Top 10 Couples I Started Shipping Within The Past Year Or So

Today I’m linking up with The Broke and the Bookish for their weekly feature, Top Ten Tuesday! This week’s prompt is… well, it’s a freebie week and we can write whatever kind of top ten list we’d like, as long as it’s Valentine’s Day themed.

I’ve seen a lot of posts about other bloggers’ top ten favorite fictional couples, but… I’ve already written a post about that! The other day I was thinking about maybe updating that post – adding ten more fictional couples I love, because while I still love all the couples listed in that Valentine’s Day post from 2014, I’ve since found soooo many MORE couples to ship!

So that’s what I’ll be doing today! As the title indicates, the following couples are all characters I’ve begun to ship within the past year or so. In some cases, I’d been in the fandom they’re from for a while, and maybe even thought they were kinda sorta cute, but I didn’t start to REALLY ship until lately. If that makes sense?

Also, some of these couples are from shows or movies, not books, because… hey, it’s a freebie week, right? So I’m going to bend the rules a little bit! HA HA YOU CAN’T STOP ME.


1. Carol Aird & Therese Belivet
(The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith and Carol)

carol posterOhhhh my god, this story is SOOOO romantic and lovely and… kdfjhgdkfgjhsk. That means a lot, coming from me – I rarely read romance. Yeah, I’ll read or watch stories with romance mixed in, such as a science fiction adventure novel with a romantic subplot, but I don’t often read or watch stuff that’s SOLELY about romance.

I’m so glad I read this novel, though. Because LESBIANS. IN THE 1950S. BEING SO STINKIN’ CUTE THAT I CAN’T EVEN STAND IT. The movie, which was retitled Carol, is amazing as well: In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it is the BEST book-to-movie adaption I’ve ever seen, because it followed the book so closely. There are so few happy movies (or books, or TV shows) about queer women, so I really appreciation the existence of this story. I’ve already seen the movie twice, and would happily go again just to immerse myself in this story’s happy, warm glow for a few more hours.

(Also, Cate Blanchett. TOO HOT, HOT DAMN.)

2. Steve Rogers & Peggy Carter
(Marvel Comics)

I saw Captain America: The First Avenger in either late 2011 or early 2012, so this couple has been on my radar for a while. I didn’t really ship them at first, though? Watching The Winter Soldier and beginning to read Captain America comics in the latter half of 2014 made me begin to ship them, but I didn’t develop REALLY REALLY strong fangirlish feelings about them until I started watching Agent Carter last February.

…which speaks volumes about them (and about how perfect their respective actors are for those roles!), I think. I mean, Steve isn’t even in Agent Carter, except in a few quick flashbacks, but I think Peggy’s love for him comes across quite strongly on this show all the same. (And then it made me want to rewatch The First Avenger and The Winter Soldier, so I did!)

AHHHH HOLY CRAP I JUST LOVE THESE TWO SO MUCH. SOOOOO MUCH. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I don’t ship a lot of M/F couples? I find it hard to relate to most of them, and they often have really unhealthy relationship dynamics that people excuse “because tradition” and “because that’s just what guys/girls are like.”

What I’m trying to say is that I only ship a handful of M/F couples, and even then my reaction tends to be of the “Hmmm, that’s cute, I guess” variety, and not the “OHHH MY GOD SOMEONE PLEASE HELP I’M HAVING AN EMOTION THEY’RE BEING TOO CUTE AND THIS IS NOT ALLOWED BECAUSE IT MAKES ME FEEL FEELINGS” variety.

Do you ever ship something so hard that when you see a picture of them, you bury your face in your hands while grinning like a dork, and then peek out from behind your fingers and beam approvingly at their cuteness and happiness and at just how right they are for each other? Because I do. Frequently.

peggy and angie in automat3. Peggy Carter & Angie Martinelli
(Agent Carter)

UGHHH THESE TWO ARE JUST SO CUTE AND PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER! I ship them for so many reasons… one of which is that I see a lot of similarities between Steve and Angie? So I can totally see why Peggy loves both of them. (Shhh, I know it’s not canon yet, but it should be. It needs to be.)

ALSO, YAY FOR VINTAGE QUEER WOMEN. This is yet another reason why I adore Carol so much, because it’s set at about the same time, but its characters are canonically queer. STOP SLACKING OFF, MARVEL. GET YOUR BUTT IN GEAR. (…I’ve just realized that “canonically queer” and “get your butt in gear” rhyme and now I’m very proud of myself and want to write a song with both of those phrases in it. Oh my god.)

It’s very hard to choose a FAVORITE couple from this list but in the end, Peggy and Angie would have to be it. Also, I am basically Angie because I too am incredibly gay for Peggy Carter. THE GAYEST.

4. Matt Murdock & Foggy Nelson

I haven’t even finished watching this show, but these two are so great! I don’t normally ship M/M couples either, but Matt and Foggy have a dynamic that I just love. They have a strong friendship, and I prefer to ship characters like that – characters whose love is built on a strong foundation, as cheesy as that may sound. Like, I can’t stand fictional couples who “fall in love” just days after meeting. I WANT MORE COUPLES WHO GREW UP TOGETHER AND HAVE BEEN THROUGH EVERYTHING TOGETHER AND HAVE LOTS OF EMBARRASSING MEMORIES OF EACH OTHER.

5. Kate Kane & Renee Montoya
(Batwoman comics by Greg Rucka)

I’ve only read the first volume, Batwoman: Elegy, so I haven’t seen much of these two, and I’m pretty sure they break up eventually anyway? BUT I DON’T EVEN CARE. THEY ARE CUTE. AND I HAVE A CRUSH ON KATE.

han solo and leia - episode v6. Han Solo & Leia Organa
(Star Wars)

There are two M/F couples who make me feel ALL OF THE EMOTIONS – Steve & Peggy, and Han & Leia! (I didn’t say “straight couples” because I’ve headcanoned the former two as bisexual for a while now, and recently realized that something about the latter two pings as bi to me as well.)

As with Steve & Peggy, this is a couple that I knew about for a long time, but I never really shipped them until I saw The Force Awakens and then rewatched parts of the original trilogy. AHHH I LOVE THESE TWO. They kick ass together, so OBVIOUSLY I have to ship them.

I looooove how they interact with each other – their relationship is one part sarcasm, one part sweetness. They may make snarky comments about one another, but they also always have each other’s backs in a fight. Also, just like Steve & Peggy’s, theirs is a relationship that we get to see evolve over decades, which is pretty cool.

7. Poe Dameron & Finn
(Star Wars)

I loooooove to ship the dorky characters with the suave ones! OMG FINN IS BASICALLY A PUPPY IN HUMAN FORM. A LOVESICK PUPPY. Not only did The Force Awakens have an incredibly diverse cast of characters, but the most-shipped couple is a black guy and a Latino guy, which makes the bigots in this fandom SO mad.

Episode VIII is, apparently, undergoing rewrites as we speak, and a lot of people think the writers may be writing a Finn/Poe romance into the script. (Poe’s actor, Oscar Isaac, said he portrayed that character as though they were flirting, so we can definitely hope.)

honor girl8. Maggie & Erin
(Honor Girl from Maggie Thrash)

This pairing is lesser-known, but just as deserving of love! I adored this graphic novel, which I read this fall – it’s seriously one of the best LGBTQ+ stories I’ve ever read.

I ship Maggie & Erin together because I see a lot of similarities between their relationship, and my relationship with my crushes past and present. I mean, let’s be honest – practically ever other relationship on this list is The Ideal, but not something I have actually had. This novel did such a good job of capturing the feelings of doubt (and even awkwardness) that I think a lot of LGBTQ+ people experience in their relationships or with their crushes.

And it’s about missed opportunities, too: Maggie & Erin don’t get together at the end of the novel. This is a reality that I think a lot of LGBTQ+ novels, especially those written by straight people, gloss over. Even when the attraction is mutual, sometimes it just isn’t the right place or time, and people slip away from us in a way that wouldn’t happen if this were a straight relationship, because those are condoned in any place or time. saga volume one

9. Alana & Marko
(The Saga comics by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples)

I often describe this series as a cross between Game of Thrones and Star Wars – and I won’t stop now, because it certainly is. It’s hard to condense Alana and Marko’s relationship dynamic into just a few words, but I guess my favorite part is the down-to-earth way in which they are written? They love each other, but they also frustrate each other. They’re fiercely protective of their baby girl. They deal with a lot of prejudice and crap – they belong to two different alien species, which are currently fighting each other in a galactic war.

imagine me & you kiss10. Rachel & Luce
(Imagine Me & You)


Imagine Me & You is a British romcom about two women, Rachel & Luce, who meet and begin to fall in love on the day of Rachel’s wedding to a man. I first watched it last summer, have seen it several times since then, and can already tell that I will be rewatching it many more times in the future. Watching Rachel & Luce makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside… and they make me laugh so much!

As I said earlier in this post, there is a dearth of happy, lighthearted stories about queer women, so I’m glad I decided to watch it. Imagine Me & You was actually the first LGBTQ+ movie I ever watched! We definitely need more diversity in literature, but we also need more diversity within the diverse stories that are being written – in other words, we need to start including diverse characters in more genres. There aren’t as many LGBTQ+ romcoms as there should be, and we need more.



P.S. This will be the first of several Valentine’s Day themed posts… they won’t be all in a row after this one, but you’ll definitely see more than one, because reasons. BECAUSE I WANT TO WRITE ALL THE THINGS OK.

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14 Responses to Top 10 Couples I Started Shipping Within The Past Year Or So

  1. I’m shipping FInn and Poe sooo hard. I need them to be a thing. 😀

    • nevillegirl says:

      They’re so cute! I see a lot of parallels between Finn & Leia and Poe and & Han, actually, so their romantic chemistry makes even more sense to me. (Although I think a lot of people see similarities between Poe & Leia and Finn &… Luke? I think? IDK, I can’t really see it, but it’s interesting to read about.)

  2. YES TO FINN AND POE. And Han and Leia…these are the only ones I know? I just really, really hope Finn and Poe becomes canon because a) YAY REPRESENATION and unlike other ships with developing movies, at least one of the major characters supports it…so at least we have a small chance. 😀

    • nevillegirl says:

      Yayyyyyy! It would mean SO much – I mean, Star Wars has a huge fanbase, and we NEED more LGBTQ+ characters in genre fiction. I’m tired of reading YA contemporaries about cis white gay boys. -_-

      (Psst! Some of the actors in the Marvel movies love the queer headcanons of their characters… another reason you should start watching! 😀 Hayley Atwell ships Peggy & Angie together, and Steve & Bucky too, I think?)

      • SAME. I have nothing against cis white gay boys…but there is so much more than that!
        (I know, I know! I really do need to, and I might this week watch The Avengers or something, but honestly I keep forgetting. I practically am secondhand shipping Angie and Peggy just from your posts and tumblr, xD )

    • nevillegirl says:

      Exactly! Considering how there are more women in the world than men, and how there are way more LGBTQ+ POC than LGBTQ+ white people, aaaaand how there are more bi people than the L or the G, it just doesn’t make sense to have sooooo many cis white gay guys in the media, at the expense of others! (This isn’t true of trans people, that there are more of them than there are of cis people, but there are still way more than people think… so… yeah.)

      I’d recommend that you start with the first Captain America movie, actually, and then watch the first Iron Man and the first Thor! And then The Avengers, but starting with those other movies gives you a better foundation, I think, so you’ll understand the characters better. (I mean… as much as you can in The Avengers, because all the characters in it are written kinda OOC in terms of what they’re actually like in the comics. I’m not a huge fan of either The Avengers or its sequel for that reason; I vastly prefer the superhero movies that focus on a single character and not on an entire cast.) I keep meaning to respond to your comment from a few weeks ago where you asked where to start watching, but GAH I’VE BEEN SO BUSY.)

        Ahhh, that makes sense! Thank you! I had a friend send me an email once of which ones I definitely need to watch and which ones I shouldn’t bother with…but then I accidentally deleted it. *cries* THANK YOU! *scuttles off to go see if it’s on On Demand*

    • nevillegirl says:

      Just a sec, I’ll write up the list of movies/shows! 🙂

  3. matttblack42 says:

    Life Goal #1: Get Engie to ship two of my characters.

  4. Miriam Joy says:

    Foggy and Matt!!!!!! BEST DAMN AVOCADOS

  5. Great picks! Han and Leia, Alana and Marko and Peggy and Steve, especially!

    Check out my TTT.

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