My Fave Study Music On YouTube | Part 3

I never intended to write a follow-up post to my two-part catalog of my favorite study music available on YouTube. But I kept A) remembering things I’d forgotten to include and B) discovering more good stuff to listen to. So… here I am. I definitely see more posts like this in my future!


P.S. You can find my earlier study music posts here and here.

For the past few years, I’ve used a Lord of the Rings-based mix made by the same channel to help me find focus + motivation + inspiration. Imagine my surprise and delight when I stumbled across their ambient mix of music from The Hobbit movies!

This is seriously one of the best Harry Potter music compilations I’ve found yet. It’s a great combination of some of the tried-and-true classics (such as “A Window to the Past”) and lesser-known pieces (such as “My Love Is Always There”). A playlist for healing tired souls, for sure.

Emphasis on the CALM. No bombast and fanfare here, just quietly beautiful melodies from Episodes I through VII. I really enjoy this for early-morning study sessions!

OK, so this playlist is basically the opposite of the one above. While still one of my new faves for studying, this is less of a “taking notes” mix and more of a “writing fiction” mix. It has a couple moments on the quieter side, but mostly it’s very INTENSE!

This compilation always puts me in a productive mood! It reminds me of a bustling city.

This is SUCH a lovely playlist for essay writing! Want to feel like a Real Scholar™, hunched over a desk like the scribes of old? Look no further.

FYI, this isn’t literally Nordic music: The description box says it has something to do with Skyrim. Whatever this is, it’s wonderfully dark and atmospheric. I love it!


What music do you love listening to while you study? I’m always on the lookout for something new, so be sure to leave your recs (and while you’re at it, links to them too pls?) in the comments below!

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