September NaNoWriMo Planning: To-Do Lists & Pinterest Boards

I can’t believe September is almost over already. This month went by exceptionally quickly, and it’s hard to wrap my mind around the idea that we’re almost seven weeks into the school year.

I started planning for National Novel Writing Month in August and said I would post once a month regarding my progress. Well, as promised, here is my post for September.

Last month I said that I hoped to start filling out the NaNo high school workbook in September and continue in October, but I have not yet done so. I briefly thought about scrambling to complete a handful of pages so I could take pictures of them and show off, but… no.

I want to be honest on this blog and with everyone who reads it… so this is me, being honest: I’ve been really busy this month. I have a ton of homework, big projects, et cetera, and when I’m not working my butt off to get them done, I’m far too exhausted to plan out a novel.

This doesn’t mean that I’ve changed my mind about NaNo. I still want to do it! I’ve just realized that it’ll be harder than I thought, that’s all. I realized that there is still so much planning that needs to be done that ISN’T related to developing ideas for my story.

So, yeah. I did make progress, of a sort, this month. It wasn’t the kind of progress I had envisioned myself making, but the main thing I did to get ready for NaNo in September was to make a list that further breaks down everything else that I need to do.

These things include:

1. Read No Plot, No Problem by Chris Baty

The official NaNoWriMo guide! This is my fifth NaNo so it’s not exactly imperative that I read a guidebook, but I’m going to do it anyway just to see if I find any useful tips in the time management department. Because I could always use more help with that. I’ve been trying to read one book each Sunday, so that will be the selection for this coming weekend!

2. Block out time to write on my schedule

I was flipping through the NaNoWriMo workbook the other day and noticed that this was addressed in it, which is what reminded me that this is a THING I should probably figure out soonish instead of waiting until November.

So far it looks like I can make time on Tuesday evenings (when my writing group, the Iowa Writers’ House, meets), Sunday mornings (when I often schedule blog posts for the week ahead), and various times on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday depending on what is happening that week.

I also plan to attend as many write-ins as possible and am super excited to NaNo in person for the first time since I joined NaNo in 2011!

3. Schedule blog posts 

There is, without a doubt, no possible way for me to write a novel, continue to earn straight As, and keep this blog up to date during the month of November if I don’t schedule most, or hopefully all, of my posts in advance. This shouldn’t be too difficult – I like to sit down and write a bunch on Sunday mornings, as stated above.


Last but not least, I made a board for my novel on Pinterest today before class while we were waiting for the professor to arrive. I rarely use Pinterest, and sometimes forget I even have it, but it does come in handy for story inspiration, fancasts, et cetera.

This particular board definitely makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. (My novel is a fluffy YA contemporary about two girls, best friends, who fall in love over the course of a summer and have lots of adventures.) I will be adding more pins over the next few weeks, so be sure to check it from time to time!

Will you participate in NaNoWriMo this fall? If so, how have you been preparing for it?

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11 Responses to September NaNoWriMo Planning: To-Do Lists & Pinterest Boards

  1. orphu44 says:

    I like the look of that moodboard! And I hear what you’re saying about time for NaNoWriMo. I haven’t decided whether I’ll do NaNo or not this year. I have /ideas/, but I’m sure if I’ll do /any/ commitments justice if I take on NaNo as well. If not, I’ll just marvel at your ambitious time commitments from afar. Good luck!

  2. Sounds like a good plan! I love the pinterest board!
    I am so excited to do NaNowrimo, speaking of are we friends on the site? If not we should be. 😉
    I am a full blooded pantster, I can’t plan out novels very well at all. So I have no idea what I’m doing yet, and I probably won’t know till the end of this month. *sigh*

    • nevillegirl says:

      Thank you!

      I don’t think so! What’s your username there?

      Lol I can so relate. I attempt to make plans for just about EVERYTHING, not just NaNo stuff, to make my life a little more simple and more organized. But at heart I just do my own thing and drop all those plans. 😛

  3. themagicviolinist says:

    Eeeeee, I love the Pinterest board!! This looks super cute. Will you be posting snippets on your blog at any time? 😉

    • nevillegirl says:


      Lol I’m getting to this comment soooo late… anyway, as you obviously already know, at the last minute I decided not to do NaNo after all because I was so overwhelmed, but if I had done it I probably would have posted snippets! Maybe next year, or the year after that, or… whatever year it is when I finally have time to do NaNo again.

  4. Mahima says:

    I’m taking part in NaNo this year (hopefully!). I’ve kept the planning time to the mornings (and have yet to start, whoops). Hope you manage to find the time to get all of those to do list things done! And OH MY DAYS. You’re going to attend a write-in!!!!!! This is excellent news! I can’t wait to hear about how it was – we have quite a few write-ins in London but I’m super apprehensive about attending them so I’d like to know how it would be for you.
    And the PINTEREST BOARD. GAH. It makes me feel so warm as well, it’s so cute. ❤ Also, how do you embed boards into your post? I've tried doing it before but it didn't work. :/

    • nevillegirl says:

      I think I just copied and pasted the link to the board into my post and it automatically embedded itself? Not sure, though, since I haven’t done that in a while. 🙂

  5. Evi says:

    I really want to do NaNo…but chances of me actually being able to are probably very small considering I have like NO TIME ANYMORE. What with getting up around 5 and then not getting home till 5 and then going to bed at 8. *sigh*
    Your novel idea and pinterest board LOOKS SO AMAZING OH MY GOODNESS.

    • nevillegirl says:

      That does sound like quite the hectic schedule! So did you end up doing NaNoWriMo? I’m sooo behind on my blog comments, I’m getting to this one so late lmao.

      Thank you! Never did end up writing that novel but I do intend to one day.

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