400th Anniversary Of The Bard’s Death | Some Fun Links About Shakespeare

I had BIG PLANS for today. It’s the four hundredth anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, and so I was going to post a list of my top ten favorite words or phrases that he coined!

And then my day disappeared in a rush of studying and reading, and here we are at almost midnight and I’m staring at an enormous list of all those words and phrases. And I don’t even know where to start.


BUT I MIGHT DO IT EVENTUALLY. One of my summer courses is about Shakespeare – we’re studying him and his plays in only five weeks – and I’m super excited! It doesn’t begin until late June, though, so it’ll be a while until that post of mine is published.

…anyway, since I don’t have a real post for you today, here are some Shakespearean things I read and enjoyed on the Internet lately.

I love learning about which writers influenced my favorite authors, and Shakespeare is no different. I am fascinated by the idea that the authors whose stories we love contain so many influences and older stories within them, just mixed up in new ways.

I need to memorize some of these 15 great insults from Shakespeare. We all know someone who makes us think, “I am sick when I do look at thee,” right? RIGHT?

How extensive is your knowledge of Shakespeare? Mine is… not very good, apparently. But what can I say? All the questions were super obscure, and most of them weren’t even about his plays or life, so I don’t even know. I got two out of ten and it told me that “my nose is in great indignation,” which honestly made my day because that’s another great insult.

Anyway, I hope you find the links as fun as I did, and I’m sorry that I didn’t end up publishing that post about my favorite Shakespearean words/phrases! SOMEDAY, THOUGH. SOMEDAY I WILL.

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2 Responses to 400th Anniversary Of The Bard’s Death | Some Fun Links About Shakespeare

  1. Those insults are the best! 😀

  2. Miriam Joy says:

    That article missed my favourite Shakespeare insult: “Do thou amend thy face, and I’ll amend my life.” It’s from Henry IV (I think Falstaff says it? Or someone says it to Falstaff?) and it’s a great response whenever anyone tells you to get your life in order…

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