Quarterly Rewind, Winter 2015 – Reading Slumps, “Agent Carter,” And An Assortment Of Beautiful Songs

Hello, everyone! Today is the last day of winter, finally! And that means it’s time for another quarterly rewind. This post covers the time from December twenty-first through March nineteenth. As always, the idea of a quarterly rewind is not mine – the credit for that goes to Jamie @ The Perpetual Page-Turner. Enjoy!

P.S. You can find earlier quarterly rewinds here, if you’re interested.

Image From This Winter

DSCN5166Taken in early January at my house

Favorite Quote From A Book I Read This Winter

“The sounds of war faded for a moment as that quiet, simple fact settled into Vex’s mind. They’d lost members before, but never so many, and they’d never lost one to betrayal. He looked at Saracen and Skulduggery, his friends, his brothers, and although they had history that would hold them together forever, he could feel the bonds between them start to loosen, and fall away. Suddenly Saracen Rue looked old and tired, and Skulduggery Pleasant came into focus as what he really was – a genius, a killer, a tortured soul, and the only true dead man among them.”

– Last Stand of Dead Men by Derek Landy

This is such a BEAUTIFUL quote and I am in love with it, basically. In Last Stand of Dead Men, Derek Landy did what J.K. Rowling did with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – shifted the focus slightly away from the young protagonists, and concentrated more on a different, older generation. I loved reading about the Dead Men and, like I said, they really do get all the best quotes. That last line about who Skulduggery Pleasant really is? Wow. Mr. Landy, you are the best.

This Winter In One Word


Most Popular Review This Winter

Honestly, I don’t think I wrote any formal reviews this winter. I’m checking my post stats right now and I don’t see any reviews listed, so I guess I must not have written any. Huh. That’s weird. Usually I write at least one per quarter, but apparently I really slacked off this time around.

Anyway, the closest thing to a review was my fangirlish discussion of V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. Excellent book, excellent artwork – I had loads of fun writing this post!

Top Two Books I Read This Winter

  1. The Undertaking of Lily Chen by Danica Novgorodoff was beautiful and weird and just… UNIQUE. It’s a wonderfully illustrated graphic novel – yay for pretty watercolor paintings! It’s about dead people, of all things, which doesn’t sound like it’d fit with the beautiful art, but it does. Somehow. Highly recommended.
  2. Last Stand of Dead Men by Derek Landy because it was utterly brilliant. And one of my favorite characters died. OH HOW I CRIED.

Two Things I’m Looking Forward To This Spring

  1. Graduating from high school! AAAAAAH SO MUCH EXCITEMENT HERE. I can’t believe I’m already almost finished with high school – it seems as though just the other day I was beginning my freshman year!
  2. I usually mention TV shows or movies that I’m excited for here, and this quarterly rewind will be no different. I’m SUPER excited for Carmilla season two (broody gay vampires and their adorable tiny nerd girlfriends FTW) and Age of Ultron. An official air date hasn’t been set for Carmilla yet – all we know is that it’ll be “sometime this spring” – so everyday when I log online, I keep wondering when the first new episode will be available on YouTube.

Three New Obsessions This Winter

  1. Agent Carter! I blame Mo for this. I’m totally not surprised that I adore this show, though, because I adored Captain America: The First Avenger and this has many of the same characters and takes place just a few years later. IT’S SO FUNNY AND AMAZING AND DFJKHGSDFJGHDFKGHSKGH. PEGGY CARTER! BEATING UP DUDES! WHILE PEPPY SOUNDTRACKS PLAY IN THE BACKGROUND!
  2. Um, can I list a person here? Like a crush? Because I also blame Mo for reawakening my crush on Hayley Atwell… I had a crush on her a few years ago but that was still in my “LOL no there’s no way I can possibly be gay no no no no do not want” phase. But now when I see a picture of Hayley Atwell I’m just like, “YOUR FACE IS PERFECTION AND CAN I PLEASE MAKE OUT WITH YOU?” Which is awesome. On multiple levels – yay for gorgeous women, and yay for abandoning my “let’s pretend to be straight” ruse.
  3. Batman! All right, let’s be honest, I am always obsessed with Batman. But in all fairness, I did read some of his comics this winter, and have spent literally hours listening to the film scores from the movies. They’ve been my go-to writing music lately!

Most Popular Five Blog Posts Overall This Winter

  1. In A Sky Full Of Stars – Top Ten Books I Read In 2014, I discussed, well, the top ten books I read. In 2014. Pretty obvious, right? This was SUCH a fangirly post, BTW. As you might expect.
  2. Harry Potter And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Representation was a geeky/frustrated post about J.K. Rowling’s problems with diversity and representation and whatnot.
  3. Remember Leelah Alcorn discussed transphobia, banning conversion therapy, and the recent suicide of a seventeen-year-old trans girl.
  4.  Reading Diversely In 2014 was a recap of ALL the books I read last that included diverse protagonists. This was fun to write!
  5. In What I Like And Dislike In Literature, Part I: Relationships In YA Dystopian Novels (Teens Can Write, Too!), I ranted about pointless romance and sloppily-written love triangles and weird heterosexual relationships. As one does.

Five Posts I Loved On Other Blogs This Winter

  1. Artgirl @ Alien Cows discussed Leelah Alcorn, religion, and acceptance of queer people in her lovely post Thoughts From The Crossroads Of Self-Identity And Religion.
  2. Matt @ The Little Engine That Couldn’t was hilarious – ONCE AGAIN – in his post Things I Learned From Working At McDonald’s.
  3. In Distracting Myself With Books, Miriam Joy @ Miriam Joy Writes talked about binge-reading and escapism.
  4. Cait @ Paper Fury listed The 10 Types Of Writers and MADE ME LAUGH BECAUSE HER POST WAS SO ACCURATE.
  5. Mawa Mahima @ All Things Wordy discussed writing and mishaps in Why Creativity Is A Double-Edged Sword.

Five Things That Happened This Winter

  1. I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with family, for the most part. Opening presents and eating delicious food and having fun. It was fun seeing a movie (Unbroken) on Christmas Day, too, even if the film wasn’t very good. I don’t know, it was just… something new we hadn’t done before on that holiday? So that was nice.
  2. I read a decent amount in the last few days of 2014, but hardly anything at all thus far in 2015 – only seven books, because I’ve been in a reading slump. BLAH. I need to work on this, don’t I?
  3. I discovered that my (dual-credit, college-level) communications class is actually not as terrifying as I’d expected it to be! My first speech was a commemorative speech about my grandpa, and I gave my second speech this morning – it was an informative speech and I talked about the production of and uses for swords in the modern day. I earned 48/50 and 96/100 points on those speeches, respectively, so I’m feeling pretty confident right now and can’t wait for my final speech! It’s a persuasive speech and I’d like to discuss “why you should read graphic novels and comic books.”
  4. Terry Prachett died and I had a sad and ugh I had not previously realized how attached I get to authors and other wonderful creative people.
  5. As part of a team of homeschoolers, I participated in an academic bowl against seven other schools. And, um… yeah, our team ended up winning EVERY SINGLE CATEGORY. I’m still stoked about that. Yippee!

Six Songs That I Listened To Far Too Often This Winter

1. “Miracles” (Unbroken) – Coldplay

I wasn’t too thrilled with the movie – the book is better, and goes into so much more depth – but I am in love with this song. The lyrics fit the story so well! I highly recommend reading the book, by the way. It’s a true story about an exceptionally resilient soldier in WWII!

2. “Alan Turing’s Legacy” (The Imitation Game) – Alexandre Desplat

I still need to blog about this film, don’t I? Oh, well, I’ll get to work on that soon. Anyway, Desplat is a freakin’ genius, and I was SO EXCITED when I heard he was composing the score for this film! I was already super-excited for it because Alan Turing is one of my science heroes – no, scratch that, he’s just one of my all-time heroes, to be quite honest – and dgkjhdfsjkd the score ended up being absolutely beautiful. Very quiet, very pretty. Yay!

3. “Stay” (Interstellar) – Hans Zimmer

I still haven’t seen this movie yet, but I soooooo want to! I love this piece because it’s beautiful yet haunting – it’s a little intimidating towards the end, isn’t it? Very dramatic and awesome.

4. “Good Life” – OneRepublic


5. “A Watchful Guardian” (The Dark Knight) – Hans Zimmer

This song makes me want to put on a cape and mask and sprint around on the rooftops of a troubled city. I especially love the section that begins somewhere around 2:06, when the piece slowly returns back to the main theme. This piece just pulls you in!

6. “Battle Cry” – Angel Haze feat. Sia

Angel Haze, YOU ROCK. They’re a young, up-and-coming queer musician, and I haven’t yet found a song by them that I didn’t love. This one’s my favorite, though – it’s a beautiful, eloquent, powerful rap that became even more meaningful once it dawned on me that this is a bittersweet autobiography. I LOVE THIS SONG OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD.


What did you enjoy most on my blog this winter? And what have you done during these past few months?

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Elizabeth. University of Iowa class of 2019. Triple majoring in English & Creative Writing, Journalism, and Gender, Women's, & Sexuality Studies. Twenty-one-year-old daydreamer, introvert, voracious reader, aspiring writer, and lesbian. Passionate about feminism, mental health, comic books, and cats.
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13 Responses to Quarterly Rewind, Winter 2015 – Reading Slumps, “Agent Carter,” And An Assortment Of Beautiful Songs

  1. I swear it was just last week when I was reading your fall rewind… gosh, time flies? YESSSSS CARMILLA SEASON TWO I CANNOT WAIT. I literally watched it all in one night and just flailed because vampires and adorableness and GAH. I really want to see The Imitation Game because Benedict Cumberbatch and geniusness but am sadly still waiting approval. Ah well.

  2. Cait says:

    AGENT CARTER FTW. *flails* I love that show so much. Peggy is TOO AWESOME. And Jarvis is adorable and I’m still giggling over all those text-posts. THE SASS.
    omg. I’m listening to the Desplat one while I type this and ahhh it’s beautiful!!! One of my favourite soudntracks EVER is the one for Extremely Loud and Incredible Close…also by Desplat (I think?! I could be wrong, lol). I love the pianos. xD
    Ahem. Yes. Music rant finished.
    CONGRATS ON YOUR AWESOMENESS WITH THE SPEECHES THOUGH. Even the idea of speeches gives me small heart attacks. heh.
    I’ve been just basically reading obsessively and stockpiling ideas for books I should write but keep procrastinating starting. -_-

    • nevillegirl says:

      I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU JUST SAID. Jarvis is such a sweetie. 🙂

      I should listen to that soundtrack! 🙂

      THANK YOU. Ehehe, don’t worry, I freaked out before giving those speeches. BECAUSE I AM A NERVOUS LITTLE ENGIE.

  3. moosha23 says:

    Wow there’s been a lot of doings over winter. (I love the idea of the quaterly rewind – it covers soooo much). I mean, Christmas and freakin’ New Years’ all at once!
    (Man I need to get on the Skullduggery wagon)

    • nevillegirl says:

      Ehehe, yeah, I prefer doing quarterly rewinds – I’ve seen a lot of other bloggers posting monthly or even weekly wrap-ups, and while they’re always fun to read about, that just doesn’t appeal to me on my own blog. I don’t do that many exciting things in a week, but if I add up all the things I did in one season then, well, that’s a different story.

      (Yes, yes you do. xD)

  4. Mo says:

    I enjoyed you on your blog. 😛 And I must say I’m proud of what obsessions I have sparked in you.

    • nevillegirl says:

      Aw, you’re sweet. *kisses your cheek*
      *pouts* *narrows eyes* Although I just saw that post about how “no Hayley Atwell is MY wife not yours” and that is unfair. xD *huffs mock-angrily* I SUPPOSE I’D HAVE TO SETTLE FOR MARRYING NATALIE DORMER INSTEAD.

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