“Yer A Muggle Liaison, Harry.” – Teens Can Write, Too! December 2013 Blog Chain


Hooray, the Teens Can Write, Too! blog chain is back! This month’s prompt is:

Which fictional world would you most like to be a part of, and what role do you think you would fulfill within it? How would you make your living? Would you even survive? Don’t feel that you have to stick to jobs outlined canonically in the books – use your imagination about who else might exist in this society.

I often imagine living the life of someone fictional – a LEPrecon officer, the Doctor’s companion, a lady Rider of Rohan – because there are so many neat made-up worlds out there. I honestly think I could be happy anywhere, with the exceptions of Westeros and Panem.

Now, if I had a choice in the matter? I’d definitely pick Harry Potter’s world.

But not the part of it you’d think. I’m seventeen already, too old for Hogwarts. I would have less than a year left there and besides, I’d already be of age in the Wizarding world. Yeah, Hogwarts is cool, but I’m a grown-up witch who’s thinking about careers instead.

Some magical jobs can be crossed off my list immediately. I have neither the athletic ability nor the interest to play Quidditch. Serving as Minister of Magic would be too stressful. I wouldn’t like to do research, either, developing new potions and whatnot. Being an Auror would be cool but risky, and I don’t want a job that could kill me.

What I’d really want to do is aid relations between Muggles and magical folk. I’d like to be a Muggle liaison, if you will.

Not as glamorous as Seeker or Auror, I know, but I’ve always wanted people to just get along with one other. I try to understand people, to learn more about them so we can all cooperate. That’s what my Wizarding job would be about.

And I’d be quite qualified, too. My parents have never exhibited any talents at Charms or Herbology so I think it’s fair to assume I’d be Muggleborn. As such, I would be able to understand both sides. I could show wizards how eckeltricity works and explain Patronuses to Muggles. It’s a job that would take a lot of patience, to be sure, but I think I could do it.

I’m not sure if it would be Ministry-related or related to any of the schools. Actually, I think it would work best as both. I could help out the Ministry when they talk to Muggles; for example, if they need to explain that those freak storms were actually giant attacks like in Half-Blood Prince. I’d be the one saying, “No, Prime Minister / Your Majesty / whoever, these people aren’t crazy, they’re wizards! Calm down. Here, have some tea and I’ll explain boggarts to you.”

As for school, I don’t think I’d teach, unless as an occasional guest lecturer in Muggle Studies. No, I’d be the person who visits families of other Muggleborns. After all, each year plenty of them get owls from Hogwarts, doubtless leaving their parents bewildered. I’d be that person, the woman who appeared out of thin air at your doorstep wearing sparkly purple robes, who is now insisting that she’s a witch and so is your kid and no, that’s not code for something – they really are magical. So let’s sit down and I’ll turn all your pillows into pigs and back again, and then explain how to get to Diagon Alley.

I can’t imagine that McGonagall would have time to visit each and every new student. I think she’d like to but she’s Headmistress now and doesn’t have enough time, so I’d take care of that task instead.

As I said above, Muggle liaison isn’t a glamorous or edgy job. That’s OK, though. I’d be perfectly happy to act as go-between for two cultures. I’d get to meet lots of interesting people, help them with everything from the mundane (showing a Muggle family how to degnome their garden) to the extraordinary (explaining to wizards why they shouldn’t hold next year’s Quidditch World Cup in Central Park), and loads more. I’d get to be odd for a job and I would help people. It would be the best of both worlds.

What do you think of my magical career choice?

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17 Responses to “Yer A Muggle Liaison, Harry.” – Teens Can Write, Too! December 2013 Blog Chain

  1. Leinad says:

    That sounds like a brilliant career choice (given your personal interests and talents — there’s no way I could manage a job like that). Hogwarts is cool, but it’s only one very small part of the wizarding world.

  2. themagicviolinist says:

    Ooh, Muggle Liaison. That would be an interesting job, for sure! I wonder if a Muggle who knew about the wizards could get a job like that . . . Eh, probably not. 😉

  3. Cogaroo says:

    That’s an awesome career choice ~ me, of course, I’ve always wanted to be a tribute in the Hunger Games….

    I love made-up worlds, it’s just not fair that they don’t exist. (Maybe they do exist, maybe we just haven’t found the way to get in…)

    • nevillegirl says:

      *raises an eyebrow* Well, best of luck. *pulls out calculator and punches in some numbers* Looks like the odds would not be in your favor – there’s less than a 5% chance you’d make it out alive. (But that’s just 1 divided by 24, it doesn’t take into account into epic abilities to kill people with, I don’t know, marshmallows and string.)

      Indeed. *possibly still looks for wardrobes to Narnia and cracks in time*

  4. That’s a good choice, actually. Out of most of the options in that world, that is one of the only ones that keeps you from 1) getting killed, 2) running into someone like Voldy, or 3) running into Harry, which is almost as bad.

    Good post!

  5. Miss Alexandrina says:

    Mmm, cool. Interesting choice of job. Would be hard work, but if you could do that, it would be awesome and so fulfilling. I haven’t given my post much thought, though I’m choosing HP-world as well.

    • nevillegirl says:

      *nods* I just think it would be so neat to introduce people to this huge magical world.

      *legasp* You’re not choosing something from Doctor Who? (I thought about it… but while there are so many cool places, from what I’ve seen we don’t get to spend much time on them. So I don’t know much about them. Living in the TARDIS is different, though…)

      • Miss Alexandrina says:

        Ah, I guess I didn’t give it so much thought. But, as you saw, I already play Quidditch, am a proud Slytherin and have studied Ancient Runes (Latin)! Well – it’s mostly the fact that HP was British born and bred and I’m very attached to my home.
        Doctor Who is awesome. I would love to the explore distant galaxies and beings (minus the danger!), but I don’t know if I, as myself, have a proper role to make there yet. Perhaps I love England too much!

    • nevillegirl says:

      Lucky! The local high school has a Quidditch team (or several, I suppose, since they’re split up by House) and I want to see their games this spring. 😀

      *nodnod* I can understand that.

  6. Nice choice! I’d thought about being some kind of Muggle liaison as well, though not as thoroughly as you did. I chose herbology professor, though now a Muggle Liaison sounds fun too.

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