A Tiny Adult’s Christmas Wish List

I AM A TINY ADULT. Both literally (since I am only 5’0″) and figuratively (since I am only 19 and thus haven’t been adulting for very long). BUT I FEEL LIKE SLIGHTLY MORE OF AN ADULT NOW BECAUSE REASONS. Such as what I wrote down on my Christmas wish list… I feel like when you’re a kid you want fun presents, but when you’re an adult you want more practical stuff.

I mean, if you want to get me candy or books or music or whatever this holiday season, go for it, but honestly… I think this is the first time I’ve ever had a list that was comprised entirely of practical items. GAH HELP ME I’M TURNING INTO MY PARENTS WHO ALWAYS ASK FOR BORING STUFF.

Here are the Very Practical Thingies that I would like because I am evidently now a Boring (If Rather Small) Adult:

1. Socks

Engie wants to be a free house-elf now… so she needs some socks! SERIOUSLY THOUGH, I COULD MAKE ALLLLL THE HARRY POTTER JOKES RIGHT NOW. Like how Dumbledore says that every year people give him books, when all he really wants are socks? Yeah.

I get holes in my socks, or I lose them in the dorm’s washers and dryers, and it’s all very tragic. IF THERE IS A SOCK FAIRY AND THEY’RE READING THIS POST, I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE MORE SOCKS. Stripey socks! Polka-dot socks! Glittery socks! Socks that make my feet look like an explosion of color!

2. Tea

I drink a loooooot of tea! I AM PROBABLY 97% TEA AND 3% ENGIE BY NOW. Sometimes I make myself multiple cups of tea per day! I ran out of my original tea stash a long time ago and now I steal teabags from the dining hall next door. (Which we’re not technically supposed to do, buuuut… my parents and I are paying a ridiculous amount of money for me to go to college, so I’ll just count that tea as “miscellaneous expenses” on my monthly college bill.)

BUT! The dining hall only has green tea (yuck), black tea (blech), orange tea, and chai tea. I like both orange and chai, but my two favorite kinds are passion fruit and chamomile… and I don’t have any more of either of those! (I actually used up the last of my chamomile tea tonight, because I felt super jittery and it’s supposed to be calming.)

Basically, I would love approximately 92356325632578235o3256325 bags of tea. Please.

3. Hot chocolate mix

My mom makes the best hot chocolate mix ever, so… yeah. I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE SOME OF IT. One of my friends from my floor gave my roommate and I a bunch of Hershey’s Kisses and hot chocolate mix as a present because she’s super sweet (pun totally intended), but GAH. Hot chocolate mix out of a bag just isn’t the same!

…all of the Hershey’s Kisses were consumed within a day or two. WE JUST COULDN’T HELP IT. 

4. Small dry-erase board

Some of my friends have these and they look super useful! I have a mind like a sieve, as my grandma would say, so I CONSTANTLY make to-do lists…. buuuut I’m also constantly LOSING those lists because I’m absentminded! I’m forever finding lists on Post-It notes or scraps of notebook paper scattered throughout my room in the most unlikely places. (On the shelf where I keep my tea?! I must have left it in there while I was rummaging around for something to drink.)

Aaaaand I’ve tried making lists on my phone, but… well, I’m sure you’ve all had this experience before: I end up getting distracted! I check my email, or scroll Facebook, or check Goodreads and find 2753623568235 new books to read. IT DOESN’T REALLY WORK.

Sooooooooo. Some of the people on my floor have dry-erase boards almost as tall as me with huge calendars printed on them, but that seems a little excessive. Also, I would be worried that it would fall and crush me like Flat Stanley. I know wayyyy more people who have little ones, ranging between the size of a DVD case and the size of a notebook. THAT’LL DO NICELY.

(I will never turn into those people who have magnetic dry-erase boards hanging on the outside of their doors, though… I’m far too antisocial for that. Some people even leave little notes about where they are at the moment – in class, in the dining hall, studying in the library, et cetera – and I’m just like nooooo.

Mine would constantly say I was out of the room, anyway – not because I want people to think I have a busy and interesting social life, but because I don’t want people to come into my room and bother me! I WANT TO BE ALONE. ALL ALONE, IN MY ROOM, WEARING MY STRIPIEST SOCKS ON MY TINY COLD FEET AND DRINKING TEA OUT OF MY MUG THAT SAYS “I’M SILENTLY CORRECTING YOUR GRAMMAR.” GO AWAY.)


Soooo… tiny adult or not, what do YOU want for Christmas?!


About nevillegirl

Elizabeth. University of Iowa class of 2019. Triple majoring in English & Creative Writing, Journalism, and Gender, Women's, & Sexuality Studies. Twenty-one-year-old daydreamer, introvert, voracious reader, aspiring writer, and lesbian. Passionate about feminism, mental health, comic books, and cats.
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23 Responses to A Tiny Adult’s Christmas Wish List

  1. cynthiataco says:

    This is the truest thing I have read in a long time. (I would attempt to knit you socks but a) my knitting skills suck and b) I have no money so I can’t send them over)
    The snow on your blog is steadily becoming more and more murderous…

  2. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    OMG YOU ARE SO TINY aND HILARIOUSLY FUNNY. And I can call you tiny with 100% confidence because I’m a gargantuan 5’1. Yes. Don’t laugh. I AM TALLER THAN YOU. I tower over you basically.
    But I totally get you with wanting practical things. 0_0 Omg where did childhood go. Come baaaaack.
    I want bookshelves. More bookshelves. >_> Very practical.

  3. Miriam Joy says:

    I am a slightly less tiny adult, because I’m just over 5’3″ and I’m nearly twenty. WOO. But my Christmas list is made up of things-I-want-but-can’t-really-afford, like a Newnham College hoodie, and new pointe shoes because mine are totally dead. This means none of my presents will be a surprise since mostly they involve me trying stuff on and then my parents buying it, but Mother Person said she’d get me a few little things so that at least I get some surprises. 🙂

    • nevillegirl says:

      Ehehe, this reminds me of when my brother buys birthday/Christmas presents for me… it’s always obvious what he’s getting because he asks, “So, what size shirt do you wear?”

  4. AHAHA no offense but I feel so tall (only two inches taller than you though I have stopped growing) looking at your height and Cait’s. 5’2″ YAY! I will probably end up drinking sooo much tea and hot chocolate in college. WE MUST HAVE SWEET THINGS TO SURPRISE. ACK.

  5. Cogaroo says:

    This is a very nice list – it’s weird asking for more practical things though. I wanted to tell you about something I got for Christmas last year: a subscription to the Foot Cardigan Sock Club. They send you a pair of socks every month in all sorts of different patterns. I’ve gotten cupcake knee socks, striped socks, and my personal favorite is socks with the aces card suit on the side. I can’t help but think of Dobby whenever they come in the mail. 🙂 I know I sound like a spokesperson, but I thought you might find it useful.

    For Christmas, I pretty much just want books. And more bookshelf space, because I’m running out of room. 🙂

    • nevillegirl says:

      Ahhh, that sounds amazing, and I’ll keep that in mind for next Christmas when people ask me what I’d like! 😀 I am basically Dobby when it comes to socks. *nods*


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  9. matttblack42 says:

    As a gentleman of six feet, I must say I’m feeling pretty good right now. Excuse me while I go grab things from tall, hard to reach places. (ha!)

    My list this year includes a jacket and a graphing calculator, so yes, my tastes have gotten much more boring as well.

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