A B See Photo Challenge: U Is For Unique To The County Fair

cameraDo you have any idea how HARD it is to think of themes beginning with the letter U?! I mean to finish this letter several weeks ago, but instead I spent a month trying to think of what to photograph.

Eventually, I realized that I should post some of my photographs taken during the county fair. But how would they relate to the letter U? Well.. I brought my camera along because I wanted some photos that remind me uniquely of the fair.


DSCN4036Subject of photo: Cowboy hats

Location of subject: The midway

Techniques practiced: Close-up

I like the patterns and repetition in this photo. The unusual color combination is nice, too.

DSCN4043Subject of photo: A Ferris wheel

Location of subject: The midway

Techniques practiced: Unusual perspective

Where else could I take a picture of a Ferris wheel?! I feel like it’s just such a classic shot – I see it and instantly think of summer. Plus, this photo has such pretty geometry!

DSCN4025Subject of photo: A dog

Location of subject: The 4-H animal-showing arena

Techniques practiced: Black and white

I’m conflicted about how some girl’s legs are in this picture. On one hand, the photo might have looked nicer if I’d zoomed in closer to the dog with my camera. On the other, having other stuff in the picture makes it look more like a scene, and less staged. Also, in this picture it’s immediately obvious that the dog is looking up at its owner, but I didn’t have to show the entire person to achieve that effect.

DSCN4432Subject of photo: A motocross racer

Location of subject: An arena

Techniques practiced: Action

Some of the older 4-H Photography members were able to job-shadow one of the fair’s official photographers, and I was able to photograph the motocross event as part of that. I don’t care about the sport itself but wow, I certainly took some interesting photos. I’m glad I included the lights and stuff because, as the photographer said, that really helps to lend scale to the picture. Viewers get a good idea of just how high those bikes go!

DSCN4038Subject of photo: A knotted rope

Location of subject: The midway

Techniques practiced: Black and white, close-up

I got a lot of weird looks after taking this picture, probably because it was just some random knot. But I like the shadows and textures in this picture! And the spiral pattern that can be found on both the metal stake and the rope!

Which photo is your favorite and why?

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7 Responses to A B See Photo Challenge: U Is For Unique To The County Fair

  1. Mom says:

    I like the motocross and the dog photos, for different reasons, obviously. If I had to pick just ONE, it would be the motocross because it’s so different from other photos you’ve taken.

    • nevillegirl says:

      Thank you! I wasn’t sure if I should even choose that photo for this post, but in the end I did because it was so different from anything else. So it’s nice that someone else agrees. 🙂

  2. Bonnie says:

    I think the knotted rope is really cool-looking. 😀 I like the shadows, and the way the rope falls looks very fluid and interesting.

    I have a camera somewhere, but I misplaced it when we moved. Idk where it is now, but I really want to find it so I can start taking pictures again!

  3. Mo says:

    I love the rope one–the way the detail is there I can almost feel the scratchy, terrible way those ropes feel, the way they burn your hands if you’re even just holding them. …I have very strong feelings about ropes.

    Also I like the gendering of the hats.

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