At The Movies | Films I Watched In 2017

For the past two years, my year-in-reviews/wrap-ups have included a post about all the movies I watched the year before. Since many of my other wrap-up posts are about books, it’s fun to explore a different area – and helps me to remember what I saw when. Also, it provides a way for me to quickly jot down my thoughts on all the movies I haven’t yet gotten around to reviewing, which is… um, most of them! Oops.

Anyway, here are all the movies I saw last year, in chronological order.


P.S. I’ve included my favorite songs for just about all of the movies listed below. I hope you have fun listening!

hidden figures

My mom – the science geek of our family – and I anticipated this for MONTHS, so we had ourselves a little movie date early last January. Hidden Figures tell the story of a little-known group of extraordinary women whose talent and work was overlooked in the history books… until now. Last semester, I had to give a group presentation on this film for Gender, Sexuality, & Media and it was super fun!

Listen to: Runnin’

a monster calls

The book this was based on was the best one I read in 2017!

…so in a way, the movie never had a chance. Like, it was good! I cried! But it’s oh so hard for even the best adaptations to capture the same feelings the book drew out of you.

Also, it was beyond bizarre to see Felicity Jones first in Rogue One and then in this movie within the span of about three weeks.

Listen to: I Wish I Had A Hundred Years


By far the best movie I saw last year. I still vividly remember the night I watched it for the first time: It was THAT good. I’ve seen it several times since, made it the subject of my Black Fiction Now final project last spring, and try to convince any and all of my friends to watch it. I looked forward to this movie for months but when the moment came, I was still blown away by its artistry. I never get tired of rewatching it.

Forever grateful it upended La La Land at the Oscars tbh. It deserves only the best.

Listen to: The Middle of the World

beauty and the beast

The 1991 original has been my favorite Disney film for as long as I can remember: As soon as I saw Belle and that library, I was like, “That’s me!” I went to see this version over spring break and it was fun, but… I still prefer the original. And insofar as my fave live action Disney movie goes, I definitely think Maleficent was better!

Listen to: Days in the Sun

mean girls.

I know, I can’t believe it took me until 2017 to get around to watching this! My sophomore-year roommate, Bridget, has been introducing me to the chick flicks she feels I’ve “missed out on” and aaaa this was such a hilarious and endlessly quotable movie!

Listen to:Jingle Bell Rock

legally blonde

Another movie Bridget introduced me to! I love Elle Woods so, so much. Definitely one I would watch again for the cheer-up factor.

Listen to: Perfect Day

3 1/2 minutes, 10 bullets

We watched this documentary in Black Fiction Now toward the end of the spring semester, as we transitioned from reading to watching things. I didn’t remember hearing about Jordan Davis’ death – a sign of my own privilege, I know – and I spent the two class sessions we viewed this extremely tense as I was so worried his killer would somehow be acquitted.

Listen to: N/A


Watched this after dinner on my flight to Ireland! Based on a true story, the film follows Saroo, who was adopted from India and grew up in Australia. He spends not hours, not weeks, not months but YEARS using Google Earth to search for the village he remembered from his early childhood. I was sleep-deprived and CRYING by the end.

Listen to:Never Give Up

wonder woman

I’ve been looking forward to this movie for literal years! YEARS, I tell you. I saw it my second day in Ireland, after wandering all around Dublin and getting lost multiple times in order to find a theater that was playing it. I FUCKING LOVED THIS MOVIE. Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Diana was so true to the comics… and made me 500% gayer for sure!

Listen to: No Man’s Land

the little prince

I watched this on my laptop one evening in Ireland, alone in my room, and honestly I’m glad no one else was with me because I was a sobbing mess by the end of it! Although this adaptation takes some liberties with the original story, it does so in SUCH a beautiful way. It should be required viewing for every young adult, to remind them what is truly important in life.

Listen to: Turnaround


My parents – especially my dad – and I don’t usually see eye-to-eye on, well, pretty much any movies. I was determined to take them to this one, though, because my dad loves WWII stories. They loved it! And so did I! Masterful, inventive storytelling from Christopher Nolan as always.

Listen to: Supermarine

double indemnity

Watched this for the Mystery/Detective Fiction course I took last fall! I’ll admit it is a little slow to start, but by the end I was utterly hooked. Even if you think you don’t like old movies, I’d still give it a try.

Listen to: N/A


I know this version of the classic movie gets a lot of hate, but… personally, I found it a lot of fun. (And all the songs are so catchy!) Then again, I haven’t seen any of the other versions, so I don’t have anything to compare it to either! This is one of Bridget’s favorite movies.

Listen to: Tomorrow

star wars episode viii: the last jedi

Meant to review this in December, right after I’d seen it, but then I got sidetracked by other projects… anyway, I promise a review is forthcoming! Later this month. Probably.

My feelings about this movie are complicated, but overall I enjoyed it. Brb forever sobbing about Luke & Leia. Ohhh, and the cinematography was so beautiful + echoed elements of both the original trilogy and the Japanese films that helped inspire George Lucas!

Listen to: The Spark


Now, out of all of these movies, which ones were my favorites? As usual, I’m splitting this into two parts: Movies made in 2017, and movies made before 2017.

The best made-in-2o17 movie I saw… would have to be a tie between Wonder Woman and Dunkirk.

My favorite movie that was made before 2017 is Moonlight, for sure. (With The Little Prince as the runner-up!)

Aaaaand my favorite movie out of ANY that I watched in 2017 is, you guessed it, Moonlight. I love it to pieces.


Tell me: What were the best movies that YOU saw in 2017? (And why?!)

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2 Responses to At The Movies | Films I Watched In 2017

  1. Richard says:

    Wonder Woman and Dunkirk featured in my Top 3 for 2017 Films too! Both were so so so good. 🙂

    I recently watched Hidden Figures, and I adored the story too. Such an important story to tell!

  2. booksandbark says:

    The idea of compiling a list like this is so interesting! I keep track of every book I’ve ever read, but somehow, a list for films/TV has never occurred to me. I watched a lot of the same movies as you this year. I wasn’t actually a fan of Wonder Woman (I’m more of a Marvel fan, although I’m just getting into superhero movies and I’ve never read the comics, so you never know), but I LOVED Hidden Figures!! Funnily enough, I also watched Lion on a plane, and I thought it was a pretty powerful story, but there were just too many shots of Saroo looking wistfully off into the distance.

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