#AmCurrently | Studying For Midterms, Listening To Ed Sheeran, & Double-Checking The Calendar

Didn’t think I’d write another #amcurrently post so soon after my first one, but there’s just so much going on. Soooo… behold, a post!



I have a midterm in Foundations of the First Amendment next week and I’m SUPER anxious because that course is so confusing to me. I go to every class meeting, take good notes, and even occasionally ask questions or volunteer answers, but I still feel overwhelmed.

Doing something is better than doing nothing, though, so I’m attempting to study for the test by trying out an idea from studyign: Summary foldables. These are a substitute for flash cards, as you can see in the video above. I spent the morning making a set of them to review nineteen vocabulary terms.

DEEP BREATHS. DEEEEEP BREATHS. I CAN DO THIS. I’ve drawn up a study schedule such that I’m A) going over one section of the study guide per day so I don’t burn out and B) reviewing material in a logical fashion because there are certain sections that I can’t work on until I’ve completed others. Figuring out all this and then settling down to work made me feel much less panicky.


I mean, not right NOW, obviously, but I have been sleeping better than expected: My psychiatrist recommended that I increase the dosage of my meds. Well, the last time I did that it gave me such bad insomnia that I didn’t sleep for two days. (While I was at a conference, too. Ewwww.)

This time around… has not been without its problems, but overall I feel like I adjusted much more quickly. In fact, I think I’ve slept better these past few nights than I have in a long time. Some of that could be related to the antidepressants, too – more energy, yay!


Because it FINALLY feels like spring spring SPRING! The past week was cold and cloudy but yesterday was gloriously sunny. (Today, too!) I didn’t eat dinner until almost eight because the fact that the sun was out made me lose track of time and not realize how late it was getting. I wrote a post around this same time last year about how spring weather positively affects my mental health and I’m SO feeling that way right now.


I’ve double-, triple, quadruple-, and quintuple-checked my calendar to make sure what day of the week it is! For some reason, I feel like it’s a Saturday and I keep finding myself getting all excited about having free time tomorrow (Sundays are my day off!) only to remember that it is not, in fact, a Saturday. SO. That’s a weird persistent mix-up on my part.


Besides Spotify’s Deep Focus playlist and the Harry Potter soundtracks I mentioned in my last #amcurrently, I’ve been rather taken with Ed Sheeran’s latest album, ÷. I’ve heard some of his music over the years, obviously, particularly the song he performed for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, but I’ve never really listened to so much of it at once before. AHH IT’S ALL SO CATCHY AND UPBEAT AND CUTE I LOVE IT. 


Some of my friends invited me over for Passover tonight, and, like… I still can’t get over the fact that I have FRIENDS here at college. I never went anywhere on Fridays in high school and I still hardly go out on that night even now, so I’m always ridiculously happy when someone wants to include me because I didn’t have that before. We’re just eating dinner together, but it means so much to me.


What are you currently up to?

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2 Responses to #AmCurrently | Studying For Midterms, Listening To Ed Sheeran, & Double-Checking The Calendar

  1. Mom says:

    I’m so happy to hear that you’re getting some good sleep. I know it’s been elusive for you.

    I used to use summary foldables when I studied for Spanish classes in high school. Sometimes I’d have a friend read the terms to me out of order, just for extra practice. (I just called it a folded sheet of paper, though. We weren’t as catchy with the phrases in the 1980s.)

  2. Mahima says:

    Aw, Engie I missed your posts!! I haven’t been blog-hopping in quite a bit, so I’m glad I’m doing so now.
    I’m definitely with you on the studying part: with exam season right around the corner I’ve given myself three weeks to revise content and begin practising past paper questions. Study schedules are helping me cover everything (and not worry about leaving things out) but I’m wary about meeting this deadline. My headteacher is pretty cool, and he told us to trust in what we do, that if we put the time and effort in we’ll get those grades. (Sometimes I feel like trust isn’t enough and I’m quite worried about if I’m studying efficiently but most of the time I’m going with the schedule).

    This Easter holiday has led to me spending some time with friends and family, and it’s helped me come to the realisation that I haven’t been putting self-care as a priority so I’m working on that! Sleep is pretty much the first thing on my list!

    DIVIDE is such a great album! I’m a big fun of + and I didn’t like x that much – but I feel like he managed to achieve the perfect balance between the two albums with divide!!

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