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Hi, everyone! Today’s post is extra-special… and at the same time makes me a little sad. You see, my cat died one year ago today and OH GOD I MISS HIM SO MUCH. Every single day. I’ve seen this tag on YouTube before and thought it would be a good way to talk about him + how much he meant to me!

What is your pet’s name?

Mr. Whiskers! We were originally gonna name him Howie but even as a kitten he had ENORMOUS whiskers, so we took one look at him and changed our minds lmao.

What kind of pet is it and what breed?

A cat, obviously. Duh. As for the breed, his mom was just your normal domestic shorthair and his dad was… an alleycat, we think.

How long have you had your pet?

Ten years, give or take a few months. We got him when he was a few weeks old.

How did you get your pet?

One of my friends from elementary school invited me over to play and while I was there, mentioned that their cat was pregnant and asked if we wanted a cat since we’d recently had to have our old cat, Melvin, put down since he had cancer. That friend and I gradually drifted apart and haven’t seen each other in years, but that’s how we ended up with Mr. Whiskers! He was from a litter of three, if I remember correctly.

How old is your pet?

He lived to be ten years old, which is one of the reasons getting over losing him has been so hard for me. Melvin lived well until his teens, so I thought Mr. Whiskers would move into my first apartment with me after I graduated college and we wouldn’t have to say goodbye for quite some time…

What is your favorite memory with your pet?

Probably the time one of us accidentally shut him in a low kitchen cabinet when he was a kitten and still small enough to be easily lost. We were eating dinner when all of a sudden we heard some very indignant meows!

What are some quirky things about your pet’s personality?

Yowling and slapping at my bedroom door at three in the FUCKIGN morning because he wanted to be fed. Also, fighting my brother for a potato chip. And he always stuck one leg out reaaaal far when he sat, as though to hold down the floor. Thanks, cat. Appreciate it. We might all have floated away if it weren’t for your fat butt.

What does your relationship with your pet mean to you?

We got him when I was about ten years old, so he was there for ALLLL the adolescent “no one understands me and I’m so alone” crying jags. He totally judged us when we forgot to feed him or dropped something smelly on the floor (because he’d make a stanky face), but never when I was ugly-crying.

I mean, let me be clear, cats don’t give a shit about your problems. But they will try to cheer you up. So he’d purr or curl up into a loaf on my bed or crawl into my lap while I wrote and knead my leg with his big ol’ paws. I really miss having an animal around to play with and pet when I’m feeling sad or anxious.

What are some of your favorite pastimes with your pet?

Other than breaking out the catnip and getting him high enough to leave a puddle of drool on the floor? Probably peeking around the corner, then ducking back so he’d come running toward me, at which point I would leap out at him, flip him over, and rub his tummy while he chewed on my arm. That sort of thing. What a moron. I loved him.

What nicknames have you given your pet?

  •  Señor Begotes (“Mr. Mustache” in Spanish)
  • The Evil Baron von Whiskery
  • Stinky Buttface
  • My favorite brother

And my perennial favorite: “You little asshole… I love you. You know that, don’t you? But you’re still an asshole. Hi. What do you want?”


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Do you have any pets? Got any quality CAT MEMES to show me?

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1 Response to The Furry Friend Tag

  1. themagicviolinist says:

    Aww, Mr. Whiskers sounds so special! He looks so pretty in that picture.

    Gotta love those early morning wake up calls. It’s hard to get mad at your pet when they’re adorable, even when they yank you out of a peaceful sleep.

    It’s basically a bucket list item of mine at this point to see a cat on catnip. I’ve heard stories but never seen the real deal, and it sounds fantastic

    “What a moron. I loved him.” I feel like this pretty much sums up most people’s feelings about their pets. x’D Love this post!

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