Five Things To Do While You Wait For The Eighth Series Of “Doctor Who”

Less than a week remains until Doctor Who‘s series eight premiere! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait. I’m especially excited because I’m going to see the episode at a nearby movie theater! (But the showing isn’t until the twenty-fifth, two days after it airs on TV, so please don’t tell me any spoilers sweetie!)

The first episode is titled “Deep Breath,” and its trailer can be found below:

Now that you’re (hopefully) excited, what can you do while you wait and wait for the episode? Or maybe the real question is: What fun, geeky things can you do on your own so that you don’t irritate your family by constantly talking about the story? Because I know that’s something I do quite often. Well, I’ve come up with five Whovian-related ways to spend your time.

1. Build a tiny paper TARDIS using the pattern found here.

I made one of my own just the other day, and it’s so cute! It’s sitting on my desk right now… just below a drawing of the TARDIS that’s affixed to my bulletin board. (Everything in my room is a geeky mess, all right? I have Lord of the Rings and Star Wars and Harry Potter and Hunger Games stuff everywhere. Therefore TARDISes fit in perfectly.)

The link above also mentions that you can photograph your TARDIS in various locations and post it to social media with the hashtag #DWWorldTour. I doubt I’ll bother with that, but it might be fun for those of you who are into that kind of thing.

2. Borrow a copy of Who-ology by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright from your local library.

This is a really neat book, especially if you like trivia! You could certainly read it straight through, if you want, but merely browsing through it works equally well. I just opened the book at random and flipped through its pages until I found headings that caught my eye.

The book covers every aspect of Doctor Who knowledge from 1963 through the 2012 Christmas special, “The Snowmen.” I loved that it explained so much Classic Who, because I would like to watch more of the older stories without becoming completely confused.

My absolute favorite parts, however, were the Doctor’s family tree and River Song’s timeline!

3. Listen to “One of these Days” by Pink Floyd and let me know if it reminds you of some other song.

Hint: Evidently, the band worked with the lady who created the original Doctor Who theme. Cool, right? Listen to the song; you’ll hear several bits that sound like that theme.

…all right, maybe I’m the only one who’s interested in this, but I thought it was kind of cool. I’ve been listening to Pink Floyd lately when I write and I stumbled across this one. I thought maybe I was wrong about the songs matching up until I read the comments on YouTube – and I was right!

4. Look at pretty clothes worn on Doctor Who.

I am not into fashion. (In the morning, I usually just throw on whichever clean clothes I see first.) BUT I am pretty interested in movie/TV design. It’s not something I’d like to do for a job, but I like seeing how all the design elements come together: sets, props, costumes.

And there is actually a website (called Worn on TV) that lists the clothes worn in various episodes of various TV shows. It’s kind of fun to browse through especially since at this point, seventy-five percent of the Clara-appreciation I still have left relates to her clothes. Seriously. I get bored by her character and her plots, so I start looking at her clothes – they’re always super-cute.

5. Tell me YOUR thoughts on the upcoming series, if you haven’t already.

And if you have already told me, tell me some more! I love geeking out with all my readers and I’d like to hear what you have to say. Are you looking forward to seeing what Twelve is like? What are your predictions and hopes for this new series? Are you secretly a fangirlish Dalek who has infiltrated the Whovian fanbase in hopes of exterminating the human race?

Talk to me, people. CO-MU-NI-CATE, CO-MU-NI-CAAAATE!

P.S. You can read my previous posts about Doctor Who‘s eighth series here and over here – the former details my reactions to an earlier trailer (not the one mentioned in this post) and the latter is a wishlist, consisting of story elements that I’d like to see soon.


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Elizabeth. University of Iowa class of 2019. Triple majoring in English & Creative Writing, Journalism, and Gender, Women's, & Sexuality Studies. Twenty-one-year-old daydreamer, introvert, voracious reader, aspiring writer, and lesbian. Passionate about feminism, mental health, comic books, and cats.
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29 Responses to Five Things To Do While You Wait For The Eighth Series Of “Doctor Who”

  1. It’s a good idea to stop irritating friends and family and CO-MMUNI-CATE about it on the blog.

  2. I’m excited…but first I need to get past episode 3 of Season 1. 🙂
    AHHHH THE MINI TARDIS IS SO CUTE!!!!!!! I must print ASAP.
    That song’s cool! Does resemble it a lot. Have you heard the song Uprising by Muse?

    It sounds a lot like the theme.
    I love the fashion! So cool!

  3. matttblack42 says:

    I have high expectations for this season, mostly because of a non-spoiler review I saw of Deep Breath (link below). Apparently, there’s a huge shift in tone, plus Clara becomes more interesting, which is exactly wanted. Also, Peter Capaldi.

    Now excuse me while I try out #1.

    • nevillegirl says:

      I REALLY REALLY want to read that review, but I’m trying to avoid any of them, spoilery or otherwise, and make up my mind once I see the episodes. But as soon as I see “Deep Breath,” I’ll read it!

      #1 took me longer than expected. xD I guess I’m not very good at assembling tiny paper pieces.

  4. themagicviolinist says:

    AHHH SO EXCITED. That trailer . . . wow. I don’t even know what to expect from that. Dinosaurs, steampunk-looking dude, VASTRA, and the Doctor in his pajamas on a horse?! This is going to be good.

    Um, yeah, that song is crazy similar.

    Clara’s clothes are super cute! 🙂 Too bad her personality is, like, *snore*.

  5. F says:

    I’m so making that tiny TARDIS.. I was wondering what I would put in it as it looks so small, but then I remembered it’s probably bigger on the inside (hehehe..).

    Also, thank you very much for joining Teenage-Blogger-Central, I’m delighted to have such an interesting blog in our listings! 🙂

  6. EEEK I didn’t see this until today! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 I’ve been reminding my mum about it almost constantly, and I even told my friend we couldn’t practice badminton on Saturday night because I have a VERY IMPORTANT TV show coming out. And I’m really crossing my fingers for character development and a good plot. I watched “A Christmas Carol” last night, and it was utterly terrible. And then “Planet of the Dead.” Which was a good episode.

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want to make that mini-TARDIS. But my printer ran out of ink and the new cartridges won’t come until after school starts because I forgot to order it all summer and should probably do it today. But I really love my aunt because she went to London on a business trip and brought back a mini-TARDIS for me. And I need more geeky stuff. I LOVE geeky stuff. ❤

    • nevillegirl says:

      * 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 s right back at you* 😛

      Ehehe, that sounds like something I would say!

      I saw “Planet of the Dead” the other night, and it was OK. Haven’t seen the other one yet. My brother insists that “A Christmas Carol” is the best Christmas special, but I’m not so sure that ANY of them are good. My personal favorite is “The Snowmen,” but even that was pretty ridiculous. xD

      Aw, poor you. *offers a jelly baby to make things better*

      I have a ton of geeky stuff. 😀

      • Well, I mean, I saw “A Christmas Carol” first, so by comparison, I thought “Planet of the Dead” was good. 😛 I mostly didn’t like “A Christmas Carol,” because (1) Amy didn’t really affect the story, so I don’t know why she was there (2) the plot line was weird and convoluted, and didn’t make any scientific/logical sense… it felt like more of River, except less well-thought-out and squashed into an hour. (I think my main problem with Moffat is that his plots make less scientific sense than RTD’s… Plus, y’know, no character development?)

        As a special, I like “The Christmas Invasion,” best, because it’s Ten’s first episode, plus it was my first regeneration episode. “The Runaway Bride,” isn’t too bad either (Donna? Donna.), and “Voyage of the Damned,” is meh. Honestly, I didn’t like any of Moffat’s specials at all (well, “The Snowmen” wasn’t bad)… not even “The Time of the Doctor,” which is really sad, because I wanted to love it so much. I don’t think the Christmas specials are good at all. I think they’re just intended to be silly, fun things. 🙂

        *accepts jelly baby*

        Geeky stuff is the best. *sighs because fandom stuff is so expensive and all of it is from London*

    • nevillegirl says:

      Lady Christina de Souza is super cool. 😀

      Why was Amy ever part of the show at all? When did she ever affect the plot? 😛

      “The Runaway Bride” is probably my second favorite special, and even then it’s not that great compared to some of my favorite regular episodes. But Donna? DONNA. ❤

      "The Time of the Doctor" was TERRIBLE. I felt really bad about it because I don't even care much for Eleven, but hey – it was his finale. It should have been good, but it had terrible pacing and even worse story explanations. Like, I just didn't care about any of the characters, and didn't feel like I knew anything about the minor characters who were introduced in that episode.

      Or from ThinkGeek. Have you heard of that website? 😀 I usually buy my brother's birthday and Christmas presents from there; he has a bunch of DW shirts and also a TARDIS blanket from there. I kind of wish I'd bought one of those blankets for myself; they're SO FUZZY. (Fuzzier on the inside? I think yes.)

      • Well I get her part in Series 6…

        Yes. DONNA. ❤

        I really didn't like Eleven much either. I mean, I love going back and seeing the part of him I cared about, but… Eleven in TotD? Awful. I didn't get Tasha Lem and the church. I mean, if we're going to get someone so much like River, GIVE US RIVER! And honestly, it was just sloppy and uncaring. I liked the Doctor's speech at the end, though 😀

        Well, now I have 😀 *goes to check it out right now* My parents actually got me an exploding TARDIS blanket a while back (which I somehow failed to mention?!?!), but it's so hot in the summer, I haven't used it much. I'm looking forward to Christmas, though. I can wear a bowtie and sit next to my mini-TARDIS. While drinking TEA. 😀 (Ohmygosh yes. Very fuzzy on the inside.)

    • nevillegirl says:

      I’m not entirely sure that Moffat can write any women who aren’t River or Amy. (Because most of his female characters are like River, and those who are, like Clara, are like Amy.)
      …this actually makes me kind of worried because I’m just like nononono please don’t ruin Vastra and Jenny I adore those two and I thought Vastra’s characterization was a little off in this episode.

      That sounds awesome. And fuzzy. 😛

  7. elrock1 says:

    I’m really excited to see where this series goes. I don’t really care for the trailer much (although the full Series 8 one was amazing imo), but that’s not really good a judge of quality. It seems like Doctor Who is changing though, and I’m excited! Doctor Who is all about change and I’m pumped to see what the new Doctor is like. 🙂

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