The Disney Princess Book Tag

Helloooo! I’ve seen this Disney princess book tag on quite a few blogs but since Joana @ Bookneeders‘s post about it finally convinced me to go ahead and do my own take on it, I guess I’ll credit her as the person I’m taking it from!


snow white.

Favorite debut book

This book is so good it’s hard to believe it was her first! (Gah, now I’m self-conscious about how good my first book will be.) If I wanted kids I would surely read this to them… but I don’t, so does anyone have any children they could lend me? I’m about to blow their little minds with LITERATURE.


A character you didn’t expect much from who turned out to be a total gem

Can I say ALL the characters in the Saga comics? No one is who they seem or who I first expected them to be. From D. Oswald Heist and Petrichor to Jabarah and Prince Robot IV, everyone leads such unusual, fascinating, complex lives in this series.


A book that made you sleepy or just could not hold your attention

I need to revisit this book: Maybe I’ll like it more the second time around.

Then again, maybe not. All I know is that when I read The Casual Vacancy back when it was published in 2012 (wow, so long ago already!) I could barely finish it. I felt so bad, as though there were something wrong with me, because I was the biggest J.K. Rowling fan at the time and yet here I was struggling to make it to the end.


A book with an ocean setting

Forever one of my favorite classics! It always makes me want to jump on a pirate ship to lead a life full of danger and intrigue. Well, maybe go light on the danger. But: PIRATES.


A book with the best bookworm

I can think of a lot of great bookworms I would love to be friends with – Hermione, Meggie, Bilbo Baggins – but Matilda will always be my queen. She resonated so very deeply with me as a child. As evidenced by my extremely battered copy of the novel!


A book with an unlikely love story


It isn’t every day that you fall in love with an alien! Plus, how often is it that we get LGBTQ+ love stories or ones with people of color in YA? (The answer is not very. Sad!) Also, polyamory depicted as a healthy, valid means of solving a love triangle! Yippee!


A book about or based on a real person

I’m in love with Ellen Forney’s art style – and maybe a little with her. Humorous and honest, she tells the story of her battle with bipolar disorder with no holds barred. Due to my own mental health I usually feel worse after reading books about mental illness, not better, but this was one that gave me the hope and encouragement to keep on in life.


The fiercest heroine you know

She may not be the protagonist, but Kiki Strike is the titular character of this series. And a real badass! She’s tiny but powerful. I wish I could say that if I met her I would run up to her and initiate a conversation, but tbh I might just hide because she can be intimidating.


A book with a diverse cast of characters

A Muslim, hijabi-wearing daughter of Loki, a deaf elf… and later, a genderfluid demigod. Yesssss! Rick Riordan certainly ramps up the diversity with every new book he writes and I love him for it. It’s been so cool to see how well he takes criticism, then learns and grows from it by incorporating characters of different races, religions, sexual orientations, genders, abilities, et cetera into his stories.


The longest book you’ve ever read

I think this is the longest one? I’m not 100% sure, though, because I don’t know how to find that information on Goodreads. I didn’t love this book quite as much as I enjoyed Selznick’s earlier story The Invention of Hugo Cabret, but it was still really good!


A book without a love story

Well, it doesn’t have romantic love. Which is what most of us think of when we think about love, right? But it does have many other forms of love: “Love. That was what she had that IT did not have. She had Mrs. Whatsit’s love, and her father’s, and her mother’s, and the real Charles Wallace’s love, and the twins’, and Aunt Beast’s. And she had her love for them.”

anna & elsa. 

A book with a wintry or cold setting

LESBIANS at CHRISTMASTIME in NEW YORK CITY in the FIFTIES. Ahhhh my poor gay soul. This is one of the cutest love stories I’ve ever read! Plus, the gay characters get a happy ending and Christmassy romances are my favorite seasonally-themed kind.


A character who goes on a journey

WHAT A ROAD TRIP. Despite being Irish, Derek Landy manages to capture the essence of a long, long, long drive across America. I bet Amber never thought she’d be so far from home!


I’m tagging:

And as always, feel free to participate whether or not I tagged you. (Or ignore this tag, if you so choose.)


Who is your favorite Disney princess?!

P.S. Mine is Belle… someday my prince(ss) will come and together we’ll own a library the size of the moon!

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