The Clock Strikes Twelve (A Wishlist For “Doctor Who,” Series Eight)

The first episode of Doctor Who‘s eighth series airs in just over a week. And I have HIGH EXPECTATIONS for it. For the whole series. Will any of my wishes come true?

Who knows?

We’ll just have to see, I guess. In the meantime, here are some things I’d like to see during this upcoming series.

Note: There are (very minor!) spoilers in  #2 and #5, so maybe don’t read those particular wishes if you don’t want to know what happens.

1. Clever references to the number twelve

Honestly, I wouldn’t care whether these appeared in-show (as part of the dialogue, for example) or as the title of an episode or two. But seriously. If the show’s producers don’t make references to a clock striking twelve (because TIME Lords, get it?), or don’t have a Shakespearean episode titled “Twelfth Night,” I will be quite disappointed.

2. Vastra, Jenny, and Strax

This is confirmed! They’ll be in the first episode!

I just… really love them. Strax cracks me up, and Vastra and Jenny are the cutest couple EVER. They make me want a sword-fighting, butt-kicking alien girlfriend. I hoped and hoped that they’d return for another appearance, so I was super-happy when I found out that they’ll definitely be in at least the first story!

3. Less romance

Because not every story has to have a romantic subplot all the time.

… all right, so if they have to put romance in, please have many more adorable scenes between Vastra and Jenny instead of between, I don’t know, the Doctor and Clara.

…actually, I believe it’s mentioned in Clara’s very first episode that she had a girlfriend, so I would be all right if that was a thing in this next series. Honestly, I guess I’m just not interested in any more boy-meets-girl stories. I’ve read/watched too many of them lately and I’m kind of sick of them.

4. Clara Oswald leaves…

I don’t like Clara. If I’m completely honest, I think she’s boring. I don’t mind that she’s super-girly – that’s part of the reason I like Rose, Jenny, and, to a lesser degree, River. I just… can’t connect with Clara. I don’t absolutely love every other New Who companion, but I can usually find some aspect of their personality/story arc to enjoy.

But I can’t find that with Clara. I find myself just not caring about her, and that doesn’t make watching the show very interesting.

Also, when she leaves, I’d like to see her end up in one of the situations that her echo was in. Perhaps she’ll end up in the Dalek Asylum once again? I think it would be fascinating if her story arc loops around and Clara ends up back where she started. That’s kind of horror-story-ish, isn’t it? That she’s back with killer aliens and this time, the Doctor can’t rescue her.

I swear I don’t want this to happen just because I dislike Clara. If I DID like her I would still be in favor of this ending because it’s just so weird and scary.

5. …and another companion arrives.

This has been more or less confirmed: The new companion is a guy, and his name is Danny Pink. But it doesn’t seem like he’s replacing Clara, which is what I really want. It seems like he’ll just be an additional companion.

And that could be neat. It’s always fun when there’s more than one companion in the TARDIS. But I’m worried that he’ll be a love interest for Clara, and I already mentioned above that I’m not interested in more romance. I saw an article the other day about how Peter Capaldi has been very adamant that he doesn’t want his Doctor to be flirty.

But I didn’t think that would happen, anyway. I thought the writers would think it was creepy that he’s so old(-looking, anyway) and Clara’s young and blah blah blah. It never even crossed my min that Twelve/Clara could be a thing. But some new guy could totally end up as Clara’s boyfriend, and I don’t want that.

6. What about Victorian stories that aren’t set in England?

No, seriously. Doctor Who LOVES its Victorian episodes (we already know that there’ll be at least one – see #2). Why not have the characters visit Victorian America? Or Victorian Australia? Or Victorian India?

(Note: This is not my original idea – I read it on some blog whose URL I now forget. But I really, really like it. I’d like to see more episodes that are set on Earth but not set in the UK. Yes, yes, I get that this is a British show, but HELLO. Australia and India were still under British rule back then.)

7. I want Steven Moffat to retire.

Hmmm, I’m trying to make this list as positive and fangirly as possible, but that’s not really happening, is it? Because I’m trying to be honest at the same time too. And I really don’t like Steven Moffat’s writing. I don’t like how his great big story arcs fall apart. They always start so well and I’m always super-excited about them and by their end they’re always anti-climatic and he’s lost control of the plot.

And his jokes aren’t funny.

And sometimes they’re just plain offensive.

And basically I would like to see him announce, at the end of this series, that he’s retiring and only working on Sherlock or whatever. I don’t really care who takes over the show after that, as long as they write better than Moffat.


I keep hoping that they’ll announce one, just one, at the very last minute. I don’t think I’ll get my wish, though.

It’s pathetic enough that there probably won’t be any this series. But you know what’s even more pathetic? That there haven’t been ANY since series THREE. You know, the series that aired, oh, about seven years ago at this point? Come on, people. I’m really disappointed that they haven’t asked any women to write for the show in such a long time.

They don’t even have to be famous. I’m looking at the Wikipedia pages for Doctor Who‘s fourth, fifth, and sixth series right now, and I don’t recognize any of the male writers’ names except for Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, and Neil Gaiman. (And that’s only because the first two write a lot of stuff that I watch, and the third is one of my favorite authors.) So they could totally pick some up-and-coming, not-yet-a-household-name woman writer.

9. A darker Doctor

I’ll admit it: I am still not over Nine. And though I know there won’t be another Doctor exactly like him (and I don’t want one, anyway), I would kind of like to see another moodier, serious Doctor. The last two Doctors were both rather… puppy-ish in demeanor. Always really hyper and excitable.

And that was fine for a while, but I’d like to see something different.

10. Romana

(If you’ve only seen New Who, Romana was a Time Lady and companion of the Doctor, beginning with his fourth incarnation.)

I haven’t even seen very many episodes with Romana, but I already like her a lot. For a long time she was thought to be dead, since she was on Gallifrey when the Doctor blew it up during the Time War. Well, now we know that Gallifrey was never actually destroyed – and I still don’t like that development, but I’m determined to make the best of it.

And to me, that means seeing another regeneration of Romana. Ideally, I’d love to have her meet the Doctor in a different body than her last. He wouldn’t recognize her at first, but at some point she’d say something that would clue him in to who she was.

And then he’d be thrilled. And he’d dump Clara!

Oh dear, that wasn’t positive and fangirly at all. Better luck next time.

11. A brilliant new theme song

Well, not a totally new theme song. But I want to see a new variation on it! And a cool intro, maybe something like the one in this amazing fan-made video.

12. A brilliant explanation for Peter Capaldi’s three appearances in the Whoniverse

He played Caecilius in series four of Doctor Who and John Frobisher in series three of Torchwood, and now he’s the Doctor. Naturally, I think some clever in-story explanation for this would be cool… and I think we’ll get one. Moffat keeps saying that it will be explained, and there are all sorts of theories about it.


What would you like to see in the eighth series of Doctor Who? I’d love to hear all about it!

P.S. If you’d like to read more of my thoughts on the upcoming series, you can find my reactions to the trailer here.


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21 Responses to The Clock Strikes Twelve (A Wishlist For “Doctor Who,” Series Eight)

  1. Hm, yes! Three appearances and no explanation?!? And honestly, they NEED more female writers! Female representation in Who has gone down significantly since Moffat took over, and I definitely hope it’s his last season. If it is, he will have done the same number of seasons as RTD.

    I want a darker Doctor, too. At least we do end up seeing Ten’s darker side, and it’s sort of defined him as a character. And I’ve liked seeing a hyper Doctor for a while, but a change to a darker Doctor, like Nine, would be good. They’re not boring just because they’re not hyper anymore.

    I’d actually like to see a return to the more traditional theme song, instead of a brand-new one. Call me an oldie, but you know, I am one. 😛

    And I wouldn’t necessarily want Clara to go away, but I want her characterization to be better. I mean, there’s no defining quality to her. Rose’s the sort of flirty one, Martha’s the smart one, Donna’s the sassy one, and Amy’s the fashionable one. Sort of. And “fashionable” isn’t a trait. I don’t know what to call Amy, actually.

    Here’s my wishlist, in case you’re interested (I only have 5 items because I got lazy):

    1. Character development for Clara and the Doctor.
    2. Fewer arcs and more fun, stand-alone stories.
    3. Moffat’s last season.
    4. Return of companions from the RTD era. I don’t want Moffat to mess up the characterization, but he was first to write Jack, so maybe Jack can come back?
    5. Less romance.

    And I’ve always wondered, where did Vastra, Jenny, and Strax come from? Like, were they ever shown in an episode that explains how they met the Doctor? Their origins are either never explained, or I missed them completely somehow.

    THIS has been a long enough comment 😛

    • nevillegirl says:

      I don’t have any original theories on Capaldi’s three appearances, actually, but I’m still super-excited to see what the reason behind it is. 🙂

      I know, right? I’d actually love to have Nancy Farmer write an episode or two for the show. She’s American, but I’m pretty sure a /few/ have written for the show before. She wrote “The Ear, The Eye, and The Arm” and “The House of the Scorpion,” which are REALLY GOOD standalone dystopian novels. (Also, they take place in Zimbabwe and Mexico, respectively, so re: our earlier conversation about “why is everyone in post-series-four Doctor Who white” – I’m sure she’d change that in her episodes. Also, she’s just a really excellent writer.)

      I swear, if we get an exact copy of Eleven with this new doctor, I’m going to be sad. xD And I feel like we might, because when Moffat wrote Ten he was basically the same as Eleven, and he writes all the female characters the same too…

      Yes, yes, I would be totally for that too. I guess what I meant is something new in the sense that it’s different from what we have currently. I really liked how the original theme from the First Doctor’s episodes was used in the 50th-anniversary special, for example. 🙂

      Idk what to call Amy, either. I kind of avoid thinking about her because there’s just so much wasted character potential there. xD

      *nodnod* I agree with everything on that list, and I think maybe Jack could come back when Capaldi’s appearances are explained??? I mean, Jack met Frobisher in “Children of Earth” so I feel like it’s only logical to bring him back.

      No, I don’t believe so. And that’s weird. Every character is new at some point, obviously, but most have actual introductions. See, that’s probably my biggest problem with Moffat’s writing – his writing is sloppy. It’s not at all hard to include a quick flashback or whatever of how they met, rather than waving it away like “LOL explanations what explanations who even needs those?”
      …I don’t think he understands the “show, don’t tell” rule of writing.

      Ahaha, don’t worry about it. 🙂 I love long comments – I like having long, geeky discussions.

      • I think he might just not explain it at all… I guess RTD never planned to cast Capaldi as the Doctor, which is why he gave him all those other parts.

        Gosh, Nancy Farmer is AWESOME! I loved The Ear, The Eye, and the Arm, and The House of the Scorpion. They were both for school, but I wanted to read ahead so badly!

        I think Moffat can DO two different Doctors, because he’s done Nine and Ten well enough when RTD was head writer. I think the main problem with the special was that there were two Doctors at the same time, and he somehow couldn’t write each of them as characters in their own right. But I’ll be really sad if he’s just like Eleven. Though from what I’ve heard from those who went to the Deep Breath early screenings *insert supreme jealousy* I’ve heard Capaldi’s Doctor will be something new.

        I literally squealed with excitement when I heard the 50th’s theme song (for perspective I don’t squeal). My mom looked at me weirdly XD

        I really need to watch Torchwood. I watched the first episode, but I never watched any more of it….

        Yeah, I always thought I might have missed the episode because it didn’t make it to US Netflix or something, but… no. (OH MY GOD I JUST CHECKED PLANET OF THE DEAD AND THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR AND THE TIME OF THE DOCTOR ARE NOW ON NETFLIX *does a crazy fangirl dance*).

        Ah, me too 😛 *is still not over the new episodes and is rolling around with excitement*

    • nevillegirl says:

      No, but I think Moffat actually said that he talked with RTD about possible theories. 🙂

      *MEGA-AWESOME HIGH-FIVES YOU* Aaaah, you’ve read those books! You awesome person, you! I don’t know very many people who have, and even then most have only read The House of the Scorpion.

      *squeals with fangirlish glee* I didn’t go to a “Deep Breath” early screening, but I do get to see it at the theater! 😀 But it’s not until the 25th, so until then I’ll try very, very hard to avoid spoilers sweetie. 😛

      I squeal, sometimes, but only when I’m VERY excited. xD
      And my mom was probably already asleep by that point in the episode. 😛 Yes, at the very beginning. She claims that DW is so boring that it puts her to sleep… but she did admit to really enjoying “The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances!”

      Torchwood is SO FREAKING GOOD, especially its third series. ❤

      (WHAT YOU'RE KIDDING ME. I've never actually seen "Planet of the Dead" before! Along with…. what's it called… "A Christmas Carol," those are the only episodes I've never seen.)
      (That seems very strange, that the DW episodes were uploaded to Netflix so late. Sherlock series three was uploaded within just a few months. Weird.)

      • MOFFAT TALKED TO RTD???!?!??!

        Yep. Everyone in my school has 🙂 I actually didn’t know they were both written by the same woman though O.o

        Ah. I’m not going to either. *sobs* Part of the reason is (a) SCHOOL and (b) I have to see it with my mum, as she’s a big fan of the show as well. (River and Martha got my mum into Doctor Who… IDK why.)

        Oh, you poor thing 😦 My mum didn’t like Nine much, and she thought the 50th was nonsense. I’m currently trying to get my aunt into it as well, because I’m visiting her and I need my daily dose of the Doctor before school starts. (Try saying that five times fast… “daily dose of the Doctor”.)

        I really need to watch it. Really. I do.

        (I KNOW I haven’t seen them either… I want to see PLANET OF THE DEAD, though. along with The Rebel Flesh and the Waters of Mars, either, because my mum thought they were boring at the beginning. I read the summary for The Rebel Flesh when we were watching Series 6, though. I’m going to watch it on Sunday.)
        (I think it’s because DW is more popular. I don’t think Sherlock is as popular *does not know on account of not having had time to watch it for the past year* So BBC makes more money if Doctor Who’s not on Netflix for a longer period of time or something. Or maybe they want to make us die in agony. IDK.)

    • nevillegirl says:

      Because River and Martha are awesome? 😀

      The 50th /was/ nonsense. :/

      “The Rebel Flesh” was really really weird and kind of boring and not particularly well-written, but it does explain a lot about Amy and the baby thing. *shrugs*

      • Yep! 😀 She loves Martha 😛

        Yeah… but it was extra-good nonsense, right? 😀

        Idk… I got it from reading the Netflix blurb and watching the rest of the series, so I may never watch it *shrugs* I have been known to stop watching episodes because the show has turned into AMELIA POND, not DOCTOR WHO.

    • nevillegirl says:

      Pffft “AMELIA POND.” *shoves Amy out the TARDIS door and into a black hole*

  2. magicfishy says:

    To be honest, I’m a bit nervous about Twelve, since from what I’ve seen the fandom’s pretty excited, and what if we’re all wrong? Still, I’m looking forwards to this.

    Actually, wasn’t it said somewhere that Twelve’s supposed to be a bit more like Nine? Or maybe I’m imagining it/it was unofficial.

    Clara having a female love interest would be excellent, but the ‘I went through a phase’ line was… Not the best thing in the world (unless you do some reinterpretation).

    It’s as if the writers have started to think that there needs to be a romantic subplot involving the Doctor for the shoe to be interesting. Honestly, I prefer awesome friendships. (…And now you have me missing Donna again.)

    Romana! I’ll admit that I haven’t seen any of her yet, but from what I’ve heard she seems excellent. Really, it’s only logical to start bringing back Time Lords who aren’t the Master or the Doctor at this point.

    Also, how isn’t there a Vastra, Jenny and Strax spin-off at this point? Seriously, they’re pretty much ideal spin-off material. Please?

    More female writers, yes.

    To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if Capaldi’s previous appearances weren’t explained – Karen Gillan’s weren’t, after all. Still, though, it would be nice.

    • nevillegirl says:

      I know, right? I hope we’re not all disappointed.

      I believe so, yes. Did I forget to mention that that was basically confirmed? *taps chin thoughtfully* My bad.

      Well, yes, of course. I don’t want her to have a girlfriend if it’s referred to as a phase!! But if Moffat did a good job with that, that would be a good way to redeem himself. *mutters at writers being jerks*

      Exactly! I don’t mind romantic subplots, but I don’t want them in EVERYTHING and I don’t want them ALL THE TIME and for ALL THE CHARACTERS. Honestly, Donna and Ten have a much better (and more interesting!) relationship than most of the couples in the show.
      (I always miss Donna, ehehe. ❤ )

      Well, as Ace wrote in a comment below, maybe the Rani could come back! …I'm rather hazy as to who the Rani actually is, but as long as they’re someone who’s not the Doctor or Master, I’m good with it! 😀

      *nodnod* I’ve seen a LOT of stuff about how those three need a spin-off. I would LOVE that.


      True, true… but Gillan had only one other appearance, and it was much more minor. IDK.

  3. Julia says:

    I’m totally done with Steven Moffar too… He just isn’t funny no matter how hard he tries. Like, when you laugh at Nine or Ten it’s because they said something witty; with Eleven you laugh because he does the most ridiculous things and you wonder why anyone would come up with an idea like that. It’s just bizarre. And it’s so annoying how he keeps just rewriting time… Anyway, yeah, I could go on for a while. But I’m not over Nine either; he was definitely my favorite.

    • nevillegirl says:

      I’ve never thought of it that way before but actually, you’re completely right. I don’t find Eleven very funny, or even interesting. He’s just odd… (Also, I’ve noticed that my favorite Eleven episodes were NOT written by Moffat… while my favorite RTD-Who episodes were written by Moffat! I guess I just don’t think Moffat does a good job of being in charge of a story, of being the head writer.)

      (Also, ditto to the rewriting time thing. It was already irritating the first time he did it, but after that… come on, dude, you can’t fix every plot hole by saying “well actually that never REALLY happened LOL nope!”)

      Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

  4. wondrousadventurer says:

    Well at this point you know I’m going to disagree with you about Clara, so I’m not going to discuss the details. xD
    I actually do really like your thoughts on her possible departure though — I think there’s a lot of interesting threads with her doubles running throughout time, and I really hope they eventually utilize them.
    The one things I’ll say to anyone who dislikes her: give her a shot with a new Doctor. It can honestly affect a character so much. I think Clara’s going to be a Peri Brown to a lot of people — Clara began the show with Five for several episodes, and witnessed the subsequent regeneration, but EVERYONE will tell you she was a Sixth Doctor companion due to the fantastic onscreen chemistry that happened between Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant. Tbh I think I can see some of it in Jenna and Peter already in interviews, which is thrilling!

    If Romana shows up, I’m REALLY hoping we get Juliet Landau playing her. She’s done a “Romana III” sort of character for Big Finish, named “Trey” (from Romana’s full name, RomanadvoraTRElundar). And suspiciously enough, Trey has been announced as a main character in their newest Gallifrey series… I’m hoping the return of Gallifrey to both New Who and Big Finish at the same time (just after Moffat canonized BF in NotD, no less…) could mean something bigger. And seriously, look up some pictures of Juliet Landau as Trey, because she’s just perfect…

    As for ladies… I’m as disappointed by the lack of female writers as anyone, but did you know that Rachel Talalay is going to be directing (I think multiple!) episodes this season? Moffat said it was an intentional decision to work on the show’s gender balance, so I hope that bodes well for the future.

    Other than that… I’d say I agree with a fair number of your desires. I’m hoping for a more severe Twelve, perhaps harkening more to One or Six (both of whom I love). I already expressed that there’s some speculation that Clara and Twelve could be the new series’ Six and Peri, which would basically be my dream come true. They’re one of my favorite TARDIS teams as is.
    Throwing in my own hopes? THE RANI. PLEASE. If Gallifrey’s coming back, I want my favorite Time Lady scientist to get up to her old antagonistic tricks. She’s fab.

    And as for Moffat… I haven’t got much opinion either way, I suppose. I won’t be heartbroken if he leaves, but at the same time his era has been so wonderful in restoring much of the atmosphere of the show, actually referencing/appreciating/acknowledging Classic, adding a magnificent fairy-tale feel, doing the COOLEST things with time-travel, and creating most of my favorite characters in the reboot. And let’s be honest, he’s had some good writing as well as bad. Certainly not all his jokes are funny (in fact there are plenty that made me mad, and I wish he’d just left well enough alone [sighs loudly]), but I also bet there are plenty of things he’s written that you’ve appreciated. People tend to generalize one or the other, instead of acknowledging that there’s been quite a lot of both.

    I once heard someone describe Moffat’s writing with a quote from his era itself: a pile of good things and bad things. The Classic references and fairy-tale feel and gorgeous aesthetics don’t always soften the casual sexism and jokes in bad taste, but vice-versa, the things that have made me mad about his writing don’t necessarily spoil the inspiration and joy the era’s given me and make them unimportant. RTD Who was, for many reasons, really very upsetting for me and nearly destroyed my love of the show. For everything Moffat’s messed up, I’m really glad his era has restored my love in (new series) Dr Who. But that’s just my two cents.

    If he does stay on, I hope the overall improvement/upward trend of him actually learning to fix his mistakes continues — like how 100% of the episodes he wrote with Clara in Series 7.2 passed the Bechdel test, or how he’s promised that Series 8’s going to have less story “arcs” and more episodic format, and his decision not to involve Twelve in a romantic sub-plot. I think that’s what’s making me the most optimistic about Series 8 right now — it sounds like he’s genuinely listening, and I’m really starting to hope that this season, there are fewer of the bad things, and more of the good ones. I think Moffat’s been paying attention to criticism, Capaldi’s been throwing out some ideas of his own, and that they’ve finally surmounted some of the lingering problems of the RTD era. And I’m really excited about that!

    • nevillegirl says:

      (Yo, I’m not ignoring your comment, just so you know. It’s just that IT’S SUPER LONG and WP doesn’t let me save comments that I’m working on… but I’ll get to it, I promise! Don’t feel like you have to respond to this comment, either, I’ll probably just edit it and delete this part and put in my geeky DW responses. 🙂 )

  5. matttblack42 says:

    I agree with most of these (especially that whole Clara loophole thing, that’s clever), but I don’t really want a new theme song. I want them to keep the 7b song, and just replace Eleven’s face with Twelve’s.

    I want Moffat to retire as showrunner, but still write an episode or two each season. Each of his RTD era episodes were some of the best in the whole show.

    This may seem mean, but I really wish Jenny had died in The Name of the Doctor. She had such a chilling death scene, only to immediately have been brought back to life with no difficulty whatsoever, which is something the show seems to keep doing.

    • nevillegirl says:

      Thanks. 😛 I really hope that they use that idea, or some slight variation on it. (Btw, did you see that Jenna Coleman quit the show? Her character won’t be returning after Christmas.)

      Agreed. I don’t think Moffat does a good job of being in charge. But when he writes one-off episodes, they’re fantastic.
      …because, I just don’t think he’s capable of handling long plots. Shorter ones? Sure. But his longer ones are just kind of… what even.

      I’m really, really conflicted about that because…
      #1. There are very few queer characters in media, especially in film and TV, and if she were killed permanently then half of DW’s LGBTQ+ representation would be gone. And that would suck.

      #2. Buuuuut on the other hand, that was supremely crappy writing, right there. I do like well-written death scenes, and also… I dislike how characters are brought back over and over again. (Imagine GoT as written by Steven Moffat! O_o ) That’s not good writing. It’s been done twice with Strax, and now twice with Jenny, and it’s just weird.

      • matttblack42 says:

        I didn’t know that. And I’m not sure how I feel about it either.

        That’s true about #1. I keep forgetting how few (well-written) queer characters there are on TV, because the shows I’ve been watching lately all seem to have a lot of them. (Orange is the New Black especially.) Also I don’t recall a single major LGBTQ+ character in any movie I’ve seen. 😦


        Oh God. If Moffat wrote GoT, the first book probably would’ve ended with the reveal that Ned never actually died! I mean, Arya never actually saw it happen, right? And Sansa was too emotional to see things clearly. It’s certainly possible that Ned managed to escape.

    • nevillegirl says:

      I felt really happy about it, and then kinda bad because I told some of my Whovian friends and they were sad. And I think I made them grumpy because I was so gleeful. Ooops…

      So, yeah. I would be OK with killing off Jenny, except I don’t think Moffat would bother to put in any more queer characters after that. :/

      I saw a really interesting article the other day (and I need to find it again so I can show you) about minorities in recent SFF movies, and NONE of those movies had LGBTQ+ protagonists. Rrrgh.

      It’s possible that Viserys had a secret brother! And that Renly had a doppelganger! Andandand also Joffrey has a secret twin, who was the one who /actually/ died. But hopefully, unlike like their parents, those twins weren’t having a secret affair. xD

  6. Alexandrina Brant says:

    That is all.

    Actually, additionally, #7 and #4. Please, BBC, make our wishes come true! I miss the elegant simplicity of the first three/four series, where the big arcs were far and few, but when they came it was a facepalm moment that you didn’t notice it before, and then you flick back through the episodes and all the clues are there and you celebrate by crying over a companion or plot.
    Kind of like in great writing.
    Sorry. Rambling.

    Victorian Britain is awesome! *cough* Well, I’m biased, but I can totally see where you’re coming from, especially now that Doctor Who airs the same time in the US as I does in the UK.

    I do agree that the romance needs to be reduced, but I’m annoyed that the writers are using the excuse that The Doctor is old-looking and Clara is young. Uh, hello? The Doctor has always been old, you’ve just not noticed it before because he had a young face. So now he can’t date his companions because he LOOKS old? That’s both ageist and image-focused.
    To be honest, it never crossed my mind that Eleven/Clara could be a thing, but then the writers totally ran with the flirting, and I’m sitting there, head in hand, going, “so, what’s their relationship now? I swear the weren’t flirting in the previous scene.”

    Now that really is all. This has already been longer than I meant. Because I could write a whole post in your comments adding my own thoughts. That would be cool, but I’m not going to do it.

    • nevillegirl says:

      Ahaha, I’m glad you like my list! (Sorry about replying to this comment so late; I’ve been inundated with them lately and I’m still trying to get caught up.)

      I know, right? I mean, I’m not such a huge fan of HP anymore, but one of the things I *still* greatly admire about the series is Rowling’s ability to drop teeny-tiny hints. I really appreciate that in writing… and I feel like that’s really been lacking in recent series of Doctor Who, possibly because I’m half-convinced that Moffat has no master plan and just makes stuff up as he goes!

      I’m not so interested in Victorian America, actually, but just threw that out there as a possibility. I’d be much more interested in Victorian India!

      I think that excuse is ridiculous too… you’re right, all that’s really changed is that now the Doctor LOOKS old.

      Ahaha, finally, someone who understands how I feel! I *hated* the Clara/Eleven thing.

      ROMANA. 😀

      It’s fine, loads of people already left long comments. xD

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