Negative Engie / Positive Engie

SDJHGKDFGJHKSGJH I AM IN KIND OF A BAD MOOD. Soooo… if you don’t mind, I’m going to rant about the things that have been bothering me lately, and then counter those things with something more positive. I thought this might help me to feel less grumpy, so let’s try it, shall we?

I hate that I haven’t had the time to write some of the long blog posts that I’ve been meaning to write for ages now, and I especially hate that I’ve been posting so late at night because I just can’t justify blogging before finishing my homework. I know I could stop blogging, I guess, but seeing as how writing helps me to destress and is also one of the few hobbies I seem to have time for anymore, I’m sticking with it.

(I should have much more free time beginning this Friday, however, because I always have a ridiculous amount of homework due in the middle of the week for some reason. So I can write a lot on the weekend, and schedule posts for those times when I can’t write anything.)

I hate that the writing software I have to use for Her Campus takes forever to upload images, and then orients them sideways unless I download them to My Pictures and not My Downloads.

(I’m glad that I have the opportunity to write for this online magazine – and about some of my favorite topics, too! I’ll get the hang of this software eventually, and grow more patient with it.)

I hate that the lounge on my floor is never quiet – there are four or five other students in here, playing the loudest card game I’ve ever heard. Lots of giggling and shrieking and throwing cards at one another and then arguing with each other.

(It’s more comfortable than sitting out in the hallway, though, because there are actual chairs here… and if you’re wondering why I don’t just sit in my room, it’s because my roommate has already gone to bed and wanted the lights turned out.)

I hate that my friends and I made plans to go see a movie tonight and then I wasn’t able to go because, as I said earlier, HOMEWORK. Homework is a thing. Ugh.

(But the movie theater will be open on other days, and I can always borrow DVDs from the library.)

I hate that I already miss MBLGTACC and want to go back, but I can’t since it’s an annual event. I wish it were longer, or more often. Being around so many other LGBTQ+ people was amazing, and the world honestly seems less bright now.

(I’ve been in touch with some of the girls I met there, however, and we send each other memes and other crap and laugh a lot. I also made plans to meet up with some of the girls from other colleges in Iowa at the lecture that Alison Bechdel is giving at my school in May! YAY FOR NERDY LESBIANS. We’re debating whether or not to bring our copies of her books because we don’t know if there will be time for her to autograph them. Wouldn’t that be amazing?!)

really hate that there isn’t enough student housing for the 2016-17 school year – long story – so I didn’t get a spot in the dorms, which is what I was counting on. I don’t feel entirely ready to get an apartment just yet, but I guess that’s what I’ll be doing next year.

(I feel much less worried about this whole apartment thing now than I did last night, because I’ve already found a few girls who, like me, are scrambling to find a place to stay. I made an appointment to check out an apartment on Saturday and everything… adulting is hard, peoples. NEVER GROW UP.)


Well, I think that helped at least a little bit! It was nice to just get my thoughts down on paper – or rather the screen, I suppose – and figure out exactly what it is that’s been stressing me out.

Also, I feel as though I don’t do as many personal posts as I’d like to, and especially not posts where I’m grumpy and not incessantly positive, so this was an interesting change. Maybe I’ll end up doing more posts like this in the future?! (Tell me what you thought of it! Did it interest you, or not really? Do you want to see more posts like this?)

TELL ME ABOUT YOUR DAY. What made you grumpy? What made you happy?!

About nevillegirl

Elizabeth. University of Iowa class of 2019. Triple majoring in English & Creative Writing, Journalism, and Gender, Women's, & Sexuality Studies. Twenty-one-year-old daydreamer, introvert, voracious reader, aspiring writer, and lesbian. Passionate about feminism, mental health, comic books, and cats.
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7 Responses to Negative Engie / Positive Engie

  1. I feel you. *nod* Friday was an on/off day for me as well- it started off good. Then came band, and there’s this one awful kid whom I suddenly had to sit by and everything he played just sounded really not right? So there was stress. But I have lovely friends, so that helped.
    (That sucks about the whole dorm thing, though.)

    • nevillegirl says:

      Blerghhhh. *hugs*

      Today was another weird day – on the whole, it was more positive than not, but I had an appointment to go see that apartment and it was DISGUSTING. Oh, well. There are other places I can look at. Aaaand then I went to the bookstore (which has cats!) and found a copy of The Miseducation of Cameron Post, which I bought OF COURSE because it my favorite book ever. ❤ And the weather is beautiful today, so I'm trying to focus on the nice happy things and not the gross apartment and the stress of adulting. (Like, ugh, I have to call to make an appointment at a different apartment and I hate talking on the phone…)

    • nevillegirl says:

      Ehehe, it is definitely cute. They’re reorganizing the front of the store right now – moving around the cashier’s desk and stuff – and the cats are getting underfoot. 😀 I love them so much.

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