World Book Day: Literary Costumes I’ve Worn

It’s World Book Day!

And William Shakespeare’s birthday/deathday!

And Impossible Astronaut Day!

I’ve chosen to write about only one of those occasions, however. It’s the twentieth anniversary of World Book Day! Actually, I suppose there would be two anniversaries to mark – the UK celebrates it in March for some reason. Twice the number of bookish celebrations? BRING IT ON.

Anyway, if all the articles I’ve seen today are to be believed, people dress up for this event in schools? Apparently? I’ve never done so (which makes me grumpy, because books are awesome!) but then I started thinking: I’ve worn more than a few book-inspired Halloween costumes over the years, so why not talk about those instead?

1. Snow White (age five?)

This costume totally counts, right? I mean, she’s from a fairy tale, and those are collected in books, so… yeah. Anyway! I am sorry to say that I don’t have pictures of this outfit on my computer, but it. Was. AWESOME. My mom sewed it all by hand – the poofy sleeves (with their little cut-out sections, to boot) and the collar and everything. I am extremely impressed even though it’s some thirteen(ish) years later because I cannot sew. Like, at all. Once upon a time I sewed a project I was working on to my pants by accident.

halloween_lauraingallswilder2. Laura Ingalls Wilder (age seven)

DJFGHJDFKHGSFJF THE LITTLE HOUSE BOOKS WERE SOME OF THE FIRST THINGS I EVER FANGIRLED ABOUT. Although I didn’t know the term for it at the time, ha ha. I was utterly fascinated with all things related to it, and we ended up visiting De Smet, SD (where Laura ended up) on one family vacation. My parents bought me a pioneer-lady-style bonnet and the next fall, my mom sewed me a matching dress for Halloween. Isn’t she the actual best?

3. Harry Potter (age ten?)

My fave part of this costume was definitely the fabric – it was this shimmery, slightly translucent dark purple cloth with silvery stars and half-moons scattered all over. That’s what my robe was made out of! The other thing I vividly remember about that particular Halloween was that it rained and I was SO COLD. Pffft.

4. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (age twelve)

So, you’re wondering how I dressed as a BOOK for Halloween?! Basically, my dad built a book-shaped cardboard form out of old boxes and added straps so that it was held up by my shoulders. He’s pretty handy that way – I’ve gotten a lot of Halloween-costume-help from both Mom and Dad throughout the years! I didn’t even attempt to recreate the actual cover art of my favorite Harry Potter book – I just painted the whole thing purple because that was easy and I have very limited artistic skills – but I did do all the fancy-shmancy lettering for the title. My costume

5. Dobby the House-Elf (age fifteen)

This costume ended up being just plain embarrassing – people thought I was dressed as Piglet from Winnie-the-Pooh instead – but if I’m talking about my bookish Halloween costumes, I might as well talk about all of them. So. Basically I glued Dobby-ish ears onto a headband and sewed myself a pillowcase. (I lied earlier – I can sew. But only, like, basic square shapes and whatnot.) And I carried a sock. Needless to say, that train wreck marked the ending of my trick-or-treating years.


I haven’t dressed up as a character (or anything else bookish) in a few years, but that doesn’t mean I never plan on doing so again! Wearing a costume for Halloween in college seems to be a Thing, and several of my online friends and I have vague plans to cosplay together, if/when we eventually meet in person someday. For example, Artgirl @ Alien Cows and I have talked about doing a Katniss/Johanna cosplay (BECAUSE WE SHIP IT!), while Orphu @ A Mirror Made of Words and I discussed ideas for Skulduggery Pleasant & Valkyrie Cain costumes.

And as for ideas that I’d do on my own? Hmm, maybe Alayne Stone? My hair isn’t the proper color to pull off the red-haired Sansa look, but I could totally do Alayne Stone. Hmm…

Have you ever worn a book-inspired costume, whether for World Book Day or Halloween or cosplay? Who/what did you dress up as?! Tell me all about your bookish costumes, because I’d love to know!

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8 Responses to World Book Day: Literary Costumes I’ve Worn

  1. Cait says:

    Omg, Piglet?! Okay I can kiiind of see why people would think that BUT YOU’RE HOLDING A SOCK. THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES. x) I’ve never dressed up. Eh, well, I once dressed up as a pirate in the backyard, and I’m sure there was a stint in Little House clothes too. XD Mum has pictures but I don’t remember actually doing it, so that’s a woeful indication of how bad my memory is. HAHA. *ahem*
    I didn’t realise it was World Book Day. GAHHH. I’m always behind on these things.

  2. Mo says:

    *ahem* Let’s see, for Halloween, I’ve been Ruthie (from the American Girl Kit books), I too dressed up as Laura Ingalls Wilder, and I did Elphaba one year (although more musical-inspired).

  3. orphu44 says:

    Ahh, you’re so cute!
    I’ve never dressed up as Laura, but I /have/ dressed up as Black Stache the pirate from Peter & the Starcatchers, Shade the bat from Silverwing, and Deryn from Leviathan (I thought there was something else but perhaps not). I remember being super-pleased with my Black Stache costume — I had a fancy moustache drawn on and everything.
    Also I would definitely want to see you as Alayne Stone. And I’m still holding you to eventual Val & Skulduggery together.

    • nevillegirl says:

      *blush* Thank you!

      Out of those three, I only know who Deryn is… but she’s awesome, so congrats on your presumably awesome costume. 😛

      Yes, of course! 😀 SOMEDAY. ❤

  4. themagicviolinist says:

    OMG, your costumes are so cute! I love the Dobby one. xD I totally would’ve thought it was him.

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