DOCTOR WHO Series Eight Review: “Kill The Moon” (Co-written With Bridget @ Nerds Inc.)

Hey there! Today I’m reviewing the most recent Doctor Who episode, “Kill the Moon,” with Bridget from Nerds Inc. She’s a pretty cool blogger, and based on her comments in the following review, we seem to agree about mostly everything!

P.S. You can find previous collaborative reviews of Doctor Who‘s eighth series here.


Bridget is a nerdy fourteen-year-old blogger who loves cats, tea, bad puns, and smashing the patriarchy. She is of the opinion that Doctor Who would be a million times better if there were A) more Vastra and Jenny, and B) less Moffat. She blogs at Nerds Inc.


Warning: Spoilers ahead, sweetie!


Hello, everyone. It’s Engie. So. For this review, Bridget and I decided to do the review equivalent of ‘seven quick takes.’ I have no idea when or where this meme-thingy originated, because I’ve seen it on all sorts of blogs, but anyway. It’s short and simple – yay!

Also, I just realized I’m posting this seven quick takes review on October seventh… and we’re discussing the seventh episode. That was not intentional, I swear. It just sort of happened.

Anyway, I’ll hand it over to Bridget now. Her sections are in italics.

1. Maybe it’s just me, but this episode seemed a lot like “The Beast Below.” (Which is probably one of my all time favorite Doctor Who episodes.) I mean, the creatures themselves probably weren’t the same, but the concepts of the episodes were. It seems pretty unlikely that the creature from “Kill the Moon” was a Star Whale, but who knows? Moffat has been echoing back to (relatively) older episodes a lot lately.

2. I am highly amused that Twelve and Clara wore the exact same spacesuits that Ten and Rose did back in series two. (In “The Impossible Planet” and “The Satan Pit.”) I like to play the “find which old sets/costumes/et cetera the BBC is recycling this time” game.

3. Why was Courtney even in this episode? I mean, sure, she was fun, but… she didn’t contribute to the story at all. The episode wouldn’t really have changed if it was just Clara and Lundvik.

4. Ha ha! I agree with everything else you’ve said (both above and below #4 here), but I’m afraid I have to disagree with you about Courtney. I adore her. In my review of the previous episode, “The Caretaker,” I lamented the fact that we probably wouldn’t see Courtney again. Well, I was wrong. And I’m so happy about that. She has spunk. More spunk than Clara. I WANT COURTNEY, NOT DANNY, AS THE NEXT COMPANION!

5. It was the year 2049, but Moffat said Courtney was going to be the first woman on the moon. Are you seriously telling me that thirty five years in the future there hasn’t been a single woman on the moon? Wow, that’s not at all sexist.

6. I think Clara will leave soon – and I’m SO EXCITED about that! Her little hissy fit at the end of the episode seemed a little abrupt and not a very good conclusion, so I don’t think her time on the TARDIS is over yet, but I think this is the beginning of the end. Splendid. Go away. That sounded really mean, didn’t it? But I still don’t like her. Sure, series eight has improved her, but she’s still one of my least favorite companions ever.

7. This episode seemed to have a lot of plot holes in it. What was up with that? And there was a lot of pseudoscience, too. Like, the Mexicans found no minerals on the moon? What happened? Did they disappear? And why did the moon gain mass? What was the point of the spider things? Who funded Lundvik and her team? I have a lot of questions.


Engie here. Time for the conclusion, and for our thoughts on this episode overall!

I’m kind of shocked that this one wasn’t written by Moffat. It had his trademark ‘amazing concept with horrible execution.’ I’m being really negative, though, aren’t I? It wasn’t that bad. The concept was good. And overall, I enjoyed the episode. Strax would’ve made it 900% better, but I digress.

Yeah, it wasn’t terrible. But it wasn’t outstanding either. It reminded me of most of series seven… lots of flashy stuff but not much substance. It just didn’t interest me that much. And Strax wasn’t in it either – I thought he might be because at one point he wanted to, like, kill people on the moon. Or something. Whatever. It’s not an episode that I’d want to rewatch, but it’s not one that I loathe with a passion either.

Oh, and one more thing before we wrap up this review: Bridget, who do you think Missy is?

Um. I’ve read a lot of theories that I liked, but none of them really seemed to fit. My favorite is probably the Dark Clara one, though – Missy is one of the alternate versions of Clara who was scattered through the Doctor’s timeline. This version was driven insane, though, and she wants nothing but to find the Doctor. The Master could also be Missy, but it’s not very likely.

Cool! I hadn’t heard that theory before, actually.

Thanks for reviewing with me, Bridget! It was fun!


What is YOUR opinion on “Kill the Moon?” I’d love to know!


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9 Responses to DOCTOR WHO Series Eight Review: “Kill The Moon” (Co-written With Bridget @ Nerds Inc.)

  1. matttblack42 says:

    This episode was such a mixed bag for me. The first half was great and all atmospheric, but then in the second half I hated how the moon-egg-creature plot was resolved, with it having absolutely no negative consequences whatsoever. And then the moon-dragon immediately popped out another egg that was the exact same size as the egg before it? Nope, not buying it. I could suspend my disbelief for every other part of this episode, but not that.

    I liked the very ending, though. I think Clara had every right to be upset with the Doctor and Jenna Coleman did a great job with the whole speech.

    I’m just going to argue one point:
    I don’t think the writers were trying to say that no women at all would step on the moon until 2049. As of 2014, there haven’t been any women to do so (I think), so Courtney would’ve been the first, even if she went into the future where other women have already stepped on it.

    • nevillegirl says:

      I know, right? I’ve only read one other review of this episode, actually, but just from googling “kill the moon review,” it seems like a lot of people LOVED this episode and I’m… just not seeing that?
      Also, I didn’t understand the point in taking away the moon if they just brought it back!

      Yeah, I guess. I don’t know. I found Eleven’s treatment of Clara far more irritating and I guess if I were her I would’ve said something about his attitude much earlier? Idk. But I’m glad that she’s taking a break from 12, at least.

      Yeah… I think they were trying to say that too, but I left that part in Bridget’s review because I didn’t want to edit too much, so… *shrugs* I mean, technically Courtney is older than Lundvik. First woman on the moon = first woman based on when she was born, imo.
      (I did notice that 12 suggested Courtney could become the President of the United States? …no it doesn’t work quite that way, she’s British. *facepalms*)

  2. themagicviolinist says:

    (But they did have a woman president. 😛 )

    *claps hands* YAY. I thought I was the only one who was reminded of “The Beast Below”! Glad I’m not crazy.

    I love Courtney. I hope she’ll end up being a companion, or at least a part-time one, like Mickey was. She’d be so much fun. The Doctor would be saving the world, and she’d just whip out her phone and start typing, and the Doctor would say something like, “Courtney, do not make me a hashtag!”

    *sigh* Sadly, Clara has at least one other episode coming up, as she’s in the “Flatline” episode description. Clara wouldn’t be so bad if Danny weren’t in the show. But it’s taken her too long to become likeable, so now I’m sick of her. Let’s just swap her out for Courtney.

    • nevillegirl says:

      It actually didn’t remind me of that episode at all! 😛 But I think I was too distracted by the pseudoscience…

      (Hey, you could try to get that trending on Twitter!)

      If Clara leaves and Danny stays on, that might be OK, though. He seems like a decent guy, with an interesting background. I just don’t like his boring relationship with Clara, that’s all. She loses all of her spunk when she’s with him.

  3. Miriam Joy says:

    Okay, so we disagree on a lot of things about this series, mostly because I do really like Clara. I like that she’s standing up to the Doctor being a jerk, I like that she’s willing to take control, and I thought she was one of the redeeming features of this episode. I hate her relationship with Danny, but that’s a completely separate issue.

    BUT. This episode. Ugh, this episode. The underlying messages were just so … icky. So, so icky. If they weren’t deliberate, that was very short-sighted; if they WERE deliberate, then why the hell is Doctor Who being sponsored by a pro-life campaign or whatever? This episode had so much potential, but the message it was sending bugged me to the point where I couldn’t enjoy it because I felt kind of tainted. Let me find the article I read about it that summed it up better than I could.

    There we go. That ought to cover it.

    • nevillegirl says:

      Oh god, I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who thought that! I literally thought I was just reading too much into the episode, but… yeah, it was weirdly anti-choice. I didn’t understand it…

      • Miriam Joy says:

        Trust me, everyone I’ve spoken to about it has mentioned it. Admittedly many of them were Cambridge LGBT+ or Women’s Campaign folks, but…

        These underlying messages meant the entire storyline bugged me. I mean, cool idea, but there were less icky directions it could have been taken in, right? And they might even have had fewer plotholes.

    • nevillegirl says:

      Yeah, once I noticed the pro-life stuff it really bugged me and.. it just wasn’t necessary?

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