Half A Dozen Years Of Blogging (!!!)

Today is my sixth blogiversary!

Every year I tell myself I should do something special to celebrate. I wanted to do a giveaway this year, actually, but then I wasn’t organized enough to actually pull that off. (Of course.) So… you get this instead. I started this blog six years ago today and my how it has grown.

I’m in a weird period right now that is not too far removed, in some ways, from my early blogging days: I haven’t gotten very many views, comments, or likes lately, for instance. Which I recognize is completely my fault. I haven’t been as active here as I used to be or as I’d like to be.

To tell the truth, I’ve been incredibly busy lately. And tired. And a little sad. Definitely not as depressed as I was this summer, when I went through another blogging slump, but something like a mini version of that. Which still sounds dire, I realize that. It’s really not, though. I’m determined to push through this and catch up on any course readings that still need to be finished. I just thought I should explain why I’ve been absent recently.

Anyway, that’s all I had to say. I meant to post something special today, I really did – I think my blog deserves it. But I had neither the time nor the motivation to do so. For a while I considered just not marking this day at all since I wasn’t going to be able to do anything special, but that didn’t seem right. So this is me, announcing that it’s my sixth blogiversary.

There is something you can do to celebrate, if you’d like: I would really appreciate it if you told me six things about me and/or my blog. ANYTHING. Six anythings. Really. It can be just pure positivity or constructive criticism or advice or whatever. Maybe you have a favorite memory of something I said, or maybe you wish that I’d do a certain kind of post more often. Anything goes! I’m curious to see what you have to say.


About nevillegirl

Elizabeth. University of Iowa class of 2019. Triple majoring in English & Creative Writing, Journalism, and Gender, Women's, & Sexuality Studies. Twenty-one-year-old daydreamer, introvert, voracious reader, aspiring writer, and lesbian. Passionate about feminism, mental health, comic books, and cats.
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15 Responses to Half A Dozen Years Of Blogging (!!!)

  1. Cynthia says:

    1. you were one of the first people i followed and when you followed me back i freaked out utterly and did a small scream.
    2. actually according to wordpress you were one of the first people who followed me also?
    3. your shakespearean summer project was my favorite thing of ever.
    5. you’re incredibly cute. (my crushing on girls has increased about 200% this week and i don’t know anymore)
    6. i was going to write something here but i forgot what so i’m going to send hearts instead ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    anyhoo have a happy day! or at least a happier one! *throws fall leaves about*

  2. 1. I’ve not been following you for very long, but I can tell that your writing has improved!
    2. I love hearing about all things books in Iowa!
    3. I’m glad you have gotten more open about discussion mental illness. It is definitely needed.
    4. Go you for being involved in school! I wish I had gotten more involved earlier.
    5. Your opinion on pop culture is very mature and nuanced and I appreciate it.
    6. Even when you don’t post as often as usual, you still maintain your blog well.
    I almost never comment or like here (I am trying to be more active so maybe I will now) but your efforts don’t go unnoticed! Keep doing you!

  3. 1. I rarely comment on your post and I always forget to like things (as I’m usually not logged in or on mobile which is kind of dodgy) but you’re one of the few blogs where I do always read your content …
    2. And (naturally) that’s because I love your blog. It’s the kind of thing where your writing style and you as a person somehow makes everything you talk about interesting, even if it isn’t on a topic I’m usually in to.
    3. I love all your college posts! They’re really informative and all around fun to read about.
    4. I love your daily Pride month posts.
    5. Congratulations on your sixth blogversary!! It’s no small feat to maintain a blog as consistently for that amount of time as you have done. 😛
    6. I just think you’re amazing as a person and as a writer !

  4. orphu44 says:

    1. Yours was the first blog I started reading (and also the last one I still read regularly. that might have counted as a separate point but I’m counting it as one)
    2. Once you changed your ‘About Nevillegirl’ picture to one that was of yourself, I showed it to my mother and she said you looked surprisingly like she expected (which I think was because I’d shown her a picture of you before, but still)
    3. My favourite posts are /probably/ day-in-the-life posts.
    4. Neville isn’t really the main figure of this blog anymore but he’s a cute thingumajig.
    5. I genuinely appreciate when you tag me in blog tags! (Which might seem odd since I haven’t done any recently, but I do want to when I next start scheduling blog posts.)
    6. I like seeing your photography!
    Happy blogiversary! ❤

  5. Mahima says:

    1, you were my first “book blogging friend”
    2. the first time i really felt a sense of appreciation for you apart from the whole “book blogging friend” aspect is when you linked me on Facebook to an article about being a badass Muslim artist
    3. your content on LGBTQ+ has transformed the way I view sexuality and the politics surrounding sexuality
    4. your conviction and demands for equality have inspired me to have that same attitude first in how I present myself IRL and then how I curate my blog/media content
    5. your jobs, how productive you are, your goals, and your achievements push me to work harder and to expect the best from myself (read: to believe in myself)
    6. if you hadn’t banged on about miseducation of cameron post then I wouldn’t have read it, and if I hadn’t read it I wouldn’t have all the questions that I have right now

    And a seventh one to commemorate your seventh year in blogging and to congratulate you on keeping this going for six whole years and to send well wishes for this next year and for the future of your blogging and of yourself:

    Thank you so much for caring, recommending books, commenting on my posts consistently back when it was allthingswordy because if you hadn’t done so I wouldn’t have discovered this brilliant blog of yours, sending that friend request on Facebook, showing me just how far I can go. Thank you Engie, for all the support also. I hope you don’t burn out, and I am glad you are trying to take care of yourself. Thank you for inspiring me so much!!!!

  6. Boquinha says:

    Happy blogiversary!

    1. I just checked and I’ve been following your blog for nearly 4 years now. Still one of my favorite blog finds, recommended to me by The Magic Violinist herself.
    2. You feel like a long-time friend to me and that’s how you’re spoken of in our home (sometimes we call you by your first name and other times it’s Nevillegirl).
    3. You and your mom have helped us immensely – it’s so great to know fellow out-of-the-box homeschoolers. 🙂
    4. Your writing definitely has a voice/tone that is uniquely yours and that’s so great! There is consistency and I can read something and know it’s you/hear your voice. So personal and relatable!
    5. We really enjoyed Skyping with you over Labor Day weekend!! Like, a lot!
    6. I think it’s fantastic how open you are about your likes, who you are, and what you think – you’re not afraid to be real!

    I’m not as good at keeping up on all of your posts as I used to be, but when I get a chance to catch up here and there, it’s always fun to see what you’re up to!

  7. Evi says:

    ahhh congratulations!!
    2. everything you talk about on here is just honestly so great- there’s gay stuff! and school stuff! and music! and books! and factual serious stuff! it’s all awesome!
    3. when I was a smoller bean who didn’t really know the extent of her gayness or anything about the lgbtq+ community, really, your blog posts educated me a lot and I am very thankful for that. (some of the things I thought were just. ergh. not bad opinions necessarily just they weren’t correct and ahhh)
    4. you always have such positive things to say- even on not always happy stuff, it’s always got a “it will get better” hint to it!
    6. it has been an honor to watch your blog grow!

  8. Heather says:

    Happy sixth blogoversary! 😀

    1. I admire how, even at your bad times, you commit to posting, and how you often share the important stories of yourself and others, especially when society has dictated for a long time that they ought not to be heard.
    2. I love your enthusiasm for the amazing things you love. 🙂
    3. You make a point especially of pointing out issues in the LGBTQ+ community, even in areas that aren’t usually associated with representation (at least in my general awareness of the world). Pointing out songs and news events I wouldn’t hear about otherwise is awesome.
    4. You blog about your goals and even if you don’t get to them all at least you HAVE some. I don’t like goals. Goals are concerning to me. But I am glad you have them!
    5. If you diiiiid want some constructive criticism (which will probably sound mostly like criticism because I know you don’t have a lot a time and tbh who does but still) it might be to do some design updates. The sidebar especially seems a little cluttered and maybe outdated, I dunno, so just a little of that would make your blog EVEN BETTER.
    6. But to end on a good note you are diligent and brave and a storyteller so keep up your good work and have another awesome year, no matter what it brings!

  9. Claire says:

    Happy sixth blogiversary! Congratulations!

    1. I’m not sure how long I’ve been following you, but I always look forward to seeing your posts and they always make me think.
    2. I admire how you manage to keep posting in college. I would like to take after you and develop a regular posting schedule, it’s really impressive how you manage to do so.
    3. I appreciate you pointing out issues in the world and talking about them honestly, you always seem to have such a good perspective on things.
    4. Your book reviews are always very well written…I’ve discovered a lot of new authors through your blog!
    5. I will be forever grateful that you recommended Ash by Malinda Lo. It’s one of my favorite books now, I probably wouldn’t have noticed it on my own, but I’m so glad I read it!
    6. I love your blog and wish you all the best in this coming year! ❤ 🙂 *hugs*

  10. I am somewhat late, but HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! (I never know how to spell that, ah well.)
    Some things:
    1 All your posts are really interesting and wonderful, and I love that you write about so many different things but manage to keep them all engaging 🙂
    2. Your writing style is really distinctive and readable to me!
    3. I love hearing about your experiences in college, especially as someone who has zero experience of college. They’ve definitely educated me on the cool stuff that you can do & learn as well as problems.
    4. Your LGBTQ+ posts are awesome and I think were probably one of the first things that educated me more about LGBTQ+ issues and the community? Yep. *nods*
    5. Your book recs are great; I’ve discovered a bunch of cool new books!
    6. I’m really in awe of how you manage to keep blogging with great content — and often compared to me haha — for so long. Aah congrats! ❤

  11. themagicviolinist says:

    Happy blogversary!! (Or however bloggers are saying it these days.)

    1. You were one of my very first blogger friends who actually stuck with blogging.
    2. You were one of the people to get me into “Doctor Who.”
    3. I think it’s super cool how involved you are with LGBTQ+ issues.
    4. Lots of your blog posts make me laugh out loud.
    5. The University of Iowa was sort of on my radar before, but thanks to you going and posting about it, it started me looking seriously at it.
    6. I’ve always loved your blog name/blogger username.

  12. matttblack42 says:

    1) I think you’re the first blogger I became friends with when I started off, and I think you’re the only one of those original few to still be blogging on a regular basis.

    2) You got me into V for Vendetta, Game of Thrones, The Miseducation of Cameron Post, and the Underland Chronicles. Probably a bunch of other stuff too, directly or indirectly.

    3) You’re one of the few bloggers whose posts I will always read. With other people I’ll sometimes look at the length and say, “nah,” or if I’m not intrigued by the title I’ll continue scrolling down. Not you, though. I just click on it without a second thought.

    4) You changed a lot about the way I think about LGBTQ+ issues. Most importantly you got me to speak up in real life against homophobia. Before that, when someone would say ignorant things, I’d be like, “meh, not worth getting in an argument.” But now I’ll be all, “hey, knock it off, dipshit.” Then I’ll proceed to throw some knowledge in their direction. And if that doesn’t work, I’ll introduce them to Swift and Justice, my left and right fist.

    (that last sentence wasn’t true but everything else was.)

    5) Your post about mental illness really spoke to me.

    6) And for some constructive criticism: I think you rally oughta face your fear of roller-coasters. They seem scary, but they’re basically just trains that sometimes go upside down. It’s fun!

  13. Happy blogiversary!!
    I love your blog. Your honest approach and talk about college is really great to read. Plus I love all the LGBTQ+ updates and recs you do. Keep up the good work!

  14. Shanti says:

    Happy blogaversary! I love how honest your are in your posts. I find it interesting that you don’t use that many graphics. I love your focus on LGBTQ+ issues. I really enjoy your writing style. I appreciate that you’re also a busy student who makes time to blog. I respect your passion and thoughtfulness for books. Yay!

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