An LGBTQ+ Link Roundup: Cards For Orlando, Gay Dads, Iowa City Pride, & More

Hello, everyone. This is the second of two link roundups I’m planning to do this Pride month. (You can find the first here, if you’re interested.) The first was only nine days ago, but it feels as though it was so long ago… so much has happened lately. It’s overwhelming, really.

Anyway, let’s get started. As usual, the following links are things I’ve read and enjoyed lately, and hoped you might enjoy too.

Orlando’s LGBTQ+ community is unbreakable, and they’re remembering the victims with songs and stories.

This little girl is making cards for the families of the victims of the shooting! Some of my friends and I actually started working on cards too today, and I may post pictures later – so far, we’re mostly writing meaningful/inspirational quotes from LGBTQ+ leaders. We’re going to add condolences later, after we’ve figured out what to say… nothing seems adequate.

This is a really beautiful article about what LGBTQ+ spaces mean to different people. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, because I didn’t have the chance to be in solely LGBTQ+ spaces until I headed off to college, so I’m still relatively new to that experience.

Happy Father’s Day! Here’s an infographic about LGBTQ+ dads because I LOVE GRAPHS AND YOU SHOULD TOO.

I don’t know if this will interest anyone but myself, but look! Pictures of Iowa City’s Pride!

So apparently there was an LGBTQ+ prom at the Iowa City senior center? And my friend went? And I’m so disappointed that she didn’t tell me about it until afterwards because I LOVE TALKING TO ELDERLY GAY PEOPLE OMG.

This is a hard article to read, and is by no means happy, but I think it’s important to understand where and when and how and why cis straight people learn to hate LGBTQ+ people at such an early age. On a more light-hearted note, here is how to raise your kids to be better LGBTQ+ allies.

Orange is the New Black fell victim to the Bury Your Gays trope… ugh, I’m so glad that I procrastinated on watching that show because I’m tired of this. STOP KILLING US. Also, it seems like another LGBTQ+ character might be dead or about to die on the show? Just stop. Please. We don’t need to see any more of this, especially after a week that left many LGBTQ+ people of color dead. Let us have escapist stories for once, please. Since we can’t seem to escape violence in real life, it’s more important than ever to allow us to do so through media.

The state of LGBTQ+ characters in both Marvel and DC isn’t great, but it’s getting better. Meanwhile, the lead of the upcoming Doctor Who spinoff Class will apparently be LGBTQ+. Yay!

Happy reading!


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4 Responses to An LGBTQ+ Link Roundup: Cards For Orlando, Gay Dads, Iowa City Pride, & More

  1. What No? Say it isn’t true about OISTNB! Ughh I haven’t finished watching this newest season…

  2. Okay, now I’m even more excited about Class. I mean, it’s a DW spinoff, so I was already insanely excited, but THANK YOU PATRICK NESS AND THE REST OF THE CLASS CREATORS.

  3. Heather says:

    Thanks for the resources, Engie!

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