Thoughts About My Job | Also Some Cats, The Library, & Agent Carter

I’ve been working a lot lately… like, pretty much every single day for the past few weeks, on top of various volunteering commitments. But soon it’ll all be over! I have to work at the 4-H office on Monday and Tuesday, and then I’m DONE. Yayyyyy!

Today, I was at my other job. My first job. I’ve worked at a restaurant since June 2012… but I don’t work there anymore. Today was my last day!

Will I miss it? Hmmmm. I don’t know. I mean, it’s just a job. A minimum-wage job working in food service, which is MESSY. And smelly. And hard.

This is an old photo, but here I am with my first paycheck in 2012!

This is an old photo, but here I am with my first paycheck in 2012!

But as far as first jobs go, it certainly wasn’t bad, either. Like, I wouldn’t call it fun, but I feel like everyone there tries hard to make the best of it? People rarely pick fights with one another, and it’s not hard to change my shifts if I need to, and we get some free food.

More than anything, I’m going to feel weird about all the free time I’ll suddenly have on the weekends: I worked Saturdays for a very long time, and now I’ve worked Sundays for a very long time… so I’ve become accustomed to traipsing off to work on those days. (And being cranky that I have to get up early!) What will I do with all that free time?!

…um, well. I’LL USE IT TO STUDY. Yeah.

Anyway. Here are some random work-related thoughts that I’ve had lately!

1. I can’t believe I’ve had my job for three years

SERIOUSLY. Most of my friends haven’t been working since they were fifteen, or have moved from job to job. And I’ve stuck with mine. Why? Because, like I said, it’s pretty decent. I think it helps that it’s not a fast-food restaurant – it’s actually this diner thingy? But with organic/locally grown food and a whole bunch of gluten-free/vegetarian options? I’d rather work for a small business than for some ginormous corporation.

2. I’ve saved nearly all the money I earned at this job!

I’ve made a few (a very very few!) thousand dollars working at this job, simply because I’ve worked there for so loooong. And I haven’t spent much of it, either – almost all of it is in the bank and will be used towards tuition, room and board, et cetera. I hardly ever buy anything… even books! (And when I do buy books, I generally get them from the library’s used-book sale? Twenty-five cents per book is AMAZING.)

3. I will miss…

…the sauce made at my restaurant. It’s kind of like Thousand Island dressing and IT IS DELICIOUS, ESPECIALLY WITH FRIES.

Isn't she adorable when she's threatening bodily harm?

Isn’t she adorable when she’s threatening bodily harm?

4. I will not miss…

…the occasional rude customers. In one episode of Agent Carter, Peggy threatens to stab a particularly awful customer with a fork unless he stops being rude and I BLAME MARVEL COMICS FOR MAKING ME CRACK UP EVERY TIME AN ANNOYING CUSTOMER COMES IN BECAUSE I IMMEDIATELY THINK OF THE FORK SCENE. I mean, I would never do that because that’s mean, but it still makes me crack up. EVERY. TIME.

5. I have not yet decided when I will begin working again

All I know is that I want to start working again by the spring semester! I’m not sure if I’ll wait until then, though, or if I’ll begin working in about October or so. I definitely don’t want to start working right away – I want to have some time to settle in and figure out life at college.

6. I’d like to work at one of the University of Iowa’s many libraries

At my orientation session, I started talking to one of the librarians about graphic novels… she told me that she’s making a website that categorizes them! (I think her goal was to make it easier for teachers to find graphic novels to use as part of the curriculum? Or something? IDK, it was a while ago.) Anywayyyy, she said there are usually job openings at the library, and that I should tell whoever’s in charge of hiring that she pointed me towards this job, because then I’d be more likely to get it.

EEEEEE. Working at a library! This is something I’ve dreamed of doing ever since I was about five years old. (In kindergarten, I wrote a little story about becoming a librarian!) This dream isn’t so strong that I want to, like, have a CAREER as a librarian, but it’s definitely something I’d like to try my hand at.

And it would be so QUIET, too! (Well, hopefully!) And it wouldn’t be messy! Or smelly! IN FACT, I COULD KICK PEOPLE OUT OF THE LIBRARY IF THEY BROUGHT IN FOOD. I MEAN, PROBABLY. I DON’T KNOW IF I’D HAVE ENOUGH AUTHORITY TO DO SO BUT I CERTAINLY HOPE THAT I COULD. Working with food is soooooo messy, peoples.

7. Or maybe I can try to find a job at an animal shelter?

Let’s be real: I’M GONNA MISS MY CAT. He is fluffy and affectionate and ridiculous and LOUD, and I’ll miss him so much!

SO. I have a possible solution: I’ll work at an animal shelter! I’d have to find one first, of course, and may not end up doing this after all if the library thing works out. But hey… it’s an option. AHHHH CUTE ANIMALS YAYYYY.

(And if the animal shelter won’t pay me, but needs volunteers? I would totally still do it, but if I’m honest… I wouldn’t spend as much time on it, because I do need An Actual Job That Pays. I couldn’t justify spending a ton of time there when there are classes to attend, homework to finish, and money to earn so that I can, you know, PAY FOR COLLEGE.)


Well, that’s enough rambling for today… I hope this post was at least semi-coherent, because I am EXHAUSTED. Seriously, I stood up just a few minutes ago and I got dizzy. TIME FOR BED FOR ME, I THINK.

Do you have a job? What do you do at work? And most importantly, do you like it?!


About nevillegirl

Elizabeth. University of Iowa class of 2019. Triple majoring in English & Creative Writing, Journalism, and Gender, Women's, & Sexuality Studies. Twenty-one-year-old daydreamer, introvert, voracious reader, aspiring writer, and lesbian. Passionate about feminism, mental health, comic books, and cats.
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21 Responses to Thoughts About My Job | Also Some Cats, The Library, & Agent Carter

  1. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    Awk, I can imagine working with food would be messy. AND LOUD. I so don’t do loud. I don’t even go to cinemas anymore because loudness (and that’s hugely annoying when all the cool book adaptions are coming out and I have to wait for DVDs. >_> BUT WHATEVER.) I just run my home business and it is nice and I love it. It is socially acceptable to work at midnight and then read books all morning. *nods*

  2. I also work at a restaurant although I’ve been working there for almost two years, not three. It’s pretty great because I bought my plane ticket to go to England, paid for my car registration a couple of times and so on. And I really like my job even if it doesn’t pay much 🙂 WORKING AT A LIBRARY WOULD BE SO COOL THOUGH.

  3. i don’t actually have a job yet. i’m supposed to start job hunting tho because college starts in september *shudder*

    i’ve been told to hand my cv in to this independent coffeehouse, which would be totally hipster and awesome to work at if i’m honest. i’d much rather go for a local place because they’re more forgiving of us students with few qualifications (yay 3rd time sitting math in the new school year -_-)

    working at a library would be so freaking awesome man. like man i would love to do that. i’d quite like to be a storyteller (it’d make use of my love of fairy and folk tales and drama lmao). i’m more likely to end up doing freelance art stuff though on the side. while attempting to make manga work. lmao

  4. F says:

    2 jobs? And working since you were 15? And during the schoolyear? You must be a superhuman!

    I volunteer 1/2 days a week in a thriftstore and everyone tells me I am so hardworking and selfless to give up this little bit of my summer. I’m the only one of my friends who works, and I haven’t even begun thinking about finding a job during the college year… I plan on coming home every weekend (about 98% of Irish college students do this, so our mothers can do our laundry, make us dinners, look after us, etc. I know I’m making Irish students sound like wimps here, but it’s true. I’ve heard of people who were working at the college open-weekend and couldn’t home, so they mailed their laundry to their mothers, or she came to them with frozen meals. I feel so inadequate and lazy after reading about you and your friends :P), so I suppose I’m not the most employable candidate…

    I actually really like volunteering, especially as we have a large books section (3 books for 1 euro, and I have a 50% discount :D). I’m also considering librarianship as a career, and am going to look in to working at my university library!

    Best of luck with finding a new job. I’m sure that after working 7 days a week, college will feel like a break 🙂

  5. I had childhood dreams of working in a library that were finally realized when I was 27. Working in libraries is AWESOME. I did teen services in a public library for 3 years and then circulation in a public library for 1 more year. Almost all library work is good work.

    When I was in college I worked at the campus writing center — it was a great job for an English major, as it gave me some work experience in my field and fit really well into my schedule. Might be another option to consider.

    • nevillegirl says:

      I’ll certainly consider it! One of my mom’s friends was telling me about how she worked in her campus’s writing center when she was in college, and how much fun it was. 🙂

  6. Mom says:

    Don’t post this, but check your first sentence. I think you are missing a word….

    Other than that, a very interesting post. What’s with the Irish, anyway??

  7. matttblack42 says:

    I sympathize with you about rude customers. It’s gotten to the point where I am completely unfazed by their terribleness. I’d love to work at animal shelter, actually; animals are rarely mean. They may attack me at times, but at least with them I know it’s nothing personal.

  8. Miriam Joy says:

    I’ve only had minimal work in my life, because health and time and incompetence. While at school there was no way I could’ve had a job, so this summer I had my first one, in a library. For like three weeks, which wasn’t exactly long (go you for working for ages), but I quite liked it. It was nice to organise books and stuff, but some of the students were frustrating. Then again, secondary school library during the last three weeks of term, what do you expect? They just want it to be summer already.

  9. orphu44 says:

    *throws confetti* Enjoy your weekends! Although I imagine it would feel weird after having worked there so long.
    And nice timing for a job post, since I just started one fairly recently. I’m a housekeeper at a hotel (where I just had a ten-hour shift yesterday, so that was fun).
    Although in terms of the jobs you want, I’ve been applying to jobs that relate to both of those recently! One was a circulation and children’s librarian’s assistant, and the other was a secretary at a cat hospital (although that one I applied to long enough ago that I’m pretty sure I didn’t get it).

    • nevillegirl says:

      And I bet you’re the cutest housekeeper. *boops your nose*

      OH MY GOD A CHILDREN’S LIBRARIAN’S ASSISTANT AND A SECRETARY AT A /CAT HOSPITAL/?! Those sound like perfect jobs for you. 😛

  10. moosha23 says:

    Ah, you workaholic you! All this talk of jobs and volunteering is blowing my mind…and also subtlely reminding me that if I actually took my job seriously then I’d be earning some relatively serious money right now. Hah.
    ALSO. On working as a librarian I AM SO FOR THAT. A few classmates asked me what my actual like seriously dream-in-all-sense-of-that-word job would be and I answered librarian. After which one classmate, quite on the sly, teased me about said “dream” job, considering how much of an academic geek I am and how people think I’ll “go far”. Bleh.
    Being a librarian might not be on the same grounds as discovering ground-breaking science, but gosh, if I had the option, I’d so do it! I volunteered at the library last summer, and it was beautiful. Like everything there was the usual work drama (which, being a sort of outsider, was actually really fun to watch) but there are allies in the library work thing! Especially considering that these libraries will definitely be hiring some interesting people, if you think about it, considering it’s a uni library.
    But I really want to try my hand at bookselling too, just to see the differences and which one I’d choose to go for. Hmm.

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