Quarterly Rewind, Fall 2017 | Sweaters, Sia, & Raspberry Tea

Hello, everyone! Today is the first day of winter! And that means it’s time for another quarterly rewind. This post covers the time from September twenty-second through December twentieth. And as always, the idea of a quarterly rewind is not mine – the credit for that goes to Jamie @ The Perpetual Page-Turner. Enjoy!

P.S. You can find earlier quarterly rewinds here, if you’re interested.

Image From This Fall

Taken in October with my old roommate at Hamburg Inn No. 2, Iowa City, IA

Favorite Quote From A Book I Read This Fall

“His heart was full of happiness. He knew that somewhere out there was a star that once was his. Beneath the blazing sky of stars, Fox made his way through the forest.”

– The Fox and the Star by Coralie Bickford Smith

It makes my heart happy to know that there are such wonderfully-constructed picture books out there in the world. Looking forward to reading more of her work!

(By the way, isn’t Coralie a beautiful name?! Like wow.)

This Fall In One Word


Most Popular Review This Fall

I reviewed Fauxpocalypse, a short story collection some of my online friends were published in! Everyone’s take on the supposed end of the world was so different, which made reading it a ton of fun.

Top Two Books I Read This Fall

  1. Do you ever open a book only to find that what’s inside is completely different from what you expected? That happened to me with Not Funny Ha-Ha: A Handbook for Something Hard by Leah Hayes… I thought it was about mental health, but it was actually about abortion! This graphic novel tells the stories of two young women, one of whom has a medical abortion and the other a surgical abortion. I find that, for all we talk (yell?) about abortion rights, there isn’t much discussion given to what happens to your body when you get one, so this was an eye-opening read.
  2. I’d have to say The Fox and the Star. Beautifully illustrated, superbly told, ever-so-slightly creepy. I was also impressed by the book’s… physicality, I guess, for lack of a better term. The paper quality is excellent and the gorgeous cover is quite sturdy. This is definitely a book that’s made to last through many loving readings and rereadings.

Two Things I’m Looking Forward To This Winter

  1. Super excited for the crop of movies coming out over the next few months! I want to see The Shape of Water, Proud Mary, Black Panther, and A Wrinkle in Time.
  2. Hoping to attend MBLGTACC for the third time in February! Can’t wait to learn new things and see old friends.

Three New Obsessions This Fall

  1. My loooong black cardigan with pockets (!) was one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time. It’s so soft and cozy!
  2. Honestly? My planner. I’ve made such an effort to use it regularly instead of abandoning it as I’ve done with so many others over the years and it has made a massive difference in terms of how organized + stressed I feel.
  3. The dining hall in my new dorm has soooo many different kinds of tea. Raspberry is my new favorite! It’s such a lovely way to start off even the most sleepy and crabby of mornings.

Most Popular Five Blog Posts Overall This Fall

  1. 10 Things That Happened When I Chopped Off My Hair was super fun to write, so I’m glad you all seemed to enjoy it so much! THE BIG CHOP was suuuuch a good decision 10/10 would recommend.
  2. Can you believe I’ve been blogging for over seven years already?! Me neither. I wrote about this in 7 Moments In Blogging | Happy Blogiversary To Me!
  3. Who doesn’t love a good tag? I’ve been trying to do more of them lately, with one example being The Autumn Tag.
  4. My review of Fauxpocalypse (linked above) was also quite popular! Hopefully, I convinced a few more people to read it!
  5. I Have OCD. No, Not Obsessive Christmas Disorder: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. The Real Thing. And It Sucks... is a lengthy title, I know. This is a piece I wrote for Magazine Reporting & Writing and I’m quite proud of it since it earned an A!

Five Posts I Loved On Other Blogs This Fall

  1. Sam Dylan Finch @ Let’s Queer Things Up! comes through with the good stuff AS USUAL with the post For The Mentally Ill Folks Who Didn’t Think They’d Make It This Year. Brb bookmarking this for forever.
  2. Mahima @ The Controversies published My Perfect Life – a post filled with beautiful, quiet determination.
  3. Camryn @ For All The Girls Who Are Half Monster wrote a post about Dress Codes and Anti-Blackness that is 100% spot on.
  4. Annemieke @ A Dance with Books wrote a post that is, in my mind, SUPER relatable, titled Review Slump – Do You Review All Books? I always feel like I should be, but there are just so many other things to do as well!
  5. The Orang-utan Librarian gave us the BADASS post Close Reading Analysis – “To Autumn” by Keats (Including Exam Tips) in not one but two parts! God I just love and appreciate people who show how much work really goes into studying literature. My major is not easy by any means!

Five Things That Happened This Fall

  1. I started seeing a new psychiatrist and he’s so so so much better than my old one!
  2. I led a panel discussion about Wonder Woman at the Midwest Modern Language Association convention in Cincinnati.
  3. I turned twenty-one and spent a beautiful day with friends!
  4. I got a job! More news to come soon.
  5. I worked on some projects for school that I’m really proud of: A retelling of Sherlock Holmes for Mystery/Detective Fiction, a lengthy scholarly analysis re: Helen Benedict’s discussion of sexual assault in her novel Sand Queen, a first-person article about my OCD for Magazine Reporting & Writing, and more.

Six Songs That I Listened To Far Too Often This Fall

1. “Never Give Up” (from Lion) – Sia

I FUCKIN LOVE THIS SONG. And the movie it’s from, too! Thank youuuuuu Sia.

2. “Tiny Dancer” – Elton John

I’ve loved this song for a long long time, but I’ve been oddly taken by its new music video lately. Makes me FEEL THINGS.

3. “Peace and Purpose” (from Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi) – John Williams

Review to come soon! Basically, not my favorite in the series, but I did enjoy it. Williams’ film score was a treat, as always!

4. “All I Want For Christmas Is You” – Mariah Carey


5. “Send Me On My Way” – Rusted Root

So this was in Matilda? And also Ice Age? And I’ve had bits and pieces of it stuck in my head for literal YEARS but was never able to find it until now?

6. “Tomorrow” (from Annie) – Quvenzhané Wallis

My old roommate finally convinced me to watch this movie a few weeks ago… I don’t care what anyone says, the 2014 remake is a goddamn BOP.


What did you enjoy most on my blog this fall? And what have you done during these past few months?

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Elizabeth. University of Iowa class of 2019. Triple majoring in English & Creative Writing, Journalism, and Gender, Women's, & Sexuality Studies. Twenty-one-year-old daydreamer, introvert, voracious reader, aspiring writer, and lesbian. Passionate about feminism, mental health, comic books, and cats.
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4 Responses to Quarterly Rewind, Fall 2017 | Sweaters, Sia, & Raspberry Tea

  1. Wow thanks so much for sharing my posts- agree that being an English Lit major is not easy (but so worth it 😉 ) Also *high five* on being a lit major 😉 Congrats on the new job! And I love that song tiny dancer 😀

  2. Evi says:

    Congrats on the new job & a better psychiatrist!! And oh my god, thanks for linking “Send Me On My Way”, I’m having a small heart attack of Matilda memories at the moment. I forgot about this song but also I never really did, if you get what I mean.

  3. Annemieke says:

    Ah thank you so much for sharing my post. 😀 ❤ Congrats on your job!

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