he’s not telling us everything about the 50th. Maybe there could be another Doctor, although probably in a minor role.
      But if he doesn’t do that, I’ll be frustrated. I don’t know a lot about Classic Who, but hey. It’s the 50th. It needs to focus on the show as a whole, not just since 2005.

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