Thoughts On “Carmilla” Season Two

carmilla season two small posterOH MY GOD, PEOPLES, I AM SO EXCITED TO WRITE THIS POST.

The season two finale of Carmilla – AKA my favoritest show EVER! – aired last Thursday, and oh my god oh my god oh my god IT WAS AMAZING and I have so much to talk about!

This post will be about season two as a whole, but I’ve split it up into two parts: The first part is more general, and the second part is about the characters and… well, there are plenty of things in it that AREN’T spoilery, but there are also spoilers mixed in with it. So if you haven’t caught up on all the episodes, it’s probably a good idea to stick with just the first half.


P.S. You can find my thoughts about season one here!


Watching this show in college = OMG THE BEST THING EVER!

I’m fine now, but when I first got here… I was pretty miserable. Carmilla helped distract me, and I am very grateful for that. It gave me something to look forward to, and… it’s also just plain FUN to watch vampires and their tiny cute girlfriends in college because HEY I’M IN COLLEGE NOW YOOOO.

There is a sad lack of vampires on my campus, though.

Carmilla is venturing out into new territory, story-wise, and I love it.

So if you didn’t already know: Carmilla is a modern retelling of a novella of the same name by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu! It’s one of the first vampire stories – it precedes Dracula – and I actually read it last year because I wanted to know all the references!

The show used up almost all the plot of the original novel in season one, but not quite – the Baron Vordenberg story arc is a good example of using material from the original story.

Anyway, it’s been fun to see where the plot is going next, and I love how much mythology they’re inventing for this story… especially in the final episode! (Shhh, no spoilers!)

carmilla season two kiss gifI just really really love seeing queer women onscreen. 

And this is one of the things that makes Carmilla my favorite show – the characters are gay or bi, and LaFontaine is nonbinary, AND AND AND MOST OF THE ACTORS ARE QUEER IRL TOO. You’re just not going to find this on mainstream TV. YOU’RE JUST NOT.

kiss kiss kiss kiss natasha gifI just… this means so much to me. I love that Carmilla and Laura’s relationship is THE main relationship, and not some side thing, as so often happens with queer women in fiction.

It’s so obvious that the show has a bigger budget than it did in season one.

Like, a MUCH bigger budget. And the difference is kind of hilarious. Like, they’re filming in a different location now, and in multiple locations, with multiple camera angles. They have those SNN thingies. The hair, makeup, and wardrobe departments are at at the top of their game. The design, in general, seems more professional – especially in the credits.


I love how much diversity was in season two!

More actors, you say? YES. And when the fans asked for diversity… the writers delivered. There’s Mel, and Theo, and – my personal favorite – MATTIE. MY QUEEN.


I relate to Laura. SO MUCH.

And that is all.

I really love how the show explored moral grayness…

In season one, Laura was pretty idealistic, and I LOVED how the show delved into more complex issues. Like, people aren’t good or evil, but somewhere in between. Laura realized that she can trust some people about some things but not others, and that doing something that you think will help isn’t always the same as actually helping.

carmilla season two poster…but I did think there were too many monologues at times. 

Laura had some really good quotes this season! Everyone did! But at the same time, I kind of rolled my eyes at some of her monologues. I mean, this IS told in vlog format, so I do expect plenty of talking – more talking than doing, actually – in front of the camera. But sometimes Laura was talking when she really needed to be DOING!

Towards the end of the season, an exasperated Carmilla would say, essentially, “Well, what do you want me to do about it?” and Laura would reply with some long thought about good vs. evil and I’m just like… LAURA NO. YOUR GIRLFRIEND WILL GO OUT AND KICK ASS FOR YOU BUT YOU HAVE TO STOP PONDERING HUMAN NATURE FOR A WHILE.

I… completely forgot what Vordenberg was like in the books.

I REALLY THOUGHT HE WAS GOOD. I thought he was an adorkable, harmless old man. UM. NO. Oh my god, I hated him. Eventually.

I don’t even know what to feel about Danny.

I mean… I like her! But I don’t really love her. I feel like I might if Carmilla didn’t exist? But Carmilla is more my type than Danny is, and basically I just want a whole spin-off show about what Danny did with the Summer Society before all this vampiric stuff started happening?


I freaking love Mattie.


Wait, I said that already, didn’t I?

But it’s true. I love her. She is SO sarcastic, and SO charming, and SO pretty… I cried when she died.

vampires eating cookiesCarmilla and Mattie are the most adorable sisters ever. 

I love their banter. I love when they laugh at something ridiculous. UGH I JUST LOVE THOSE TWO SO MUCH OK. And I think it’s cool that they’re a mixed-race family, too – they were turned by the same vampire “mother,” which matters more than their actual birth.


This, especially, is what I really wanted to talk about! I KNEW SOMETHING WAS WRONG WITH PERRY. I KNEW IT. I’m part of a Carmilla fanclub Facebook group, and way back in the early episodes of season two, I knew something seemed off. Perry seemed… well, she seemed possessed. She reminded me of Laura when she was possessed by the Dean. (AKA Carm and Mattie’s mother.)

And quite a few people in the group were like, “Nah, I think you’re just reading too much into things” or “Don’t you think it’s too early to tell?” and I’m just like LOOK. LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE. All those students “mysteriously” die, and she wakes up in the same room as them, miraculously unharmed?

So, yeah. I WAS SO EXCITED AND SO TERRIFIED WHEN SHE ADMITTED TO BEING THE DEAN. I think it’s really cool what they’ve done with that character, and with that actress (Annie Briggs).

I mean, she was just a side character in season one. She said funny/odd things, and didn’t really do much except cleaning obsessively. (Which is one of the things that tipped me off – before, she’d always cleaned a lot whenever she got nervous about vampires or whatever, and she just seemed way too relaxed in this season.)

But now? Oh my god, that was such a good performance.

That last episode, though.


It was so good, and OMG DANNY CAME BACK AS A VAMPIRE and Vordenberg is dead and Kirsch is maybe dead and MATTIE CAME BACK. I kept watching until the last few seconds because I thought they might show something important, AND THEY DID. I’m kind of wondering now if Perry!Dean meant to bring her back? She definitely intended to revive Danny, but I have no idea if she meant to wake up Mattie at the same time.

Anyway, I’m just really happy now because OH MY GOD YOU GUYS WE’RE RIGHT BACK WHERE WE STARTED IN SEASON ONE. The Dean, disguised as Perry, has been killing off people who stood in her way and getting others to ally with her, and now everything is set up for her to cause SO MUCH HAVOC.


I was sad when I finished because I thought I’d have to wait forever for season three, but… we’re getting a “season zero”! This consists of twelve episodes – instead of the usual thirty-six – set before season one, and they begin airing on October twenty-second! I’M SO EXCITED.

really enjoyed this season of Carmilla. I wouldn’t say that I liked it better than season one, though, because I love both. For very different reasons. Season one is dorky and charming precisely because of its dorkiness. It’s low-budget and a bit overacted and… IDK, I still love it.

Season two was much more complex. It brought it a whole bunch of new characters, and showed the depths of those we already knew. Also? Visually, it was much more striking.

And all of that counts as a win in my book.

What did you think of Carmilla season two? I’M SO EXCITED FOR SEASONS ZERO AND THREE.

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  2. AAAAAH THAT FINALE AND SEASON HOLY COW IT WAS A LOT DARKER THAN THE FIRST!!! And wow, you figured Perry out fast. I didn’t actually start realizing it until the later episodes, but HOLY MOLY. I just loved all of the acting and characters and people in this show. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT OMG. Also, Hollstein. I’m not even sure what about them anymore. And Danny and Mattie and just??????????? EEEEK. This was an awesome post!

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