Some Questions About Blogging: Feminism, Pride, & The Good-Sinful Alliance 2015 Conference

Hello, everyone. How is your weekend so far? Today, I have a few questions to ask you – stuff related to blogging. I’ve even bolded all the question-thingies to make it easier for you!


Just a few weeks ago, I talked about how I’d like to post more feminist content here on Musings From Neville’s Navel. Anyway, I’ve since come up with several ideas for posts/post series, and clarified some other ideas in my mind. Within the next few months, you can expect the following posts:

  • Doctor Who and feminism
  • LGBTQ+ inclusive feminism
  • Reviews of my favorite nonfiction books concerning feminism, women’s rights/history, et cetera
  • Continued participation in My Hero Monday (because I freaking love it – thanks, Chloe!)
  • Feminism in comic books and graphic novels
  • Maybe something about feminism and children?
  • “Strong female characters” and how to write feminist characters (of any gender)
  • Why I need feminism

And OF COURSE you’re more than welcome to suggest ideas for posts! What feminist topics would you like to read about on my blog? They can be related to current events, serious stuff, humorous stuff, fandoms, whatever.


My second bl0g-question-thing concerns Pride. Yeah, I know it’s still like three and a half months away. But I am a huge gay nerd, OK? And I’ve had this idea bouncing around my brain lately: What if I did an ENTIRE MONTH of LGBTQ+ posts for Pride? I wrote a bunch last year, but not continually, not for a solid month.

So, tell me: Would you be interested in a month’s worth of LGBTQ+ posts? I can be really creative with this – I have a lot of ideas about all kinds of subjects. Current events, books, writing, culture, MUSIC, personal heroes, Internet thingamabobs, history, movies and television shows, lists, serious stuff, ridiculously silly stuff. I’m totally down for writing all of those posts, but I need to know if anyone would be interested in reading all of those posts.


(Oh, one more thing: I wouldn’t post, like, every single day. I try to post every other day, on odd-numbered days, so there would be about fifteen to twenty posts total – I added a few extra to that number for the rare days when I do post something “extra.” Something on the even-numbered days, like what I posted yesterday.)


My third and final question concerns the Good-Sinful Alliance! It’s been a looooooong time since I posted anything about that, so I’ll give a quick recap for my readers who may have found my blog during the in-between time and therefore may not know what it is: I started the Good-Sinful Alliance with the lovely (not to mention adorable) Orphu @ A Mirror Made of Words a few years ago just for amusement. Basically, we (occasionally) write humorous posts from the POV of a fictional villain.

In the past I’ve talked about Snape, President Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Loki, et cetera. (You can find my past GSA posts here.) I’ve written two series of posts for the Good-Sinful Alliance, one in December 2012 and the other in March 2014. I’m planning to write another post series next month, so I need some input from my readers.

I definitely plan to write about some of the villains from A Song of Ice and FireSkulduggery PleasantDespicable Me, and the MCU. Other possible ideas include posts about CarmillaThe Hunger GamesLord of the Rings, and more.

But what fandoms/villains would YOU like for me to write about?

Obviously, I reserve the right to veto any suggestions if I’m not part of a particular fandom, or just plain not interested. But I am definitely open to your suggestions, because I loooove writing funny stuff about villains.


Well, that’s all I have to tell you at the moment, so I bid you goodnight!


About nevillegirl

Elizabeth. University of Iowa class of 2019. Triple majoring in English & Creative Writing, Journalism, and Gender, Women's, & Sexuality Studies. Twenty-one-year-old daydreamer, introvert, voracious reader, aspiring writer, and lesbian. Passionate about feminism, mental health, comic books, and cats.
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15 Responses to Some Questions About Blogging: Feminism, Pride, & The Good-Sinful Alliance 2015 Conference

  1. moosha23 says:

    Go for it! I’d read the LGBTQ+ posts (by the way what’s Pride?) and also the Good-Sinful Alliance sounds BLOOMIN’ AWESOME. Hmm…could you maybe do it on the Master (that’d be insane, hah). I’ll comment some more villains once I think of some!

  2. I would definitely be interested in your posts on feminism and LGBTQ+ subjects! Write away and I shall read away!

  3. Stacy N. says:

    I’m definitely interested in reading the feminist and lgbtqia+ posts. ^.^
    It would also be interesting to read disability inclusive feminism.

  4. Danny says:

    Hell to the frICK YEAH MAN DO IT PLEASE OMG. (if you need ideas at any point hit me up yo)

  5. OOHH!! Great idea!! ❤

    Honestly, I would like to see something about what is exactly feminism because a lot of times, I see characters or people who are SUPPOSED to be feminists but I question if what they're doing is truly feminism.

    I know a lot of girls who hate the colour pink just because it's a "girl colour". The thing is, I think it's wrong to associate a colour with a gender but it's also wrong to hate the colour JUST because it's associated with a gender! What's so wrong about pink? Plus, you don't see boys saying "I hate blue cuz it's associated with boys!" so why is it so bad to like the colour that is associated with girls? Oh, and also, Katsa from Graceling is seen as a big feminist and I do like her but she has this thing like "Ew, dresses." And that's not because she generally doesn't like dresses, once again, it's because it's associated with girls. *sigh*

    Oh, and I would like to see something about how guys can like pink, to cook, shop, and stuff. There's nothing wrong with that.

    So, yeah… I have a LOT more but I'll end it here because I'm probably overwhelming you… You know, maybe I'll write a post like this one day. Maybe… Hehe.
    ~Fari 0:)
    Recent Post: Why are vegeterian vampires seen as better? @ My Little Corner for Books

    • nevillegirl says:

      Ooh, yes, certainly! So, basically a post about internalized misogyny? Like, that attitude that “not being like other girls is better”? Because I see that all the time and it frustrates me sooooo much. If a girl wants to be (stereotypically) girly, GO FOR IT! If that’s not her thing, that’s cool too. (And then there’s me – somewhere in the middle.) Anyway, yeah, I can totally write a post about that. 🙂 Thanks for mentioning it!

      Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

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  7. orphu44 says:

    I’d definitely be interested in a month’s worth of pride, as well as feminist posts, though I don’t have any suggestions, admittedly. Or any specific G.S.A. suggestions. Although I do remember reading at one point that Derek Landy said Mevolent is a huge fan of ‘Do You Wanna Build a Snowman.’ (That’s not so much a suggestion as a piece of ridiculous, vaguely-related trivia, but still. It’s as close to a suggestion as I can come up with at the moment.)

  8. I WOULD TOTALLY READ A MONTH’S WORTH OF LGBTQ+ POSTS. I still feel incredibly ignorant despite having many LGBTQ+ friends (both IRL and online) so I look forward to anything that makes me less ignorant 😛 And June is my birthday month. How cool to share it with Pride Month – I’d never realised. As for villains…hmm. I mostly read contemporary so I’m not too sure on that.

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