Movie Review: Avengers – Age of Ultron

avengers-age-of-ultronHey, everyone! I saw Avengers: Age of Ultron on Thursday night… and thought I’d review it today while it was still fresh in my mind! I’d been looking forward to this movie for soooo long. Was it worth it? Hmm. Yeah, I think so. It’s not my favorite Marvel movie or anything like that, but it was definitely fun! IT’S FANGIRLING TIME NOW.

Oh, before I get started there’s something I should tell you:

This review is not spoiler-free. I thought about making it so, but there were sooooo many spoilery things I really really wanted to talk about, and I felt this review would be incomplete if I didn’t mention some of my reactions to the Spoilery Things.

Anyway, I’ve organized this review by listing all my thoughts about [insert character here], then moving on to the next character, and so on and so forth. Enjoy!

 Iron Man || Tony Stark

I used to hate this character, but he’s grown on me. I read a bunch of Captain America comics last fall and he was actually rather awesome in them, so that’s probably why I started to like him.

He… kind of bored me in this movie, though. And I was annoyed by his inability to see what was wrong with the situation. Dude, I know you built Ultron to save mankind – but your plan backfired, so own up to it and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

mjolnir captain america gif age of ultronCaptain America || Steve Rogers

MY FAVORITEST SUPERHERO. He had some good one-liners, and I love watching him fight, but I can’t truthfully say he was my favorite part in Age of Ultron. Maybe it’s due to the director – I’m not really a fan of Joss Whedon’s characterization of Captain America?

Black Widow || Natasha Romanov

AAAAAAAAAAAAH MY LOVELY BLACK WIDOW I LOVE YOU. I squeed basically every time she appeared onscreen, and dfjsghdfgkdfg omg her voice is SO GORGEOUS. [Swoons]

But I am also kind of upset with what the writers have done to her. All of a sudden she’s dating Bruce Banner and I’m just like, “Huh?” They were ADORABLE as friends in the first half of the movie, but I just don’t see any romantic chemistry between them. It’s kind of weird.

…also, I’m frustrated that her Big Character Arc in this film is all about how A) she can’t have children and B) that’s apparently the most traumatic thing that’s ever happened to her. Yeah, that could be traumatic, but considering everything else that’s happened to her? She’s been brainwashed and manipulated and tortured since childhood in order to turn her into the perfect killer, so… I don’t know, her Big Character Arc was a bit weird and I didn’t think it entirely fit her characterization.

Also I am really surprised that Age of Ultron didn’t mention anything she did at the end of The Winter Soldier. She put a ton of info about the Avengers – including files about her work as an assassin – on the Internet, and apparently NO ONE reacted to it? Whaaaaat.

The Incredible Hulk || Bruce Banner

OMG HE WAS SO ADORKABLE. I didn’t really care about him in The Avengers, but I really really liked him in this movie. He was just… a dorky scientist who has All The Sads and I’m surprised to say he was one of my favorite parts of this movie.

Hawkeye || Clint Barton

Also? Unexpectedly? Cute? I walked into the movie theater expecting to fangirl predominantly about Captain America and Black Widow, and I walked out fangirling about other characters, for the most part. I’m happy that Hawkeye actually had a decent role in this movie – did he even do much in The Avengers? This time he had monologues, so that was nice. AND HIS FAMILY WAS SO CUTE AAAH.


Oops, I almost forgot him! Why do I always forget that Thor’s an Avenger?! Anyway, he was a good source of comic relief in this movie, and I loved the running gag about his hammer. I do wish he’d had a scene with Jane, though, because she’s awesome and science-y.

scarlet witch quicksilverScarlet Witch || Wanda Maximoff

I AM RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY THAT SHE’S FINALLY A PART OF THE MCU. When I started reading comics last year, I was soooo confused because she wasn’t in The Avengers, so how could she really be an Avenger? Basically I was like, “IMPOSTER!” until I realized that Marvel Comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe aren’t mirror images of one another. She’s totally an Avenger, she just wasn’t in the MCU… yet. AND NOW THERE ARE FINALLY TWO FEMALE AVENGERS DKFGSJHDFJK I AM SO HAPPY.

So, anyway. She and her brother (see below) were my favorite characters in this movie. There’s just SO many things to love about her! She has weird magical powers and an awesome fashion sense. And I may or may not have a ginormous crush on her. 

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver have a really adorable brother/sister relationship, which I appreciated. They’re soooooo cute together! They’re so protective of and affectionate with each other. For as much as I didn’t like Black Widow and the Hulk together because it felt fake, I loved the twins because it felt like they genuinely cared about one another. [Wraps the twins protectively in her arms] My awesome tiny superheroes. I heart you.

Quicksilver || Pietro Maximoff

THIS DORK. He’s such a smart aleck. And because I did most of my Quicksilver fangirling in the section above (oops), I’m going to use this space to rant just a bit about how the MCU really screwed up the twins’ backstories. You’re so close and yet so far, Marvel. Whyyyyy.

So first of all, they’re not white and… for some reason, white actors were cast to play them. [Facepalms] Marvel, go home. You are drunk.

Aaaaand then the second thingy is that these are Jewish characters… but in the movie, they volunteered to work for Hydra. Which is a neo-Nazi organization. Um. What? This isn’t a minor detail in the comic books; it is a Big Plot Point because they end up persecuted for it, so it’s just like what. Marvel, why?

(And if you’d like to read a much more coherent rant about why this is weird, Lady Geek Girl And Friends has an excellent post right here.)

And now, going off on a different tangent, I really really wish Marvel Studios still owned the rights to the X-Men, because the twins are Magneto’s kids and IN A PERFECT WORLD this would mean that there could finally be a film version of Uncanny Avengers, with a team comprised of both the X-Men and the Avengers.

But Marvel Studios sold the rights to Twentieth Century Fox, so it’s not going to happen. UGH. No no no no no.

The Vision

I AM SO HAPPY THE VISION IS FINALLY PART OF THE MCU. He’s just… perfect, and also I love his color scheme. In the comics he’s yellow and green, and in this movie he was magenta. MUCH PRETTIER. Because pretty robots are important, obviously.


Oh my god. THE SASS. I love sassy villains; they make me happy. I would totally rewatch this movie just for his lines, like the one that follows.

STEVE ROGERS: We can still find a better way to achieve peace!

ULTRON: I can’t actually throw up in my mouth, but if I could I would do it!

I sense a future Good-Sinful Alliance post from Ultron’s POV beginning to develop in my mind. He outsassed even Quicksilver… I mean, if you can’t make snarky comments while informing everyone about your evil plans, then what is even the point of being a villain? I never thought I would say this, but: Good job, Ultron.


Some thoughts about miscellaneous characters:

  • Omg, I’m so happy Sam was in this movie
  • I really liked Helen The Scientist and she was cute, too
  • For some reason I didn’t expect Rhodey to be in this film, but he was and although he played a minor role, he was probably my fave minor character in Age of Ultron


So. My overall opinion of this movie? Age of Ultron was GOOD, but I can’t truthfully say it’s my new favorite Marvel movie. I did like it better than The Avengers, but I wonder if I’m in the minority here. I don’t know, The Avengers was OK, but it just didn’t leave a huge impression on me.

My biggest issue with Age of Ultron is one that probably couldn’t have been avoided, so I won’t take any too many points for that because THIS WAS A WEIRD STORY TO TELL AND THERE WAS JUST NO WAY AROUND IT. Any of the movies about a solo character – Captain AmericaThor, et cetera – have more cohesive plots. Making a movie about the Avengers means that all the superheroes (and superheroines!) get a chance to be in the limelight, which then means that no one gets to spend very much time in the limelight. Age of Ultron bounced around from character to character, but that’s just the nature of the story. It’s hard to tell stories with multiple main characters because there’s just so much going on in everyone’s lives.

Ultimately, though, I thought Age of Ultron was fun and funny and fast-paced. I loved seeing all the new faces! I loved the new Avengers line-up at the end of the movie – in the comics, the group is constantly adding/losing new members due to illness, injury, arguments, death, et cetera. So it’s nice to see the MCU slowly but surely conform to canon in that regard. Oh, and I loved how this movie built up to Captain America: Civil War, in which the Avengers end up fighting against each other. You can already see the cracks starting to form in the friendship between Captain America and Iron Man, for instance. It is also foreshadowed when Scarlet Witch causes each of the other Avengers to experience a vision and then I was sad because noooooo they all think everyone else is dead.

But I digress. Age of Ultron was fun, even if it bounced wildly from character to character. I laughed, I had sads, I enjoyed myself. Would I watch it again? Yes, definitely, although not in the theater. But that has nothing to do with the story – it’s just that movie tickets are freaking expensive!


Have you seen Avengers: Age of Ultron yet? If so, what are your thoughts on the movie and its characters?

Rating: 2/5

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6 Responses to Movie Review: Avengers – Age of Ultron

  1. HOLLY says:

    I loved the part you mentioned when Ultron sassed Captain America- it was hilarious! I think this movie was a lot funnier than previous Marvel movies, or maybe it just seemed like it because when I saw it the entire theater kept laughing out loud. I loved this movie because it was suspenseful, exciting, and really different from past ones. I liked how it showed more glimpses into their personal lives, especially that of Hawkeye and Black Widow. Anyways, awesome review!

    • nevillegirl says:

      That was my favorite Ultron quote from the entire film… 😛 It was so ridiculous.

      Exactly! I liked the jokes in this movie waaaaay more than the ones in The Avengers, and even though the plot did bounce around from character to character, it spent more time on each one than it had in the first Avengers movie. I felt that we got to know everyone a bit better. 🙂

      Thank you! 🙂

  2. I kind of skimmed through your review because SPOILERS but oh my gosh I can’t wait! Scarlet Witch looks like a lot of fun and I do love humour, and OMG I CAN’T WAIT FOR CIVIL WAR!!

  3. Heather says:

    Just saw it and pretty much loved it. Not sure if I liked it better than the first avengers because the first one set the bar high in terms of the group dynamic cohesion (how it really didn’t work but when it does it does). Maybe it’s because I’m a bit older, but I can see how the widow’s most traumatic thing is being sterilized, because it takes away the hope of a life outside of her career, especially with how connected to Hawkeye’s family she is. But I loved Ultron’s lines. He was very good about his thoughts on humanity, without being completely hydra-esque.

  4. Miriam Joy says:

    I think the scene with Natasha talking about the ‘graduation ceremony’ was a little unclear and poorly handled, but I didn’t interpret her as saying being sterilised was the worst thing. What she said about it being easier this way, one less thing to worry about, so that killing could take priority over family and children wouldn’t get in the way of murder etc … that’s what she was talking about. She doesn’t resent what happened to her as much as she resents what it signifies in terms of who she was and who she was supposed to become. If that makes sense.

    Also I have a lot of feelings about Clint’s kids calling her Auntie Nat. ADORABLE.

    Talking of adorable, one of my favourite moments in the whole film would be Tony: “Please be a secret door. Please be a secret door.” *it’s a door* “Yayy!” It was just so cute.

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