National Poetry Month | Wrap-Up

IT’S GONNA BE MAY. Which means that National Poetry Month is over! Which is weird.

As you know, I read one poem per day in April.You can find my full reading list, read my thoughts about each poem, and take a look at a poem I wrote for a class this semester all in my National Poetry Month tag here!

What started off as something I thought might be lowkey fun to do ended up becoming one of my favorite parts of the day. I looked forward to checking my reading list, anticipating what I would find there today. (I have a terrible short-term memory, so I completely forgot most of the schedule I’d drawn up which meant that looking at it was always a surprise.)

Some days, reading my poem was the first thing I’d do, sometimes even before getting out of bed. Other days, time slipped away from me in a rush of classes and studying and extracurriculars, so poem-reading was the last thing I’d do before going to sleep. (In fact, some nights I was already in bed when I realized that I’d completely forgotten to read that day’s poem.) Sometimes I read my daily poem during a meal, or between classes, or while waiting for the crosswalk light to change on my way to school.

It was great to read something each and every day that WASN’T for school. I’ve had very little time to read for fun lately, so this was a good way to make sure that I read at least a little bit. It feels weird to read far fewer novels than I used to but hey, at least I’m reading.

I discovered so many poems and poets I’d never heard of before. I also finally got around to reading some I’d meant to read for ages, which was nice. I can’t pick a single favorite poem, although I will say that not one of them let me down. Were there some I liked more than others? Sure. Sometimes I had a days-long streak of poems that left me incredibly impressed, while other times there were several poems I loved interspersed with others I merely liked. But reading a poem I hated never happened.

I didn’t end up reading entire books of poetry on Sundays because I didn’t have the time, although I did squeeze in the time to read Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey over the course of several days. (Highly recommended, by the way!) But that’s OK. Maybe I’ll have time for that next April.

Which brings me to my next point: I’m DEFINITELY going to do this again next year. I had so much fun with it – reading the poems, learning about the inspiration behind each one, finding out about the authors and their lives. Also, each poem was a glimpse into the psyche of the person who recommended it to me. It showed me what you appreciate, what makes you tick, what concerns you. What makes you who you are. So that was cool. BIG thank you to everyone who recced poems to me months and months ago in preparation for this poetry binge!

I hope you had a lovely National Poetry Month… I know I did. Did you read any poems to celebrate? What was your favorite?

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2 Responses to National Poetry Month | Wrap-Up

  1. Mahima says:

    This was actually so fun! It’s been difficult to find time to read blogs cos of revision but I always took time out to read your thoughts on the poems!

    And whoa dude I feel super exposed right now. I’m pretty sure you gleaned a helluva lot about my psyche considering how many of my recommendations I read! (Bdw, I am so happy you chose so many! I think this month was made more fun cos these were my favourite poems and a really interested in your opinions about them).

    Thank you so much for doing this Engie!

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