A B See Photo Challenge: X Is For X Marks The Spot

cameraFEAR NOT, MINIONS! I haven’t forgotten about the A B See Photo Challenge. I just kind of… took a break from it. For several months. (I haven’t posted anything for it since August.) That’s because thinking of X themes is hard.

So eventually, I decided to cheat. I photographed a bunch of things whose names didn’t begin with the letter X – instead, I photographed things with the letter written on them, or things that were X-shaped, or whatever.


DSCN4974Subject of photo: A railroad crossing sign

Location of subject: A road not too far from my house

Techniques practiced: Black and white

This was such an obvious choice for X-themed photos!

DSCN5005Subject of photo: A sidewalk

Location of subject: A local park

Techniques practiced: Black and white, close-up

I really like the geometry and texture in this picture.

DSCN5006Subject of photo: Books

Location of subject: The library

Techniques practiced: Close-up

Any excuse to go to the library, right?! Once there, I discovered that there are actually very few authors whose names begin with X… there were, like, two in the fiction section. In the ADULT fiction section, which is way huger than my library’s YA section. But then I remembered the biographies! So this is a photo of some books about Malcolm X and Xerxes.

And then I got a bunch of books from the free/discarded shelf, so that was nice.

DSCN5047Subject of photo: A Scrabble board

Location of subject: My house

Techniques practiced: Close-up

Imagine how many points Xerxes would earn for spelling his name! (Wait, there’s only one X tile in Scrabble. Never mind.) I like the perspective in this photo – the sharply focused tiles and the blurry background.

DSCN5067Subject of photo: A tick-tack-toe game

Location of subject: My room

Techniques practiced: Close-up

This is probably my least favorite photo in this post (it’s a little too blurry for my liking), but hey. X photos are difficult so I’ll take anything I can get!

Which photo is your favorite and why?

P.S. Expect to see the letter Y sometime in early January – I’ve been working on it since before I even started photographing X, but my December blogging schedule is already crammed full of end-of-year wrap-up posts! It’ll be here eventually.

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11 Responses to A B See Photo Challenge: X Is For X Marks The Spot

  1. Mo says:

    Ooh, you have a nice Scrabble set. Ours is old and breaking. 😛

    I think my least favorite is the railroad one; I’m having a little trouble making out details. I actually like the tic-tac-toe one–I think it would make a nice background for a book cover.

  2. moosha23 says:

    I love the pavement one…what a pretty pattern! The scrabble and book photos were pretty cool too – I love close ups!

  3. I LOVE the Scrabble photo. And this is such a cool challenge! I suck at photography haha, but I love looking at photos 🙂

  4. Cait says:

    Oh I love that scrabble picture like a lot! I can imagine finding X subjects would be hard. >.> My nephew’s name begins with X, but it’s really quite an uncommon letter, right?! I love your variation. XD

  5. Nirvana says:

    I’m LOVING the scrabble pic. Your set is completely gorgeous too (our set is like, years and years old xD )
    The pavement one is pretty awesome as well 😛

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