The High School Stereotypes Book Tag

Hey, look! My second tag in as many days! Shock, gasp, amazement. 

Today’s tag asks me to assign stereotypical high school student personalities to fictional characters. I am not currently in high school and in fact never went*, but I stole it from Giovanna @ Book Coma Blog because I’m in a schoolish (is that even a word?) mood.

*Well, not a brick-and-mortar one anyway. I did earn my high school diploma, if that’s what you’re wondering. I was homeschooled from third grade until the end of my secondary education.


The Mean Girl

Probably Kiki Strike and Oona Wong from the Kiki Strike series by Kirsten Miller. But… the thing is that they’re actually wonderful people, just seem intimidating until you get to know them. And getting to know them is really, really hard, because they’ve been hurt too many times before and don’t let their guard down easily.

The Dumb Jock

Originally I wanted to list only characters who are old enough to be in high school, but there are just so many good options that are too old or too young? So I’m gonna go with Ari from the Maximum Ride books by James Patterson, even though he’s only about seven. (And the size of a full-grown wolf-man…) As the series progresses you find out that he’s neither as dumb nor as jock-ish as you thought he was, that it was all just a stereotype and that he had hidden layers. But that’s what this tag is about, isn’t it?

The Bully

Ahhh! Billy-Ray Sanguine from Derek Landy’s Skulduggery Pleasant series! He literally calls himself a hitman deluxe, so I can just see him sat outside the principal’s office day after day, probably getting suspended or even expelled after a while.

The Bad Boy

This is 100% Ronan Lynch. Yes, he secretly has a heart of gold and adores his pet raven Chainsaw, but most people don’t get to know him that deep down. He’s the kid no one expects much of, who astounds people when he actually does speak up in class.

The Girl With A Bad Reputation

I’ll say… Black Widow. Seducing, killing, spying, maiming, she’s done it all. And word of that will follow her everywhere she goes.

The Geek

No doubt about it: Artemis Fowl would definitely be the geek. I imagine he would be the sort of kid who’d finish his work early and, bored, would plot mischief and chaos to keep himself amused.

The Drama Geek

It’s 100% canon that Sarah/Sadye and Demi from Dramarama by E. Lockhart are this: After all, they met at auditions for a highly prestigious theater camp! Tbh I can imagine them getting into plenty of trouble as well, although with the best of intentions always in their mind. I mean, sometimes you just gotta climb on top of one of the cafeteria tables and belt out showtunes.

The Band Geek

OK JUST HEAR ME OUT ON THIS ONE: I know Sansa Stark isn’t canonically in a band or orchestra because she’s, um, obviously not from our world. But?? In the very first book George R.R. Martin mentioned her love of music, singing, and dancing. I can totally see her as the girl who lugs her instrument(s) back and forth to school, spends all her free time practicing, wants to major in music in college, cetera. I’M SO PROUD OF HER.

The Wannabe

Since I’ve already broken my “high school-aged characters only” rule, I figure I may as well put Jay Gatsby here. He’d try so hard to fit in, and would succeed for a time, only to have it come crashing down around him. And then he’d switch schools. (Assuming we’re not staying true to the original story, because who wants to die straight out of high school?)

The Stoner/Slacker

He’s may not be a stoner, but Percy Jackson is most definitely a slacker – or is at least perceived as one. When the subject interests him, he’s all ears, but when it’s not? Good luck trying to get him to pay attention. (Although he does try his best. It’s not his fault he has ADHD.)


I’m tagging:

And as always, feel free to participate whether or not I tagged you. (Or ignore this tag, if you so choose.)


Have you ever fit into one of the above stereotypes? (Are there any you would add to the list?) Who were you REALLY, compared to the person others saw you as?!

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1 Response to The High School Stereotypes Book Tag

  1. themagicviolinist says:

    I snorted a little at where you sorted Percy Jackson. xD Can’t say you’re wrong, though. It totally fits. Poor Percy. He tries so hard.

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