The #LoveMe Challenge | Day 19 | Something I Feel Strongly About

header-image-for-lovemeThis February, I’m doing #LoveMe, a challenge designed to help you learn to love yourself! One of my New Year’s resolutions was to be kinder and more gentle to myself, so I’m trying to be as positive as I can possibly be in 2017 and hope that doing this challenge will be good for my mental health and overall well-being. Check out my previous #LoveMe posts here!

Today’s prompt is:

Something you feel strongly about.

pride flagIt should come as no surprise that I am very passionate about LGBTQ+ rights. It was probably even a predictable response from me.

This subject is even more important to me in the light of recent events, the new presidential administration, et cetera. It’s a bit of a terrifying time to live through, TBH, but I’m determined to make it through and not go back into the closet if I can help it, although of course my own safety comes first.

LGBTQ+ people deserve so much more than to be merely tolerated. We deserve to be accepted, respected, celebrated. Not denied access to healthcare and housing and job security. Not have our contributions to history, literature, and the arts downplayed or outright ignored in textbooks and in the classroom. Not made to feel guilty and doubtful about whether our love and our gender is somehow wrong according to someone else’s twisted view of morality.

We haven’t achieved this yet and I don’t know if we ever will in my lifetime, but I certainly hope that we do so one day. It may happen far, far off in the future, but as long as it happens eventually I’m good. I want everyone’s differences – of every sort, mind you, which includes things such as race and religion and ability – to be acknowledged, because glossing over what makes someone who they are isn’t right. I want those differences to be acknowledged without that interfering with how people treat one another. I want LGBTQ+ people to be loved.

What is something that you are very passionate about?

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