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Hello there!

Sooooo… you may have noticed that I haven’t been super active on THE WONDERFUL WONDERFUL INTERNET lately. I mean, I’ve been blogging, but even then… most of the posts from the last few weeks were scheduled to publish automatically, so I’ve only written like two posts in the last two weeks.

I haven’t been commenting on other people’s blogs as often as usual, and I haven’t even responded to many of the comments on my own blog! And if you’ve sent me any messages on Facebook and still haven’t heard back from me, then… gah, I’m sorry. I’M NOT IGNORING YOU PEOPLES. I’VE JUST BEEN SO BUSY LATELY.

The past couple of weeks have been ridiculously productive. Here are some of the things that I’ve been doing!

1. Getting ready for my open house

WOW THAT PARTY REQUIRED A LOT OF WORK. And I didn’t really even do that much food-related stuff… that’s my dad’s area of expertise. I did help set up the tent, move picnic tables around, scrub the tables, put up decorations, send out invitations, et cetera et cetera.

My open house was so much fun, but by the end of the day I was SO TINY. I am a tiny introvert and interacting with people – even my favoritest people – all day is exhausting. SO MANY CONVERSATIONS, SO LITTLE TIME TO SIT QUIETLY AND TALK TO MY CAT.

(…my cat, you see, is not exhausting to be around because most of the time he’s exhausted too, so I pet him and tell him he’s such a soft kitty, and then he stares blearily at me and resumes his nap. My cat rarely engages in long conversations with me, except when he wants food.)

2. Writing thank-you notes

And sending them to the people who came to my open house! SOOOOO MANY THANK-YOUS. Also, hand cramps from writing so many. OW.

I’ve been sending out a new batch of them every few days, and have saved some of the thank-you notes for last because I NEED TIME TO REMEMBER ALL THE THINGS I WANT TO THANK THEM FOR. Like, some people had a pretty huge influence on my high school years, so it’s not quite as simple as just thanking them for attending my party – I also want to thank them for all the other things they’ve done for me over the years!

3. Finishing my 4-H projects

I told myself that I wouldn’t leave some things undone until the last possible minute and then rush to finish them… well, guess what I did? WHY YES I DID PROCRASTINATE.

On some of my projects, anyway. I usually finish my Photography exhibits very, very close to the deadline just in case I take an awesome new photo just a few days before I have to turn in my projects, but I actually finished those exhibits a few weeks ago!

I was printing, cutting, taping, and assembling bits and pieces for some of my other projects right up until the deadline on Monday night, though. WHOOPS. I’m really pleased with how everything turned out, though – ESPECIALLY my Music exhibit!

Although the fair doesn’t begin until Thursday, I’ve already seen some of my projects’ grades because I, um, walked through the exhibit hall yesterday. OSTENSIBLY TO ASK SOMEONE IN THE OFFICE A QUESTION BUT ACTUALLY BECAUSE I AM AN IMPATIENT PERSON WHO WANTED TO SEE MY SCORES. I AM A TERRIBLE PERSON AND EVIDENTLY DO NOT SET GOOD EXAMPLES FOR SMALL CHILDREN OOPS LOL.

…anyway, I’m RIDICULOUSLY happy about some of my scores and a bit puzzled about others, but oh well. I’ll probably write one post about my photography exhibits and another about all my other projects. I still haven’t seen how I did in Creative Writing, because the judge is allowed to take the notebooks home to read but they haven’t returned them yet. I AM ANXIOUS TO KNOW WHAT THEY THOUGHT OF MY WRITING.

4. Working at my second summer job in the 4-H office at the fair

I finished an eight-hour shift just a few hours ago… there was still SO MUCH stuff to set up for the grand opening tomorrow at noon.

I had this job last year as well, and you can read my thoughts about it here and here. Basically I’m an assistant/office clerk. I answer people’s questions, fill out and file away paperwork, et cetera. It’s a bit tedious (SO MUCH ALPHABETIZING), but it pays eight whole dollars per hour. (In comparison, minimum wage in Indiana is $7.25 per hour.)

Also, the tedium of this job is nothing compared to the grossness of my OTHER job bussing tables at a restaurant. (I smell like fried food by the end of each day there.) I work at my office job every day of the week except Sunday… when I work at the restaurant. BUSY BUSY BUSY.

5. Representing 4-H as an Achievement Ambassador

In between my two jobs, I’m also doing a lot of volunteer work as an Achievement Ambassador. (I think in other counties, they’re called 4-H Kings and 4-H Queens? But I’m technically a Reserve Achievement Ambassador, so does that make me a 4-H Princess?)

Anyway, the Ambassadors are the top four kids from the 4-H members who have just finished either their junior or senior year of high school. It’s a pretty high honor to be chosen as one of the Ambassadors, and the whole experience still feels rather surreal to me because I really admired the Ambassadors when I was a little kid, and now I’m one of them. WEIRD.

Anyway, my responsibilities mainly consist of handing out awards at various animal showmanship events, answering questions about my county’s 4-H program, and basically just representing 4-H throughout the fair.


So… that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been pretty busy and tired lately – so tired, in fact, that when I get home from work each day, I’m too tired to read. Even though I borrowed a bunch of comic books from the library and I’m excited to read them! Maybe I should bring books to read during my lunch/dinner break like I did last year?

Haven’t had the re to watch Carmilla, either – I’m four episodes behind and eager to binge-watch it sometime soon. (Apparently something big happened? I think? I CAN’T WAIT.)

…anyway, I’ve rambled on for long enough, so I’ll end this post here and go to bed. I need to be rested for the first official day of the fair!

P.S. Oh, I almost forgot: This post is partially an explanation of where I’ve been, but also one of where I’ll be… and what I’ll be doing! I’ll continue to blog throughout the duration of the fair, but probably won’t be active anywhere else, Internet-wise. So if you don’t hear much from me within the next two weeks or so, now you know why!

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5 Responses to Jobs, 4-H, & Much, Much More | I Have Been Busy!

  1. Mo says:

    Ah yes. Something big has happened. [leaves you waiting in mystery]

    …anyways, remember that one time I sent you a link to the 4-H princess crowns? I hope you’re wearing one.

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