I Finally Saw “Interstellar” & Here Are 15 Thoughts I Had While Watching It 

interstellar giant posterI FINALLY WATCHED INTERSTELLAR.

…I mean, that movie was released last November, but I didn’t see it then because I wasn’t sure if I’d like it. (And also because, let’s face it, a RIDICULOUS amount of movies are released in November, December, and January, so I also didn’t want to spend a ton of money on tickets for yet another movie.)

Anyway, by the time I was actually REALLY excited to see Interstellar, they weren’t showing it in theaters anymore! The library has it on DVD – actually, it has nine or ten copies – but it was CONSTANTLY checked out! For the past few months, I’ve been scanning the shelves for Interstellar every single time I went to the library, and AAAAH THIS TIME I FOUND A COPY AND I SQUEED AND ANYWAY I WATCHED INTERSTELLAR A FEW DAYS AGO AND IT WAS AWESOME.

I enjoyed it so much, actually, that I’m totally going to write a post about it even though it’s not a brand-new movie or anything.. DSKAJHGSDLJHGDASGJSLHDSALASDG.

I REALLY LOVE LISTS SO I’M GONNA WRITE ONE. Here are fifteen thoughts I had while watching Interstellar!


I mean, I love science fiction movies in general, but dystopian worlds are just endlessly fascinating to me. (WHY they fascinate me is another post for another day.) Also, Interstellar is one of the few dystopian movies I’ve seen that wasn’t based on a book!

I mean, I LOVE stuff like The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner, but… sometimes I really really want to watch something original! I don’t want to know the ending of every movie I watch, but most of the time I do because most of the movies I watch are based on books.

2. The visuals were out of this world


…I’m sorry for that pun. I COULDN’T HELP MYSELF.

Anyway. In terms of visuals, this movie really reminded me of Star Wars. I LOVED THAT. Also, I’m super happy that Interstellar didn’t sacrifice its plot for visuals – both aspects of the movie are wonderful! I HATE movies that are filled with tons of, I don’t know, explosions and CGI and stuff to the detriment of the plot and character development. STOP IT. WHYYYYY.


Interstellar takes place about fifty years from now in a world that is filled with dust and wind and drought and failing crops. It’s basically as if the Dust Bowl happened all over again! It was interesting to see history repeat itself.

4. This film feels very American

…with that Dust Bowl stuff! And with NASA. And… I don’t know, it just felt very very American. There are some dystopian movies that I’ve watched and thought, “Meh, this doesn’t really feel like it’s set in [insert American city here]. This could happen ANYWHERE.”

5. The length didn’t actually bother me at all

Interstellar is almost three hours long! A bunch of my friends saw this movie last fall and loved it, but kept mentioning how looooong it was. And… I mean, it was, but that… didn’t bother me?

I wonder if my love of the Lord of the Rings trilogy has anything to do with that. I totally have the patience for an extremely long movie because I’m used to watching hobbits wander around for three hours or more!

Honestly, I LOVED the length. Watching this movie felt more like reading a book because I was able to spend a lot of time getting to know the characters and exploring the deeper ideas in this story. I just can’t connect to a lot of average-length, hour-and-a-half-long movies because there’s not enough TIME. I’m not saying I’ve never connected to one before, but it’s a lot harder for me.


Again, this movie really reminded me of Star Wars. One of my issues with a lot of dystopian fiction is that it doesn’t feel EPIC! Most of the dystopian stories I’ve read – especially the YA dystopians, which I read a lot of – feel, well, small. They are puny and NOT EPIC.



7. Interstellar reminded me that I have a crush on Anne Hathaway

A MEGA CRUSH. I haven’t seen her in very many movies, but whenever I have I’m always like WOW CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR FACE. Seriously. She looks both adorkable and stunning, and it’s just like… how? HOW DOES SHE DO THAT ANNE TEACH ME YOUR WAYS ALSO YOU’RE A VERY AWESOME ASTRONAUT SO KEEP ON ASTRONAUTING.

(I totally just coined a new word there.)

8. I am still not sure about the accuracy of the science?

Quite possibly because I barely understood physics when I studied it during sophomore year? (Although… I studied astronomy last year, so I really SHOULD know. But UGH BLACK HOLES ARE CONFUSING TO ME.) So I did some googling and it seems like some scientists thought the science was awesome and totally possible, and some didn’t agree with that at all. I HAVE NO IDEA I’M AN INCOMING LIBERAL ARTS MAJOR THIS IS NOT MY STRONG SUIT.


THE MUSIC. I’ve been listening to it for months, actually, but hearing it in the movie was 9000% better. Hans Zimmer is a genius, basically. Now I’m even more bummed that he didn’t win an Oscar for Best Original Score. (I mean, he did, but for a different movie – The Grand Budapest Hotel!) This is SERIOUSLY one of the BEST film scores I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to.

(Also, one of the trailers used some of my favorite, most beautiful music from V for Vendetta! SQUEE.)

10. I cried SO MUCH

This movie messed with my emotions and it will mess with yours too. That is all.

11. I loved the themes of love and family

…I’m just REALLY fond of stories about platonic/familial love, all right? Like, I definitely enjoy love stories, but I am so so so so happy whenever I find stories about close-knit families or indestructible friendships.

Towards the end of Interstellar, there IS a little bit of romance, but it’s very very understated – ninety-nine percent of the love in this movie is the love a father feels for his kids. Cooper, the protagonist, joins an interstellar expedition to find a habitable world. A world his kids can live in. A world where they can grow up and have a future other than starvation and misery.

And I freaking ADORED that. Especially his bond with his daughter, Murph. UGH I’M CRYING HAPPY TEARS. I’m definitely going to talk about Interstellar in my upcoming blog post series about parents and children in fiction.

12. I should rewatch this movie, this time with my mom!

I think she’d really like it because… because LADY SCIENTISTS! And because of quotes like, “I’m not afraid of death. I’m an old physicist – I’m afraid of time.” (My mom is a ginormous physics NERD.) Not sure how she’d feel about the ultra-long plot, though. She fell asleep during The Fellowship of the Ring!

13. Basically I just really loved the themes in this movie

The themes of love and family, and the theme of keeping one’s promises. OH OH AND THE THEME OF RESILIENCE. Cooper is so so so so stubborn because it will allow him to return to his children.

Also, the theme of… discovery, I guess? And curiosity? And the oh-so-human desire to explore? Cooper used to fly for NASA, but after his accident he was stuck back on the farm – and yet he still looked up at the stars and wanted to go back there. And then he did! UGHHHH IT WAS WONDERFUL.

14. Interstellar strongly reminded me of Inception 

…which makes sense, since they were produced by the same person. (Also, Hans Zimmer composed the scores of both films!) But hey, I’m going to list this here anyway, because I really appreciated it. In Inception, you aren’t sure what’s real. In Interstellar, you aren’t how much time has passed – a few hours of Cooper’s life on one planet can equal decades of another person’s life on a different planet.

15. That Dylan Thomas poem, though

I think that could’ve all-too-easily seemed clichéd – I mean, look at its use in Matched by Ally Condie! But it actually fit the themes of the movie REALLY well.


Well, I could go on and on, but I won’t. Let’s just say that I absolutely ADORED Interstellar. I’m so glad I was finally able to watch it, and I’m even happier to announce that I thoroughly enjoyed it! IF YOU HAVE NOT YET WATCHED THIS MOVIE THEN YOU TOTALLY SHOULD. Even if you think that sci fi isn’t your thing. JUST TRUST ME, PLEASE.

Have you seen Interstellar? What did you think of it? Also, wasn’t my use of CAPS LOCK absolutely outrageous, even for me?! Sorry. I tend to get that way when I’m very enthusiastic about something.

Have a lovely night, and look up at the stars for me! (I would do this, but… it’s cloudy tonight!)

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Elizabeth. University of Iowa class of 2019. Triple majoring in English & Creative Writing, Journalism, and Gender, Women's, & Sexuality Studies. Twenty-one-year-old daydreamer, introvert, voracious reader, aspiring writer, and lesbian. Passionate about feminism, mental health, comic books, and cats.
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6 Responses to I Finally Saw “Interstellar” & Here Are 15 Thoughts I Had While Watching It 

  1. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    OMG “congratulations on your face”. XD XD yOU MAKE ME LAUGH SO MUCH. Ahh, I do kind of want to see this? But at the same time, I don’t really watch movies. Especially not long movies. I get so bored so fast! I do love Hans Zimmer though and I’m so down for anything directed by Christopher Nolan because THAT DUDE IS GENIUS.

  2. Micha says:

    I LOVED INTERSTELLAR. okay so i like. never go see movies in theatres. but one of my best friends is a huge physics and astronomy nerd and i suggested we go see it, and it was STUNNING and we loved it (well. they lectured me about black holes and alternatives to manufacturing wormholes on the way back home, but i was also told the science was better than your average sci-fi film, so i think they enjoyed it). this visuals were great on the big screen

    also yes?? lady scientists? i love anne hathaway as an actress so seeing her play a biologist was like. wish fulfillment for me tbh. and murph was probably my favorite character i love her so much

    and i can talk about this for hours (……my whole oratory for speech and debate was 10 minutes of it) but!! i have a lot of feelings about dystopian vs optimistic sci-fi and how it affects society and i just. ghfjkls interstellar was so good in telling the message it did, dylan thomas poem included. it reminds me of my other favorite example of what i classify as optimistic millennial sci-fi (pacific rim!!) in that we see a world falling to pieces and people who aren’t going to let that happen

    but yeah!! i loved interstellar it’s such a good film it makes me happy

  3. this was so funny! i haven’t seen it, but now i kind of have to

  4. Appletaile says:

    This makes me want to see Interstellar like CRAZY! One of my friends went to see it in the cinema but I just sorta…missed it. I’m so awful at remembering to go see films. But: lady scientists! Hans Zimmer! Cool visuals! (I get so drawn in by the visuals. I can watch pretty films even if the plot is a little flat, haha.)

  5. moosha23 says:

    So when you said Dylan Thomas first thought in my head was is he an actor? singer? I swear I’ve heard of him before, then you say Matched and I’m like OH.
    Also: I need to get on the Hans Zimmer bandwagon.
    Also: SO going to watch this movie now. Lady scientists rock, and anything about love and family bumps up a few notches for me.

  6. matttblack42 says:

    This post inspired me to finally watch the movie, and I did last night, and it was brilliant. Particularly agree with #10. I’ve loved all the Christopher Nolan movies I’ve watched so far, but this one was the only to make me cry. (Like, a lot.) The scene where Cooper was watching his children grow up through the recordings was so hard to watch. Hell, any scene involving Murph and Cooper was hard to watch.

    Agreed on Anne Hathaway. I also had no idea Matt Damon or Topher Grace would be in the movie, so that was a nice surprise.

    Have you seen Memento, by any chance? It’s Nolan’s first (maybe second, I think) movie, and it’s about a man with short-term memory loss trying to solve his wife’s murder. Except it’s told in reverse, so the audience knows just as much as the main character in each scene. It’s very different from Interstellar and Inception, but still pretty good. It is confusing, though, and even if you’re paying 100% attention you might miss a few things.

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