Harry Potter Go, A Sorting Hat Quiz For Your Cat, & More

Hey, everyone! It’s Harry Potter day and even though I’m… not really into the series anymore, I still find myself getting caught up in the excitement of days like this one. Today I thought I’d share some things I read lately.

I admit that I originally had a more kick-ass post planned for today but A) I had homework that needed to be done and B) the lock on my door broke and it took like five hours for the repairmen to unlock the door and fix it while my laptop was inside, so I spent the evening playing Pictionary inside of writing. Which was fun, though very different from how I’d envisioned spending my time.

Anyway. Where was I? Oh yes, things I have read about Harry Potter. The most important is, of course, the new play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which was published today. I have no idea when or even I’ll get around to reading it, but in the meantime I’ve heard all sorts of interesting things: IT’S WONDERFUL. IT’S AWFUL.

There have been rumors of a Pokemon Go-like game based on Harry Potter, which sounded too good to be true… and it was. I suck at games – I was LITERALLY THE WORST at every game on Pottermore – so even if that game really did exist I probably wouldn’t play it in order to avoid embarrassment, but still.

Here are 27 things that happened the year Harry Potter was first published! Note to self: Write a post about remembering important years in your life according to which books were published that year. For instance, the Harry Potter series is the same age as my brother, while I was born the year A Game of Thrones was published, et cetera. Does anyone else do this?

Apparently Harry Potter fans are more likely to dislike Trump? I mean, I’m at the point where I don’t like either, but I’ll take anything I can get if it stops that orange man from becoming our next president. (I do think it makes sense, though – the theme of government corruption is strong in that series, and the generation that grew up reading these books is now old enough to vote, so…)

Last but DEFINITELY not least, here is a quiz about which Hogwarts house your cat belongs to. You need this in your life. Trust me. How else will you know if you and your cat belong to the same house?! My cat is a Slytherin just like me, but I need to take the quiz for all the cats I know. Because reasons. (Which may or may not involve knitting them tiny scarves in their house colors.)

Happy reading! Happy Harry day!

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6 Responses to Harry Potter Go, A Sorting Hat Quiz For Your Cat, & More

  1. Lol that cat sorting quiz is so awesome! My kitten would be put in Ravenclaw (like my hubby) and my older cat would be in Hufflepuff. 😀 I’m outnumbed as the only Slytherin in the family.

  2. Evi says:

    Ahhh this is great! I read Cursed Child…and um, it was like a really bad fanfiction. It was just very not good and it was so sad! Ooooh, that thing about Trump reminds me of something my mom had read, about kids who read HP are more likely to be more empathetic and open-minded, which is super cool! My cat’s a Slytherin, because she’s evil and hates everybody, but that is a beautiful quiz.

    • nevillegirl says:

      I think that in general, people who read a lot are probably more likely to be more empathetic + open-minded and oppose Trump, tbh. Because reading is all about being exposed to characters who have very different experiences and perspectives from your own. 🙂

  3. Heather says:

    This sounds weird because you’d think I’d talk to more people or something but nah. Anyway, what sounds weird: I actually haven’t run into anyone in-person who has liked The Cursed Child. Like Evi said, and everyone else I know, it’s really bad fanfiction. It’s just… yeah. The Trump thing doesn’t surprise me so much because I also read somewhere else that HP fans are more likely to be more tolerant and accepting of people (LGBTQ+-wise, other areas I can’t remember because I don’t remember anything else from the article I read) than other people. Which is interesting, especially when I think about how in middle school a bunch of people had stories that went along the lines of “when I started reading Harry Potter my grandparents tried to throw them away because they were about witchcraft.” It’s odd how common an experience that was for people.

    That was a long tangent. Anyway, I also took the cat quiz and since I don’t have a cat I pretended to be a cat and I still got my house. XD

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