A Recap Of Pride 2014

Throughout June, I wrote a number of posts to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride month. I’ve never been to any Pride events and I didn’t go this year, but I hope to someday. In the meantime, I’m content to post about issues that concern me. It’s good practice for all those college writing courses I’ll take someday, right?

I thought I’d do a quick recap of my Pride 2014 posts just in case you missed any of them, and also because I want to ask you some questions about the types of posts I write.

When I was little I thought I'd spent my teenage years being cool and hanging out with my friends. Instead I seem to have spent them alone in my room making Pride flags out of YA books.

When I was little I thought I’d spend my teenage years being cool and hanging out with my friends. Instead I seem to have spent them alone in my room making Pride flags out of YA books.

On June first, I kicked off Pride with a post titled Should You Write Only What You Know? This post was SUPER LONG and I’M SORRY IF THAT MADE IT DIFFICULT TO READ but there was so much that I wanted to talk about that I decided to just talk about it all.

So, should you write only what you know? Nope. Representation and diversity are important! And it’s not that hard to figure out what is and is not OK when it comes to portraying characters who are not like you – do some research and use your imagination. I provided lots of links to Malinda Lo’s blog because she is an AWESOME author.

Also, I talked about how you really should be able to relate to both hobbits and lesbians. Or dragons and transgender people. Relate to them, read about them, write queer high fantasy stories because I’d love to see them.

Several days later on June ninth, I posted Marriage Equality In Indiana, As Explained By Charlie Brown. I loved writing this because it allowed me to let off frustration about inane articles in the local newspaper.

My two main points were that A) we should not prioritize money over basic human rights and B) a cause does not have to benefit straight people in order to be considered legitimate. I’m really tired of heterosexual people jumping on the LGBTQ+ rights bandwagon because they see something in it for them, not because they have an interest in things like equality and human dignity and all that jazz.

This is the face I make when all I see are fictional straight characters... and then I find one glorious queer person!

This is the face I make when all I see are fictional straight characters… and then I find one glorious queer person!

June fourteenth was the day I published All I Really Want Are More Queer, Avenging, Gorgeous Fairy Queens. The recent movie Maleficent contains a lot of LGBTQ+ subtext and although the idea of a Maleficent/Aurora relationship makes me uncomfortable (because BIG AGE DIFFERENCES, PEOPLE), canonically-queer!Maleficent would’ve meant so much to me. I want queer fantasy! And queer fairy tales! And queer children’s stories!

Also, apparently I just like to look at super-pretty, super-evil fictional ladies. Who knew?

My reaction to most straight allies, to be honest.

My reaction to most straight allies, to be honest.

Gaydar Is Overrated – Be A Sleuth Instead was published on June seventeenth in response to some questions from one of my followers. Here’s a super-short crash course in gaydar for you: IT’S NOT REAL. IT DOESN’T WORK. AND IT’S LIKELY TO OFFEND PEOPLE.

And besides, there definitely are tactful, non-gaydar-ish ways of inquiring about someone’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity. So don’t be offensive. Being offensive is not nice (duh) and, at least in my small corner of the universe, will ensure that I laugh at you in a post. Behold:

To the girl at work who claimed she had amazing gaydar while failing to notice the tired lesbian who sat before her rolling forks and knives into napkins – smile! You’re blog fodder! You don’t know what you’re talking about… plus, your waitressing skills leave a lot to be desired!

On June twenty-fifth, I spent all day in a daze – my (ultra-conservative) state finally legalized marriage equality! I wrote about the occasion in A Surprise From Indiana.

Unfortunately, the ruling was stayed after only two days, but for one glorious moment queer couples were marrying in my state! In my county! In my town! Aaah! I still can’t believe it! CONGRATULATIONS, PEOPLE!

My final Pride 2014 post was published yesterday, June thirtieth – the one-year anniversary of my coming out. It was called, fittingly, One Year Ago Today. I enjoyed sorting out all my thoughts, but at the same time it was hard to write. It made me think about some things I would rather not remember.

In the end, I think it was good that I wrote it. Also, I got to quote U2. And Doctor Who. Because I can.

Well, those were my six Pride 2014 posts. I had a great deal of fun while writing them and hope that if you missed any of them, you’ll read them now. (And hopefully comment! I LOVE COMMENTS.)

And that nearly wraps up this post, but not quite. I’d love to hear your thoughts on those Pride posts, of course, but I’d also love to know your thoughts on future LGBTQ+ posts. You know I’ll write more – but is there anything in particular that you would like me to write about?

My first Pride 2014 post was about writing. The second and fourth were about current events. Number three discussed fandom-y stuff, and number five gave advice in addition to talking about items that would be of concern to allies. The final post was about personal matters, my own experiences.

I would like to know which topic or topics you liked the most. Would you like to see certain types of posts more often? Less often? Is there something I’ve never written about here that you would like to read about? I’ll use your responses to help me decide what kinds of LGBTQ+ posts to write in days to come, so please leave comments! Don’t be shy!

Did you do anything special for Pride? Did you do anything fun during June in general?

About nevillegirl

Elizabeth. University of Iowa class of 2019. Triple majoring in English & Creative Writing, Journalism, and Gender, Women's, & Sexuality Studies. Twenty-one-year-old daydreamer, introvert, voracious reader, aspiring writer, and lesbian. Passionate about feminism, mental health, comic books, and cats.
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46 Responses to A Recap Of Pride 2014

  1. Thomas says:

    The prolific quality of your posts this past month has been amazing! As you’ve noticed, I love how you’ve covered such a wide range of topics, ranging from political to personal. I feel like that just shows how lgbtq issues matter in so many different areas: no one can confine them to just one spectrum of life. As for future topics, maybe consider just writing about your favorite lgbtq books/movies or your take on how the media portrays lgbtq characters in general? Maybe discuss celebrities if you’re into that? After reading your thoughts I agree with a lot of your views, so I’m just excited to read more of your writing in general.

    Also, love the fabulous YA books. We can make Pride flags in our rooms together. (:

    • nevillegirl says:

      *blush* Thank you!

      Ooh, very helpful. I don’t think I’ve just fangirled about a favorite LGBTQ+ book – I tend to analyze a bunch of books overall, and maybe I should try just informally talking about one book. Thanks!

      Hmm, interesting idea. Celebrities aren’t really my thing but IDK, sometimes analyzing pop culture is kind of interesting. (Hey… it’s kind of like an intersection of fandom and current events, two things I already write about!) Actually, I’d write about Macklemore and his utter uselessness as a straight ally buuut… there are plenty of Internet articles about that, already.
      But I shall keep that in mind.

      Thank you! 🙂

  2. magicfishy says:

    You ask us which posts we enjoyed the most, but I enjoyed… All of them? (Though, your gaydar post comes to mind, and so does ‘should you write only what you know?’, and so does… Everything else. *facepalms* Admittably, there were parts of your Maleficent post that I skimmed, but that’s because I still somehow haven’t seen the movie yet and was avoiding spoilers.) Welp. This is an unhelpful comment.

    I’m pretty sure that making pride flags out of YA books means that you’re cooler than all of the rest of us.

    • nevillegirl says:

      No, no, that was helpful. I just want /some/ suggestions and… haven’t gotten very many. But yours was helpful – basically, you’re OK with any LGBTQ+ posts? OK. Good to know. I’m trying to figure out if I should keep the topics balanced like they are (not too many about one particular thing) or change things. So thanks!

      Ahaha. Thank you! 😀

  3. Mom says:

    OK, commenting on the ACTUAL blog now. I like the political posts and those having to do with personal matters.

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  5. Would it be okay if I said I really really enjoyed the pride flag book stack? MORE OF THOSE! 😀 I also particularly enjoyed the writing posts and your own personal experiences. And fangirly stuff.

    • nevillegirl says:

      Ehehe, I can certainly do more of those – if I can find enough books! It was surprisingly hard to find all of the colors. Not many books have orange covers/spines, I guess.

      OK, good to know! 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

      • Yay! Hehe, I can imagine actually. I went to the library a couple of days ago and I’d never actually really noticed before but I realised many of the books in the YA section are dull, dim sort of colours. Or white and black. BORING! 😀

        Your welcome!

  6. Miss Alexandrina says:

    I guess I’d like to read a post from you on how to portray LGBTQ+ characters from the point of someone not experiencing the exact thing*. Like – how would you personally write, say, a transgender individual? I know you’ve kind of fielding that topic before, but it would be helpful to be able to write LGBQT+ characters without making that their sole attribute but still giving them a side of it (ie. not doing a JK and saying a character is gay once he’s dead, but not SHOWING. Ya know?).

    Just on a bored-with-real-life perspective, I don’t tend to read real life event posts. Fandomy stuff is always great, and, as an ally, I appreciate LGBTQ+ advice. So, yeah, more writingy posts! 🙂

    *Ooh, this makes me want to write you a guest post about writing gay from the point of a non-gay. I do HAVE LGBTQ+ characters, but (sadly) none of them are MCs because I think I’m still afraid of misrepresenting.

    Wow, I thought I wouldn’t have anything to suggest 😛

    • nevillegirl says:

      Hmmm… I’ll have to see about that! 🙂
      And that’s mostly what my first post from Pride 2014 dealt with – how to create well-written LGBTQ+ characters whose orientations/gender identities are known but aren’t the only important thing about them.

      Psst, we’re not all gay, so I wouldn’t say “writing gay” if I were you. LGBTQ+ is a more inclusive term. 🙂

      Thanks for your suggestions!

      • Miss Alexandrina says:

        Yeah… Yeah, I’ll reread the post.

        Sorry! Didn’t mean to ruffle – I just got sick of writing out LGBTQ+ (yes, it’s an acronym, but it’s still a lot to type over and over), so I thought that was snappier.

        I’ll shut up now.

    • nevillegirl says:

      Meh, it’s not too long. “LGBT” works too. Or MOGII (a more recent acronym) – Marginalized Orientations, Gender Identities, and Intersex.

      • Miss Alexandrina says:

        Yeah, I probably would use LGBT, but since I wanted to incorporate the others… I like MOGII for its simplicity. I’m guessing it’s not in frequent use yet? This is the first I’ve heard.

    • nevillegirl says:

      Yep, it’s super-new. 🙂

  7. I liked the post about LGBTQ+ characters in books/movies (the one with Maleficent). That was interesting.

  8. Miriam Joy says:

    I’m more interested in discussions of fandom and LGBTQ characters in fiction, particularly because it often introduces me to books or films that I haven’t come across myself. I’m not disinterested in real-life events, but I’m not as interested — mainly because if they affect me, I’ll know about them, and if they’re America-specific or specific to your state, then while I appreciate the knowledge of the world changing, it’s kind of less immediately interesting. If that makes sense.

    • nevillegirl says:

      *nodnod* That makes total sense.

      And I love seeing the responses to this post so far – as it turns out, people want a mix of things! Which is what I’ve been posting. But I wasn’t sure. I didn’t know whether to keep doing the same thing or whether people actually wanted a certain type of post and skipped most of the others…

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  10. matttblack42 says:

    I specifically liked the “Should You Only Write What You Know?” post. It may have been long, but it never felt like it was and there wasn’t a single moment where my attention wavered, even a little. I honestly think it deserved to be Freshly Pressed.

    I liked all your fiction related posts, but also the stuff about current events. Basically, just keep doing what you’re doing, but with a few more Game of Thrones related posts thrown in.

    Also, I loved your shout-out to the waitress with the “amazing gaydar.” This goes as a lesson to everyone: never say ignorant/offensive things in the presence of a blogger.

    • nevillegirl says:

      *blush* Thank you! I was very proud of that post… I wish it had been FPed, too. I’ve written so many posts that were much better than the one that actually was FPed…

      OK, thanks! And haha, I planned to write a post that was (partially) about GoT, but it didn’t end up happening last month. Oh, well. I’ll write it in the future.

      People are so ignorant sometimes. -_- On one hand, it’s annoying. On the other, it’s extremely hilarious when they think they know what they’re talking about but actually they have no idea.

  11. MOHE says:

    Okay, actually commenting now… I’d love to see an official review of The Miseducation of Cameron Post, maybe hear your thoughts on the lawsuit that’s going on right now. It’d be cool if you posted about bi/trans characters a bit more. And movies–I’ve read many books with MOGAI characters, but haven’t seen a lot of movies with them. Granted, I’m not sure how many there are not in the R-rated range.

    Erm, I don’t know. I’m also happy with fangirling in general!

    • nevillegirl says:

      *beams* I was kind of hoping someone would say this… and then you did! And Thomas did too! I’ve had this idea for a regular feature about LGBTQ+ books but I didn’t know if anyone would be interested. But yes, it’ll definitely be about Cam Post at some point.
      Lawsuit? Concerning Cam Post? I heard there was some fuss about banning the book, but I’m not sure if that’s what you mean.
      And agreed, I need to post more about bi and trans characters.

      Aaaaand I also had an idea about queer movies, so thanks for letting me know that there’s some interest in that. That might be a thing on my blog soon too.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  12. I like all your LGBTQ+ posts. (Actually, I like all your posts.) Sooo … that’s all I can really say. You’re doing great as it is!

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  14. wondrousadventurer says:

    I really loved your “Don’t Just Write What You Know” and “Year in Review” type posts — I think talking about fictional representation and lessons learned from you own experiences are both fantastic ways to go for LGBTQIA+ posts.

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  16. Cori says:

    Oh bunnies, I forgot to send this before. I had it all written out too.
    I really liked all of the pride posts. They made me feel included and happy. I would post pride on my blog as well, but some people read it that I’m not out to and don’t plan to be anytime soon. The literature ones especially because I’m a writer and I loved taking the feeling of those posts away with me when I went to coo over my LGBT+ couples.
    Also I loved the way you included fandoms in some of them. Perhaps I’m just a crazy fangirl, but I love having fandoms relate to subjects. I hate it when people try to include them and don’t try them in right, but you do it perfectly and I love it. 😀
    Anyways, as I said before I really loved all of them. A lot. Thanks for writing them.

    • nevillegirl says:

      It’s OK. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

      Ah, yes, I understand. I wanted to write about LGBTQ+ issues since long before I came out, but A) I didn’t want to pretend that I cared about this stuff as an ally because IT WAS SO MUCH MORE PERSONAL THAN THAT TBH and B) I wasn’t yet ready to come out.

      I 100% approve of cooing over LGBTQ+ couples. 😀

      OK. 🙂 So, I’ll definitely write more fandom-y posts then! 😀

      You’re welcome, and thanks again for commenting – your thoughts were very helpful!

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  18. Boquinha says:

    Okay, so I’ve been ridiculously negligent in reading and commenting on your blog. I know you love comments (as do I!). I always love hearing from you, hearing your thoughts. So here I am – please forgive me. Our moving these past few months has taken A LOT of our time.

    Now then. So, I went to Feedly and looked over your past many posts and read several of them – I love hearing about you, your job, your thoughts on LGBTQ+ issues. I like hearing about your book collections and your thoughts on Nancy Drew. 😛 Congrats on doing well at the 4H fair. I love, love, LOVE that you’re starting a new series and I totally dig the title – “Reading the Rainbow.”

    I could tell, in catching up on your blog, that this post in particular was important to you and that you really wanted to hear from readers. So, to answer your questions, I like all your posts – thought the Charlie Brown play on words was particularly clever. My preference is always for the more personal ones, because I’m a big believer in vulnerability and connecting and feelings and relationships and being real and all that stuff. But everyone’s different, so different things will appeal to different people. I think that’s what I like about your blog – it’s so diverse (and isn’t that totally appropriate?!?)! It appeals to so many. That may explain your recent, big blog marker – congrats on that, too! OF COURSE you get lots of views and hits. You write interesting and varied things!

    So, my .02 is that while I especially like the personal stuff, I think the variety is great. I get frustrated with myself for not keeping up better with TMV’s blog, your blog, heck, MY blog! I want to write more and I feel like life keeps getting in the way. I know better and know that writing needs to be a priority. I struggle with making it one. 😦 But the good thing is that when I do have time, I get to sit down and read all these great blogs, so please keep up the great work!

    • nevillegirl says:

      Thanks! I like blogging about so many different things because there’s just so much to talk about – I would never be able to write, say, a book blog because I don’t want to talk about JUST books!

      Anyway. Thanks for your thoughts on my LGBTQ+ posts, that was very helpful!

      Blogging does take a lot of time… and some days, believe it or not, I don’t feel like blogging! But usually I’m just like ENGIE. GO WRITE. *stern face* So I do.

  19. Boquinha says:

    P.S. Did you ever see the conversation that ensued after you educated me on the whole “girl crush” thing? You really helped me and others learn something!! Thank you!

    • nevillegirl says:

      Oh, right, yes, I did! I just forgot to reply to your comments… but yeah, I did. I’m glad you learned something. 🙂 People say weird things like that all the time and I’m glad you didn’t flip out when I pointed out what you’d said, because some people get really mad about being corrected… (But then if I let it go and bring it up at a later date, they’re usually like “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?!” Well. Because people flip out.)

  20. Boquinha says:

    And that sentence should read:

    Our moving, these past few months, has taken A LOT of our time.

    COMMAS ARE SO IMPORTANT! No, I haven’t figured out how to harness superhero powers and actually MOVE time. 😛 Yet. 😛

  21. Boquinha says:

    Okay, another thing I just thought of – I forgot to tell you that David Levithan is coming to a literature festival near us and that we get to meet him!!

    • nevillegirl says:

      Yay!! Which of his books have you (and/or MV) read? I’ve only read Nick & Norah, which he co-authored anyway… I really should read some of his other books, since he’s written so many.

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