My Fave Study Music On YouTube | Part 2

As promised, here is the second half of the list I posted on Thursday. I love listening to music while studying for concentration/inspiration/motivation and so wanted to share some of my favorite compilations, medleys, mixes, et cetera that I’ve stumbled across on YouTube over the years. This is part of a larger goal to post study tips and advice more often here, since I’ve gotten really into the studyblr community lately and my enthusiasm for it has evidently spilled over to my WordPress blog.

Today, I’ll be focusing on the music I listen to while studying – specifically, that which is available on YouTube. I’ll save my favorite Spotify playlists for later, as well as as my fave film scores. Mind you, the videos I’ll link below contain film scores, but are compilations and/or medleys (that someone spent a lot of time working on and can’t be found anywhere else) instead of full scores.

Hope you enjoy this list and find something new and gorgeous to listen to during your next study session! Stay productive, my dudes.

I’ve never actually seen this movie! I want to, though, because the music is pretty enough to make me cry. Hans Zimmer is ridiculously talented.

I have actually seen the movie this is from, but only relatively recently! This is such a dreamy soundtrack. It puts me in a good mood for writing stories, but I’m also fond of listening to it while reading deadly dull stuff assigned to me for school, because I have to stay focused and alert somehow.

Haven’t seen this movie. I’ve never actually seen a copy of it in the wild, or heard anyone talking about it? CRYPTID MOVIE. Anyway, this is a super cute little piece, once again by the great Hans Zimmer!

I have a very dim memory of seeing this movie when I was little and FREAKING THE FUCK out during the cave scene. But I digress. Great music.

The perfect music for studying next to a window while snow is falling tbh.

This is such a FUN suite! Kids’ movies have such delightful music.

We all feel moody sometimes. Batman more than anyone, I suppose. I mean, I can see why. Anyway, this is prime essay-writing music for me!

Moodiness part 2, feat. outer space. The incessant ticking noise (symbolizing how Cooper is fighting against time to save his daughter and the human race… #themoreyouknow) keeps me moving forward and making progress in my studies.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to return to our roots: For me (and many others), that’s Disney! I adore piano covers of anything and everything, so finding some based on Disney made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy. This is excellent to listen to when I’m stressed because it makes me all smiley and calm.


What music do you love listening to while you study? I’m always on the lookout for something new, so be sure to leave your recs (and while you’re at it, links to them too pls?) in the comments below!

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