I Will Begin Again

Happy New Year, everyone!

Long-time followers, you know the drill and should definitely feel free to flit your eyes past this paragraph to the next one. If you’re new here, though, I’ll give a little introduction to this post: Each January first, I make three New Year’s resolutions. Three, because it seems an infinitely manageable amount. Just enough goals to keep me motivated and working hard, but not so many that I overload myself with things to do. Posting them here means you guys can hold me accountable. Anyway, let’s dive right in!

1. Read more books

Would it be melodramatic to say that, ever since I stopped reading so much, I don’t feel quite like myself anymore? I used to read so much that, if just two or three days went by without picking up a book, I felt out of sorts. Some of this is doubtless due to depression, but I think some of it is simply a failure to prioritize. Yes, I lead a busy life as a college student, and yes, I’ve found that reading takes a focus entirely different from the one I need to write or practice an instrument or pay attention in class. But I want to do better.

To that end, I’ve made a shelf on Goodreads titled “2018 longlist.” I don’t know if I’ll get around to every last book I’ve added there, but I think it’ll successfully keep me from getting distracted by SHINY NEW BOOKS instead of plugging away at my TBR. (There is also a “2018 shortlist,” to help me remember which books to request from the library or borrow from friends/family so I can read them next.)

Some other habits I plan to start or resume this year:

  • Keeping a book in my backpack and purse at all times
  • Reading during mealtimes
  • Reading immediately after waking up and right before I go to bed
  • Reading during any commutes where I’m not the one driving (I mean, duh!)

And as always, I signed up for the Goodreads reading challenge. Set my goal for 100 books again, since I have consistently been able to achieve that in recent years despite everything else going on in my life lmao…

2. Start journaling

I have so fuckign many notebooks! And what do I do?! I. DON’T. USE. THEM. So I want to change that! I’ve been collecting ideas these past few weeks, from art journals and dream diaries to mental health/self care journals and commonplace books. And many more!

I think I’m pretty good at letting myself enjoy the small pleasures in life, rather than saving them “for a special day” that never comes… with the exception of my notebooks. I’ll wear a nice dress on a day when all I’m doing is going to class and meetings or make myself my absolute favorite cup of fancy-ass tea just because I damn well feel like it, but I get really anxious about writing in my notebooks because they’re just so prettyyyyyy and what if I mess them up somehow?!

And then I ask myself, what’s the point in having all those notebooks if I don’t use them?

3. Go outdoors more often

Not exactly sure what put this idea in my head… I just feel I could use more outside time! This coming year, I want to make more of an effort to study/read/write outdoors, go for walks, explore nearby parks, et cetera.

Nature is so calming and always jumpstarts my imagination, which does wonders for my writing! Plus, I haven’t done much photography at all lately and outdoors, there’s no possible shortage of subjects that catch my eye.


How do you feel about New Year’s resolutions: yea or nay? What are your goals for 2018?

P.S. As has been my tradition since 2014, the title of this post is taken from the lyrics of U2’s “New Year’s Day.” I’m happy about how hopeful this year’s choice has made me…

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8 Responses to I Will Begin Again

  1. Rachel says:

    Great resolutions! I’ve tried to make some for myself over the years but I end up not completing them at all. So, instead I’ve started to give myself a theme to try to follow throughout the year. Last year was “adventure” and this year is “fearless”.

    As for goals there are some things I hope to check off my list. Like you, I hope to write and read a little more and spend more time outdoors, especially with gardening. I’m also wanting to dabble more in photography. I have some vintage cameras and bought some film awhile ago for them but they’ve just been sitting on my shelf collecting dust. I hope to change that this year and try to develop my own film.

  2. Even if I have LOADS of stuff going on in my life, I am usually reading a book at all times, somehow… I have no idea how I do this and it’s often slow, but I think it’s just such an ingrained habit of mine to read in the morning & before I go to bed. I’ve started journaling recently & I’m really enjoying it — good luck with your goals! ❤

  3. themagicviolinist says:

    I also resist writing in pretty notebooks! I always save my super fancy ones for “something special,” so I end up using a regular old notebook for whatever, but then my nice notebooks collect dust under my bed. I don’t know why?? Maybe I’ll dig one out later and start using it. xD These sound like great goals! Good luck!

  4. Thomas says:

    Yes I love these resolutions! So excited for you to pursue them. (: Reading books and journaling are two of my favorite activities, and it’s great that you’re being so strategic about how to enhance your time doing these things (e.g., by leaving a book in your bag). For me, once I started doing both of these things consistently, I literally could not stop – the habit grew so strong that I felt awkward without them. I hope that you are able to practice compassion toward yourself as you pursue these meaningful goals.

  5. Mahima says:

    I always love reading your resolutions post simply because you put forward only three (and three is the best number!). Ah, reading more is on my list too. I’m sticking to 50 books because last year’s reading was shameful for not only an English student but also just for a general human being. And you’re not melodramatic at all for not feeling quite like yourself because of not being able to read.

    I have sooooooooooooooooooooo many notebooks! not all of them are pretty though (which i guess is good when it comes to the perfectionist side of me) but AH I completely understand the hesitation!!

    Going outside is lovely. Somebody told me a while ago that nature is so peaceful to be surrounded by because nature doesn’t judge you or expect anything from you. You’re simply existing alongside everything else. And I think that it’s not that difficult extending this perspective to going outside in general.

    ❤ Hope this year gives you everything that you've ever wished for and then some because you certainly do deserve it!

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