The #LoveMe Challenge | Day 28 | What I Have Learned From Doing #LoveMe These Past 28 Days

header-image-for-lovemeThis February, I’m doing #LoveMe, a challenge designed to help you learn to love yourself! One of my New Year’s resolutions was to be kinder and more gentle to myself, so I’m trying to be as positive as I can possibly be in 2017 and hope that doing this challenge will be good for my mental health and overall well-being. Check out my previous #LoveMe posts here!

Today’s prompt is:

What have you learned from doing #LoveMe these past twenty-eight days?

I can’t believe it’s already the last day of #LoveMe! I’ve had so much fun writing these posts and sharing them with you. I definitely think I have a much better sense of who I am as a person from having to think seriously and intently about how to answer all twenty-eight prompts. I’d just never really spent much time thinking about some of these subjects before, and probably would have never thought to think about those subjects either. (Did that make sense?)

I’m so glad I did #LoveMe.

Here’s what I’ve learned these past twenty-eight days:

Day 1

Why I’m Doing #LoveMe

Loving myself is hard and sometimes seems impossible.

Day 2

A Photo Of Me

There aren’t many photographs of myself that I like, but there are a few that make me happy to see and transport me right back to the time in my life when they were taken. As I said about the photo I chose – a senior year portrait – looking at it made me remember “feeling proud of myself for graduating, and excited yet anxious about heading off to college just a few months later.”

Day 3

A Word That Describes Me

I am A DREAMER. I have always been a dreamer. I have my head lost in the clouds, constantly. I think about my own stories, or someone else’s stories, and so sometimes I don’t pay attention to what is happening all around me in the here and now because I’m so concerned with the hypothetical and the imaginary.

Day 4

A Person Who Loves Me

New self-love goal: Love myself like I did when I was little.

Day 5

A Note To The Past Me

I wish I could go back in time and reassure the past me that I didn’t have to worry nearly so much! I mean, I don’t know how much it would help since I’m still an anxious mess these days, but sometimes just hearing reassuring words helps me to get through those difficult worry-filled days.

Day 6

A Note To The Future Me

I can’t wait to see who (and what) I become someday!

Day 7

One Thing That’s Just For Me

I need alone time. I NEED it! Without it I feel drained and can’t function. It’s a hugely important part of my life as an introvert and something I look forward to enjoying in small increments all throughout my days.

Day 8

A Scar

Scars tell stories. Tell me yours!

Day 9

Something Beautiful

I find beauty in many stories – and particularly in fantasy and science fiction – but Lord of the Rings is one source that I keep returning to, over and over. Whatever mood I’m in, it reminds me that humans are capable of creating incredibly beautiful stories… which then gives me a reason to continue writing my own stories!

Day 10

A Secret

It’s been hard to open up about my struggles to function, especially since as an honors student it often feels as though everyone else’s days are always effortless and successful. But I also believe it’s important to be open and honest about mental health, so I keep trying.

Day 11

A Smile

I don’t smile very often because it feels fake, forced, and awkward. So when I do, it really means a lot.

Day 12

A Flaw

“The way I see it, if I can’t wildly succeed at each and every thing I do, I may as well not do anything,” I wrote on day twelve. I have a HUGE problem when it comes to making realistic plans because I want to do everything under the sun and usually (…always) forget to take into account things such as poor mental health, a busy college schedule, et cetera.

Day 13

A Quote

This was my favorite post to write all month! “Stay afraid, but do it anyway.” I adore that Carrie Fisher quote and blogging about it just reminded me to repeat it to myself every so often. It really does help when I’m feeling “stuck” in my fear!

Day 14

A Fear I Overcame

Getting better can be terrifying when you’re so familiar with mental illness that it’s hard to picture yourself living your life any other way.

Day 15

Something I Have Done Right

On bad days, I feel like I shouldn’t even be in college. Lately, however, I’ve been feeling inspired by this post and have been trying to remind myself that there IS proof that I’m succeeding here: My grades were good enough to allow me to make the Dean’s list multiple times!

Day 16

Something I Like About Myself

While I’m on the subject of bad days: When I feel down about my writing, I remind myself that at least ideas come easily to me! I can figure out things such as working up motivation or finding enough time to write later.

Day 17

Something That Feeds My Soul

Iowa City satisfies my soul. I’m so grateful to be here. Some days when I’m waking up or falling asleep I think of how amazing it is that I wasn’t even aware of half of the things I now adore about this town, which then makes me feel infinitely happy that I chose to attend school here.

Day 18

Something That Feeds My Brain

Double-majoring in English & creative writing and journalism was one of the best decisions I ever made! I love seeing how my writing skills and interests grow and change over time.

Day 19

Something I Feel Strongly About

LGBTQ+ rights are important to me on both an immensely personal level and a much larger global level.

Day 20

Something I Love To Wear

I LOVE STRIPES, OK? I don’t care if they make me look short. Or fat. I’m not nearly as confident about some of my other clothing choices, but I do have some clothes that just feel so “me” and I love it.

Day 21

Something I Am Proud Of

I love being a writer who is also a member of the LGBTQ+ community! Writing is an integral part of activism and I’m happy to contribute in any way I can.

Day 22

What Makes Me Unique

I’m the only me who has ever existed.

Day 23

My Best Feature 

My eyes allow me to do everything I love and care about.

Day 24

What Makes Me Laugh

Spending time with my friends makes me so happy that I actually made it part of my New Year’s resolutions for 2017! And so far it’s going pretty well. I’m getting much better at knowing when I need to take a break and seek out other people to talk to.

Day 25

What Makes Me Happy

I’m just a very punny person.

Day 26

What Makes Me Feel Beautiful

Self care is not only essential; it is beautiful. AND I DON’T CARE HOW CHEESY THAT SOUNDS. It’s what I’ll keep reminding myself on my worst days.

Day 27

What I Have Accepted About Myself

All I have to do is my best: I don’t have to do my perfect, because aiming for my perfect only leaves me feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and disappointed.

Day 28

What I Have Learned From Doing #LoveMe These Past 28 Days

Although it’s still hard, I now know that there are many reasons to LOVE ME.


Why do you love yourself?


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Elizabeth. University of Iowa class of 2019. Triple majoring in English & Creative Writing, Journalism, and Gender, Women's, & Sexuality Studies. Twenty-one-year-old daydreamer, introvert, voracious reader, aspiring writer, and lesbian. Passionate about feminism, mental health, comic books, and cats.
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